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It hadn't taken long to write the code for her tracking program. She had found the problem McGee had had when he had tried. The feed had been bounced of a satellite twice, so when he had tried to trace the feed it had gone in a circle. She had made sure her encryption code had been integrated and that in a few hours after it had found the location the program would decay anyway.

She didn't want other people using her program unless she knew about it. Besides if someone she didn't like got her hands on it then good bye secret code.

"You're done already?" asked Luke behind her.

"Yes, it just needs time to work. Is there any food place near by? I'm starved… Crap I forgot to eat again, why do I always end up missing food?"

"What would you want?"

"Don't know, a huge burger and a drink with the more caffeine the better"

"Hey someone who speaks my language" said a gothic woman behind both of them who had just walked in. Max recognised her as Abby.

"What language would that be?" asked Luke.

"Caffienese. The program is done, you just need to wait for a new window to open, it should have the source, good to ten metres radius, just don't expect to see the program for too long, it will disappear" said Max as she stood up and stretched.

"I understand," said Abby, she looked eager to look at the program. Max figured se would want to see if she could replicate it.

"I think I'm just going to put that on a USB pen at some point, typing it out every time gets boring" Max complained, Abby took a look at the screen and then at Max.

"You typed that up from scratch?"

"Yes which is why I need food, I'll be taking my leave now" Max said and left. Luke followed her, it was his job after all.

They were at a small diner when Max heard something she never wanted to hear again.

"We should eat at one of those commoner places" , Maybe it was someone else. Max glanced out of the window to see her hopes dashed the familiar group were standing outside. She quickly averted her eyes so not to draw attention to herself.

"Hey, look, it's Rho!" even worse, she had been spotted. Luke raised an eyebrow at her.

"Hey! I use this disguise a lot" inwardly she was thanking her lucky stars she wasn't disguised as Mu.

"Do you think this place has a back door we can sneak out of?" Max whispered to Luke. Luke shook his head. Max sighed and waited for the host's to come over.

"Rho, what brings you to America?"


"Have you seen Mu?" asked one of the twins.

"No." Max kept her head down and was about to take a bite from her super size burger when she was interrupted.

"It's rude to not look at someone who's talking to you"

"It's also rude to harass someone who hasn't eaten in about three days" Max growled. She inadvertently made the mistake of looking at them.

The host club were popular for a reason. Any girl with hormones would find them attractive. Max was no exception to the rule, the lack of missions had allowed her mind to wander on occasions and Louise's perverted mind had corrupted her own. Also the fact she was sober, not on a caffeine buzz and not disguised as a boy helped.

She felt a kick to her shins and was drawn back to reality. Luke had a smirk on his face. He remembered what it was like to be young.

"Rho, would you do us the honour of escorting us around this city after you have finished your meal"

"She has…" Luke started.

"Sure, that is ok with you Duke, isn't it?" asked Max innocently pouting.


"Great!" Max finished the burger quickly, somehow managing to make it look refined. She linked her arms with both twins and the group left the food place.

She deserved to have some fun. She just hoped that what ever normally pissed around with her life would give her a break.

It was about four in the morning Max got to her hotel room. Considering it was about midday she had left with the club she had spent quite a while away.

Outside her room stood Captain Duke, he didn't look impressed.

"What time do you call this?"

"If your were my parent I would consider telling you"

"What were you doing?" asked Luke, he could smell the alcohol on her but she wasn't actually acting drunk.

"Finding every single pub, bar or night club in about five mile radius of this building" said Max she pulled up a sleeve, on her arm were a load of scribbles. She had just invented a new pub crawl challenge. You went to each pub had a pint/ shot etc and got the barman and a random person of the opposite gender to sign your arm.

"You're under age!"

"You're forgetting something. I can change my appearance" smirked Max. Luke rolled his eyes.

"How many pubs" he asked dreading the answer. Max counted the signatures on her arm then halved the number taking a stupidly long time to figure it out.


"You're lying, you wouldn't be standing"

"Can I tell you a story? I was involved in a competition at one of the schools I went to. I turned up to the last one piss drunk. I had to drink twenty bottles to get half drunk, most of it was stuff like whiskey and vodka. I still won the thing"

"You're a strange kid"

"I know, it's what keeps things interesting" Luke figured he would have to wait for the whole story. It was obvious enough that she hadn't gotten into trouble so there was no harm.

Max's night had been pretty interesting. She had actually acted how normal kids her age acted, the host club had been amazed by the things they had done. Though none of them could legally drink, they still had fun between Max's pub stops.

