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A/N: I am addicted to Twilight, here is a one-shot of a conversation Esme and Carlisle because they aren't in the series a lot if you ask me, but of course I am not the writer of the Series as stated above in my Disclaimer…… Just a reminder there will be miniumal fluff!! This takes place when Alice, Bella and Edward are in Italy with the Volutri and tells what was running in Esme's head at the time, and such...now on to the story.

"Carlisle dear, would you get the phone for me?" My eyes scanned the letter in my hand as the corners of my mouth turned down in frustration. Another law suit against my Rebuilding Foundation and it was all because of Emmett. I wished that he would just listen to me instead of taking matters into his own hands. He had decided that instead of hiring professional workers like I asked him too he went on the street along with Jasper and found men that were drunk and totally zoned due to drugs and gave them 10,000 dollars each saying if the job was done then he would give them more.

Of course it was my fault to begin with in having Emmett do the job for me, but Jasper wasn't feeling well due to Alice being in Italy and Rosalie was in the slumps, guilt was eating at her insides. Of course guilt should be eating at her but that didn't help the situation that we were in. Jasper was out of his mind with fear and dread, and it was getting to the rest of us. How would we live Emmett was getting annoyed with Rosalie and all I could do was watch as my family was tore apart due to Edward's selfishness. Still I couldn't balme him, who would want to turn their love into a blood thirsty, souless creature? I was scared for all of them, Bella in most. I know that taking Bella was the only way to convince Edward that she was alive but still, she is only human. A human in the presence of vampires, blood thirsty vampires. I shuddered, I'd never been to the Volutri but Carlisle said it was bad so it had to be.

Cold hands touched my shoulders and I was snapped back into reality. They gently massaged my shoulders moving in circular motion.

"What is wrong, Love?" Carlisle's soft confident voice was alluring, it took me out of my fear, and it soothed me.

"I'm… scared for Bella, and for Alice, and Rosalie, and for Jasper, but I'm most scared for Edward. What if they are too late… what if the Volturi decided to kill him... how are we going to live? Edward is a pain when he isn't here but when he is gone… forever, at least now he visits, and we can call him." I stopped talking; I couldn't form the thoughts that were in my head, they scared me.

"He will be fine, I promise." His hands never stopped their moving in their motion. I sighed in contentment; he was so good at his job. The perfect husband, nice, sexy… I stopped myself before I got carried away.

"How do you know?" I asked, my hands reaching up to touch his, stopping them in their path.

"I do Love, that is my job." He whispered softly in my ear.

"Hmm." I turned to face him and smiled. I studied his face, the sharpness of his jaw, the perfect curve of his lips, the way the corners were turned up in a smile. The perfectness of his nose and the gold in eyes… he was perfect, we were perfect.

His leaned forward and kissed my lips gently.

"I know love, they will be fine." He picked me up and carried me to our bed, and I was lost in his kisses as his hands roamed my skin.

Goodluck Bella.