Summary:  This story is about the children of some of the original fairytale couples… the couples from Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty fairytales.  Let's just say that the children aren't living up to their fairytale heritage, and the parents are fed up.  So the parents decide that they might have to take an active part in getting their children to fulfill their "destinies."

Chapter 1:  A Prelude

"And they lived happily ever after"

Once upon a time, in three kingdoms far, far away, there lived three royal couples.  For each couple there was a story… a story of a time of great trials and tribulations, of witches and curses, evil stepsisters and general misery.  But time had seen the fulfillment of each couples' destiny, the good had been rewarded, the evil punished, and each princess found her Prince Charming.  Quite literally in fact, for by some strange twist of fate all three young men of the above mentioned couples had been born into royalty, and named Charming by their respective royal parents.  Needless to say, it was quite the source of confusion at social gatherings.

But alas, their wishes were fulfilled and a happy ending is an ending nonetheless, or so the six royals believed.  Yet those of us who are privy to the manner in which life carries on know that the ending to one story, even a happy one, is but the beginning of still another.

And that is the way in which life went on, for after marriage came children, and as the years passed on, the children grew.  The parents sat back and awaited the day when those of the next generation would seek and discover their own destinies, thus continuing the fairytale heritage.  But children rarely do as parents plan, and princes and princesses are no exception.