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The journey was practically instantaneous and Max took her first step on Earth in 7ish years, she looked around absorbing everything and making sure it would be safe for the group, she closed her eyes and did a sweep of the floors using various setting, such as heat vision and the likes. She deemed it safe and held the radio up to her face.

"This is Kage Ookami calling boss, other side of the puddle is not a threat, proceed as planed," she said making sure she was out of the way, a few seconds later the rest of them emerged each looking around in amazement at the concrete and the lights behind the window.

They were escorted to the medical bay for a check up and inoculations, Max had very nearly pegged it back and hidden but Tsunade had glared at her.

Doctor Lamb had checked them over and found nothing wrong, she had been a bit apprehensive over the scars on Max's back and had been inquisitive about how she got them. Max had just replied in her usual "I was doing my job" but got tutted at, Max practically ran out once her examination was over.

Behind her Tsunade and Doctor Lamb were discussing medical things with Laura translating, Laura was actually interested so didn't mind. The others who had escaped were heading over to the assigned rooms.

The next day everyone convened in the briefing room it was a bit crowded, only the people taking part in the treaty talks were seated and the guards were standing behind.

From Suna was Gaara with some elders, three ANBU and his sister, he had left Kankurou in charge. From Amestris was the FMA crew Roy and Maes were the negotiators with the others were guards and from Konoha was Tsunade and two elders with Max and Itachi as primary guards, the others were mainly for show of strength.

Max and Itachi were in their full uniform without cloaks to show the tattoos, bits of Max's scars were visible, Itachi had his Sharingan on which was visible through the eye holes as they basically glowed. Their masks were polished and their weapons were visible, Max's scythe looked particularly menacing.

Kakashi was wearing his ANBU uniform as well as he had been reinstated for this mission only. Kakashi ad Itachi flanked the Hokage while the others stood a bit back. Max was stood between the Hokage's group and Kazekage's groups ready to translate, she had skewed her mask so she could speak quietly.

Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino, Neji, Hinata, Naruto and Sasuke all had masks but no particular animal, they also wore cloaks with the hoods down. They stood behind the people they were to protect. Akamaru was faithfully by Kiba's feet looking feral.

The president of the USA, two of his cronies and a bunch of SWAT looking people were sat across the table. The prime minister of England had two of his cronies and another bunch of SAS looking people next to them. The minister for magic had two more cronies, including the headmaster of Hogwarts (they could tell by the extremely long beard) and some Aurors were also on the other side. General Hammond sat at the head of the table with SG1 behind him.

"In front of you is a basic treaty from that we will be negotiating terms, does everyone understand" said Hammond, Max was translating for the Hokage and Kazekage groups while Laura was translating for the Roy and Maes, every one nodded.

"We would like to set up a small base of operations on your world so that we can learn more of your ways and have a safe back up base, in return we will allow some of your people to come to earth to learn about our culture and also teach you about some of our advancements in technology" said the president which was backed up by the prime minister, once again Max and Laura translated.

"What about the man in the bowler hat with the ancient person next to him who are they any way?" asked Tsunade, Max translated it into English for every ones sake.

"We are wizards. I am the Minister for Magic and this is headmaster Dumbledore. We are here to make sure there is no threat to our society and see what skill you have," said the man with the bowler hat.

"And what if there is a threat?" said Max before she could stop herself. Laura translated for both languages.

"You will be obliviated and sent back," was the pompous reply.

"This is assuming you can hit one of us, were ninjas trained in not getting hit"

"Now, now I think you got of on the wrong foot," placated the old man his eyes twinkling, "your skills could be of use to us, I understand you hire your selves out for jobs," he said Max and Laura tried so hard not to laugh, Max couldn't help but blurt out, "That sounded so dirty," in Italian since it was only understood by herself and Laura maybe Jackson.

"So maybe in the contract we could be allowed to hire you for a price that would be dependent on the job, it would only be for protection missions of information gathering though," the old man continued as Max and Laura continued to translate. There was a silent pause as the leader thought this over each one eventually nodding. It would be a good source of income.

The negotiating went on for hours but finally they came to and agreement, Max and Laura had been quick to point out flaws so the villages would benefit.

Most of them had gone straight back to their residence after the meeting finished. Max was with Tsunade who had wanted to go to the medical bay to have another chat which Max would have to translate. They were on their way back to their quarters when the old man confronted them.

"I am Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, I request a mission for a group of your ninja to protect a boy, money is no object," said the old man Max translated quickly.

"Ok I will hear you request" said Tsunade. 'Hear but not necessarily agree to.' She thought as Max once again translated.

"I need a group of ninja; they will be going to Hogwarts to protect a boy, they need to be between 11 and about 14 by the summer. The mission will last for a school year and may be needed for a few years after but they will have a break between years. You will be paid half at the beginning of each year and half at the end. Payment will be and appropriate amount of gold and silver," explained the headmaster, Max translated her hopes were soaring, she wanted to go on this mission it would be awesome.

"I assume not every one is a wizard so why chose us," asked Tsunade.

