The plane skidded to a stop. We were at Seattle airport. I was finally going to a normal school.

Maybe have real friends.

I heard quiet snoring to my right and took in the in the sleeping form of my dad Charlie. It broke my heart to finally see him peaceful after so long. Ever since Renée passed away Charlie distanced himself from everything and everyone. He didn't do it to hurt me, but it bothered me nonetheless.

Charlie seemed to spend all his time working lately; albeit his job in Business Administration was rigorous and paid well it wouldn't hurt for him to take a couple days off. We traveled extensively which meant I had to be constantly home-schooled.

At seventeen that mean didn't really get much time for friends or a boyfriend for that matter. I wasn't hideous but I had nothing amazing to offer either. I was plain, simple as that, long brown wavy hair, and big brown eyes. I wasn't one for vanity so I accepted myself and I guess that was okay for me.

Charlie grunted awake and I was pulled out of my reverie. I reminded myself that the traveling was all behind me. Charlie had found a post that wouldn't require traveling. So in about two weeks I was starting my junior year and Forks High.

The pilot came over the intercom to tell us how pleasant the flight had been and gave permission to unfasten our seat belts.

Charlie and I proceeded to claim our baggage from the overhead compartment but leave it to me to trip over nothing but thin air. I braced myself to fall but the pain never came.

"My same old Bella," said Charlie as he set me up.

"Thanks dad," I replied glumly.

As we made our way to the baggage claim I noticed a couple boys staring at me. It was most likely because I was too pale or something. Back in Phoenix I stood out everywhere I went, I seemed to be the only one without a beautiful tan.

Once we gathered our bags Charlie and I headed out. For some reason Charlie looked happier than usual. When I asked him he just brushed it off as being excited for finally getting a job in one place. We had decided to move to a town called Forks. It was supposed to be small and humble. Unfortunately, there wouldn't be much sun, but I could live with that. I really wanted to graduate in a normal school.

When we got outside, my breath caught in my throat. I definitely wasn't expecting this in my new home.

In front of me was a sleek new black sports car. It was breathtaking in its subtlety. Of course it was flashy in a sense but not overly pretentious. Absolutely beautiful and it was mine. Well unless the "to my daughter Bella" sign was meant for someone else. In phoenix I had finally bid adieu to my favorite old red truck.

"I hope you like it Bells," said Charlie.

I left my baggage cart and gave Charlie the biggest hug I could.

"Dad, it's beautiful, I can't believe you got me this car. It must have been so expensive though," I mumbled in awe.

"Bella I know you don't like to spend too much money or anything but we are finally going to live in one place and you are going to need a car to commute to school." explained Charlie.

"I love you dad- it's probably the best gift I've ever received," I said

"Okay, you drive your car to this address; you probably want to try it out. Here are the keys," said Charlie, as he handed me a piece of paper with only an address and a set of car keys.

"Um… Dad these aren't directions," I said.

"Don't worry I got you a GPS system," said Charlie sheepishly.

"Dad, isn't that a little over the top?" I asked.

"Bells just this once," protested Charlie.

"Fine. Thanks by the way, I'll never get lost."

"That's my girl," said Charlie.

Charlie headed off to his Mercedes while I started putting my things in my new beauty. When I was done putting my bags away I settled into the car. If I thought the outside was cool the inside was breathtaking. The whole interior was black leather and when I touched the steering wheel I felt a jolt of need for speed. I put the address into the GPS and easily glided out of the terminal. By now I had noticed that nearly everyone had stopped to admire and drool at my hot new car and the attention was making me uncomfortable.

Once I was on the highway I turned up my new radio and clear music of my favorite album from Debussy filled up the car.

I pulled up onto a street with trees bordering both sides. The last house I had seen was about one mile away.

I was starting to think I had put in the wrong address when finally my system said that I had reached my destination.

I stopped my car and finally looked at my new home. It was surrounded by a black gate and had a nice green lawn. The house was a clean brick design with white pillars lining the front. It seemed homely even though it was rather large.

Charlie had already arrived and was currently giving directions to the moving workers. When he saw me he gestured for me to park my car in the driveway.

Once I parked I began unloading my bags, well the one bad I had. I hadn't brought much, my wardrobe Phoenix wouldn't have fared well in rainy Forks.

I followed some of the movers into the house and studied my surroundings. The house definitely met expectations. I was humble and homely. There was a living room on the left upon entrance and a winding staircase straight ahead. There was a kitchen on the right near the staircase and various other rooms scattered about.

Charlie came up behind me and said "I hope you like it. I didn't want something small or too big and the agent said it was exactly what I was looking for. It's not too far from your school either. Just about 10-15 minutes," he said.

"That's great Dad, but there aren't any homes around us are there? It seemed pretty quite on my way down the street." I answered thoughtfully.

"There aren't a lot of houses around this part of Forks but the street does continue and there are more houses," explained Charlie

"But there will probably be kids from your school around here somewhere, you'll find out at your orientation soon. Speaking of which, when is it?" asked Charlie

"It's tomorrow actually; school starts in just two weeks. I think I'll have to go shopping for clothes, I didn't bring much from Phoenix, sorry" I said, feeling a little ashamed.

"I was going to bring that up; you have to stop feeling bad about money, I got you a credit card so have fun," said Charlie, trying to be serious but his face broke out in a grin that I responded to happily.

"Okay Dad, you have to stop getting me things because I don't think I can handle anymore gifts for a long time," I joked, half serious

This caused Charlie to chuckle and get back to the movers. Just as twilight came I peered out a window and wondered how I would handle tomorrow's orientation. Was I cut out to have a normal high school experience? Was it even possible for someone as boring and plain as me to make friends? I sighed as these thoughts swirled within my head and headed back to help Charlie.