She had made out with the twins, it was obvious that Haruhi was going out with Tamaki so he was out of bounds. Rho couldn't help but congratulate Haruhi on a good pick. The twins had tried to trick Max but even after a few drinks she could pick them apart. She had even managed to get them to do karaoke in one of the under age clubs. The twins had managed to get some American fans from their twin love thing.

Max now had a reputation with her panpipes. A fight had started out outside one of the pubs and Max had taken out her panpipes and started to play, layering genjutsu into it. They had calmed down pretty fast.

The morning… the later morning came too early for both of them. Max had a mild hang over and Luke was just tired.

"So where to next?" Max yawned heading over to the jeep they had been given for Max to learn to drive in.

"Up to you, you're going to be driving"

"I want to go to Atlanta" Max declared, she noticed an emotion flit across Luke's face but due to her hung over state she couldn't recognise it.

"Why? There's nothing interesting there"

"I don't know that for sure. So I want to check"

"Wouldn't you prefer to go to somewhere like Las Vegas? Everyone wants to go there" Luke was defiantly hiding something.

"Been there, got the bullet hole in my stomach as proof. I think the CSI's don't want me there anyway. I find too many dead bodies for them"


"Atlanta it is" Max said, getting into the drivers seat.

"Hold the phone, you don't know how to drive" Max knew something was up, he had just suggested she drive and now he was taking that back.

"Your point… I'm intelligent, I learn fast"

Half way to Georgia, Luke could help but think, 'She drives fast too'. Max was hurtling down the interstate at high speed weaving between the slower cars. Luke was amazed they hadn't been pulled over. Max knew they wouldn't, she had used a bit of magic to cast a notice-me-not charm on the jeep.

"I didn't think these things went this fast"

"I may have done something to change that" Max admitted sheepishly. Chakra enhanced petrol was definitely a good mix.

"Hey Luke, have you heard of a place called Hazzard?" Max asked as they filled up the tank at a stop.

"Yes." From his body language he didn't want to go there.

"Why don't you want to go there?"

"I didn't leave on good terms"

"So you should go back then leave on good terms" Max suggested brightly.

"Like you've done?" Luke said with a sour smirk.

"Hey that's not fair! I had a male controlling alien trying to invade. I was the only one who saw the entire thing and can still remember it, not that I want to" Max protested.

"You still don't want to go back"

"My choice, I left because I could, not because I felt I didn't have a choice, besides at my rank I have a right to go where I want. You just don't want to go back"

"Who are you? My psychologist"

"I might as well be, we're going to Hazzard even if I have to tie you up and dump you in the back" the look in Max's eyes said she was being serious. Luke sighed. If he was going to be forced to go then he might as well go back looking dignified and not tied up by a girl.

"Fine, but if I end up more hated then before I'm blaming you"

"Sure, it's not like I don't have enough things blamed on me." Luke wasn't sure if she was being sarcastic or serious.

The trip to Hazzard was mostly in silence. The engine made the most noise. As they entered the county Max really let it rip. Until of course she was caught by a speed trap.

"Excuse me miss do you know how fast you were going" Luke couldn't believe Rosco was still sheriff. He stayed in Max's shadow so he wouldn't be seen.

"Yes but my speedometer doesn't go up that high," said Max.

"Licence and registration please" Max handed over both, she had received her licence at the petrol stop when Luke reckoned that she was a good enough driver. She would have to learn the rules of the road to a better degree but she had a basic understanding.

"I'm going to have to give you a speeding ticket for that"

"Be my guest." Rosco looked a bit surprised. Most people contested the ticket.

"Who's your companion?" asked Rosco, as he peered in the car.

"Some guy"

"Well I'll be… Luke Duke…"

"Excuse me sheriff, but I need to be going, I have important business" Max said smiling sweetly as she interrupted the man.

"Well little missy I need to have a few words with your passenger." Max had to restrain herself from maiming him for the 'little missy' comment.

"My business overrides yours so I bid you adieu" said Max as she put the jeep in gear and sped off. Rosco race to his own car and started a 'hot pursuit'.

It didn't take long to lose him. But that still left the problem of confrontation. She heard the unmistakable sound of the air horn first eleven bars of 'Dixie'. It was on the edge of her hearing range so she wasn't surprised that Luke didn't comment when she swerved in the direction of it.

Only one car in Hazzard had that horn.

Max drove like the bat out of hell, and stopped a few minutes a head of where she hoped it would go by. She did some tweaking her chakra made one of the jeeps tires blow. Being the gentleman he was Luke got out to see what was wrong with it. Max's phone rang and she saw the customary L, showing who was calling. She got out the jeep and made sure Luke was aware she was in a call.

"Rho, I need your and Mu's help"

"Big deal, I'm busy, the world does not revolve around you, Mu's only God knows where"

"This Kira's causing a load of trouble…"

"What do you expect me to do about it?"