"From what I have observed the energy they use is spiritual energy which for them is magic but they don't have any physical energy so it's only magic not chakra which is why they use wands to make up for the physical energy side. It's also why not all people can use chakra, they don't have the spiritual energy or magic genes," said Max then repeated into Japanese for Tsunade.

She knew it was just a wild guess but it was entirely plausible. Both nodded and decided to negotiate terms. Poor Max got stuck translating until she snapped.

"You're a wizard don't you have a spell to translate?" she half yelled. Dumbledore looked thoughtful for a second them nodded.

"If you would ask for permission," he prompted and Max complied, Tsunade nodded and then voila they could understand each other and Max didn't have to translate. They continued talking, ironing out the details. To Max it seemed to be like a load of fan fictions where the ninjas would get hired to protect Harry Potter. Dumbledore and Tsunade agreed to meet again tomorrow to write up the contract and each headed their own ways after Dumbledore lifted the translating spell. Back in Tsunade room she turned to Max.

"You seem to know a lot more about this place than I do so I need your advice for this," she said, Max was glad she hadn't asked how.

"I would recommend it, not only does it pay well but the ninjas will learn new things that they can teach people back home and protect the village better," said Max with a shrug.

"Max you will be reinstated as ANBU again for this mission as Ookami. You're the team leader with Ryuu and you'll be taking some genin. On this mission you will be as two people, you ANBU self and your genin self use a clone for one of them, you seem to know more about this that anyone else does so you'll be the primary team leader," Tsunade ordered.

"Ok. I suggest Shikamaru, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, and Ino. I would ask for the rest of Neji's team but Lee cant use chakra and Tenten relies to heavily on weapons, Choji would stick out a bit to much while his team mates would be useful, Ino can use the mind techniques, if it's needed, and Shikamaru can use the shadows. The others are kind of obvious. If I can, at least Gaara and Temari from sand and Laura due to her ability to analyse things, Gaara could take a sabbatical from Kazekage work."

"I'll have to ask about the sand siblings. Don't you want to take your team?"

"Why would I want to do that, they might recognise me, they may know I was ANBU but they didn't know my code name and if Sasuke finds out who my partner is there will be trouble that I don't want to deal with"

"Take your team. And stop pouting. If Sasuke finds out I am authorising you to tell him the secret. I also ask you to take Sakura with you so she can learn about the medic side of wizardry." Max was inwardly cursing; Sakura was going to be annoying and Tsunade might get annoyed if Sakura accidentally died.

A week passed and everything was sorted. In the summer they would go to England to prepare for the mission but until then Hammond had agreed to let SG1 take them around the USA, so the could get used to Earth. They all had passports through connections at the Pentagon so it would all be legal and they had sealed all their weapons in scrolls.

First up was buying new clothes, they had quite a large budget from the government so they could chose a few outfits. Max was in heaven, back in Konoha there weren't malls and no jeans or anything she used to wear. By the end of the trip the group was happy.

Laura had mainly blues and greens with some band tees and spiky belts. Max had mainly black, red and silver or white along with some spiky belts and band hoodies and some jeans. The others had followed their example and they had made Naruto only get one orange item. Even after all this time it was his favorite colour. By this time they didn't stick out so much and blended in a bit.

The next few weeks were spent going across America. What had been really funny was when they had gone to Las Vegas, henged into people in their mid twenties and gone gambling. Naruto had nearly cleaned the house out with his luck before they kicked them out, so funding for the rest of the trip was no problem.

Max had wandered off for some time alone and came across a dead body, being careful to avoid touching it she backed away and rejoined the group.

One of the nights they had gone to the nearest shop and bought all the caffeinated drinks they could and headed to the nearest park. It was so funny since everyone was hyper.

All too soon they were on an aeroplane to England. Max and Laura were excited to be going back to the country of their birth, well as near as possible with out going to their real dimension. They got to the airport in England and argued over what to do.

"I want to go shopping"

"We should familiarise ourselves with this place"

"I'm hungry"

"I need to pee," commented Laura.

"We really needed to know that," said Max.

"Yes everyone wants to know about your peeing habits," added Kiba.

"Of course they do everyone loves knowing about my peeing habits, it's the highlight of the day," was the dramatic reply from Laura.

In the end they decided to spit into a few groups and meet up at Diagon alley in a few hours.

Max and Laura decided to go to Surrey, to where they used to live. Itachi tagged along otherwise the others might have driven him nuts.

They went to where Max would have lived first and saw in the window her four siblings and her parents sitting around the table eating and laughing. There was no sign of a fifth child, apparently she didn't exist in this world. She didn't know what hurt more, the fact they were fine without her or if in her world it would have been better if she hadn't been around. She was regretting coming already.

At where Laura would have lived they saw her parents and her little brother still alive, apparently she didn't exist either. Itachi was just confused he didn't understand why they were here but hey, most of what they did made little sense.

They made their way back to London to meet with the others and spent the night in the Leaky Cauldron ready to go to Hogwarts for their final briefing in the morning.


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