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Bella's Geico Stalker.

It was Bella's first day at her new high school and she was nervous about making new friends. She was never exactly good with her "people skills" and found that she didn't have the same interests as many of her classmates. She couldn't relate easily to what they worried about and all the girl dramas were childish in her mind.

It was surprising when she found herself being dragged into the school cafeteria by one of the school's biggest drama queens, Jessica.

"And oh-em-geeeeeeeee, you just wait-just wait- 'til you see Mr. Lonar, the English teacher. You won't have him teach 'ya 'cause he teaches sophies but he is hunk-a-licious. Also, the freshie math teacher is GORGE! As for the guy students, I've dated most of 'em so just tell me which you want and I'll give 'ya some advise." At this point Jessica winked at Bella. Bella nearly laughed out loud

They came to a lunch table with about five other girls and sat down in the only two remaining open seats.

"So I bet everyone in Phoenix misses you. Must have had lots of disappointed admirers." Jessica said.

This time Bella actually did laugh out loud. "Not at all. I've never even had a boyfriend."

Everyone at the table stopped what they were doing and stared at her.

"Seriously?" Jessica asked incredulously. "But, like, everyone here likes you."

Bella was even more surprised by this then the rest of them. "They do?"

Jessica sighed and spoke in a condescending tone. "Bella, didn't you notice the way everyone has been looking at you? Mike was trying to talk to you after class. By the way, don't even think about having anything to do with him. He's mine. I mean, he probably likes me soooo much. He's only paying attention to you because your new. But Tyler couldn't keep his eyes off of you."

At this, a blonde girl at the table narrowed her eyes at Bella but said nothing.

Jessica continued, not noticing the growing hostility of the surrounding girls. "And Erik was also talking to you. And that one guy, Ben. And also-"

"Maybe they were just being friendly." Bella argued but blushed.

"No guy is that friendly because he wants to be your friend, Bella." Jessica argued, rolling her heavily made-up eyes. "Just look at the table to your right."

Bella glanced over. "Oh God, they're all looking at me!!!" she gasped, her face turning scarlet.

"Haha, yeah, that's what Jess was trying to tell you." A shy girl, Angela, giggled. "Mike's whole table is looking over here too."

"He's probably looking at me." Jessica interjected, fixing her hair.

Angela rolled her eyes. "Even the Cullen table is staring at you," She continued. "And they don't notice anybody."

But Bella didn't notice the Cullens. She had just noticed a pair of eyes staring at her from across the room. She motioned in his direction with a nod. "Who is that?"

Jessica turned slightly to see. "Oh, him? That's the money you could be saving on car insurance."

It was a stack of money with googley eyes.

Bella rested her chin on her palm. "He's kinda cute…."

Angela shrugged. "I guess if you like the mysterious, rich types…."

Suddenly music came from nowhere. "I always feeeeeeel like…..somebodddy's watchin' me!"

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