"Seeing as Yuri isn't available she had said you were the one to ask"

"You've asked, I said no, I have other things to do"

A familiar orange car drove passed and stopped to help. As Max had hoped a blond guy got out via the window. Bo Duke. Max had to stop herself drooling. At the moment she hated her hormones. She was a ninja! Not some fan-girlish teen.

"Can I help you with something miss?" Max puzzled about him not mentioning Luke but then realised Luke was the other side of the jeep. L said something which she missed.

"I don't know, I'm not the one who's trying to fix it. He could probably use a hand though," suggested Max. She was acting like a weak girl so he wouldn't ask why she wasn't helping. She ignored her phone when L started to talk some more.

"Luke!" Max expected that yell, it was like music to her ears.

"Bo!" she had also expected that one. She could tell Luke suspected her of engineering this 'accidental' meeting.

"I thought this county was too small for the both of us?" Ok, she hadn't been expecting that. Max wandered over to the General Lee, she would give them some privacy to let them 'talk' about it. If it got violent she would step in.


"Don't mind me, I'm just waiting for you two to calm down so the tire can get changed"

"You did this on purpose, you know about this, that's why you wanted to come here"

"So now I'm psychic… jeez, I wanted to come here because I wanted to. Hazzard sound like a place that I could find homelike. My whole life's been a hazard so why not?"

"You conniving little…"

"Hey, hold up, how would it be possible for me to know where he would be right now? I don't even know him. It would seem the person who screws with my life decided to screw with someone else's for once"

"You knew about this somehow" Luke accused. Max shrugged and hid a smirk.

"I didn't! Hey, do either of you two know who drives a white pickup truck?"

"Uncle Jesse" the cousins said in unison.

"Someone to talk sense into you two." Max pleaded. The pickup slowed to a stop and Max recognised Jesse from the series get out. She realised she still had the phone in her hand and the line was still open.

"Hey, L, I can't really talk now I'm busy, call in a few days and I might consider your offer if I can remember it" Max said and flipped the phone shut.

"Who were you talking to?" asked Luke. He was supposed to be keeping an eye on her after all.

"My phone, my business. Why were you two arguing?" Max asked to prove her point about business being their own. She knew they had no intention of telling her. Max looked at her phone and supposed she should get the whole story on the latest Kira and leave the Duke to have their reunion in peace.

She didn't like reunions, they were too emotional. She may show more emotion than she should as a ninja but that didn't mean she felt all of them. She moved towards the field nearby staring at her phone. Who would have the latest on Kira other than L? She remembered the card she had been given ages ago as Mu.

She opened a different phone, the one she used as Mu and dialled the number. She only hoped that the Dukes wouldn't interrupt her and ask why her voice was about to get masculine.

"Watari? It's Mu. Rho's just told me L needs help but she was in the middle of something and didn't get the whole story" Max said, she was glad Haku wasn't around or he might thing she had multiple personalities. She did not need a Psych Eval. She listened as she got the story. She got out her own death note disguised as a diary and flicked to the page with the rules on.

'Only six death notes may be allowed to exist in the human world at any point' Bingo. She would just have to find Kira's then four more, then Death note's wouldn't be a problem. Now Max wished she hadn't destroyed Light's death note.

Ok maybe this goal wasn't so realistic. She would still collect them but there was no point hunting them. There might not even be six in the human world.

"Rho?" Max heard the Duke's call for her and almost swore, the line between her and Watari was still open.

"Rho's in trouble again. I'll keep in touch" Max said thinking quickly and snapped the phone shut.

"Why were you on the phone again?" asked Luke, it seemed he had gotten things straightened out with his family.

"Do I need to tell you my work is classified?"

"Who by?" Luke demanded.

"Myself, duh, I don't like people knowing every thing I do"

"I thought Rho worked for Yuri," said Bo. Yuri and her associates were well known around the major countries.

"I do most of the time but some work is freelance," said Max, it was mostly true.

"You're the one responsible for bringing Luke here?" said Jesse giving her a critical look.

"I drove here so… yep"

"Thank you, I'm glad my lost sheep can return so misunderstandings could be sorted out before they escalated," said Jesse shaking her hand. Luke looked at Max pointedly, her situation wasn't that different.

"My pleasure, I go by Rho but to anyone who I don't work with or for, I'm Max. Luke, if Dr Weir finds out about this I will know who told." Max dropped her Henge to her ANBU gear which she then removed the cloak and mask to reveal the same person with more scars and muscles with both of her tattoos visible. Her eyes had also gone back to normal, she had become accustom to keeping her eye colour just grey. It attracted less attention than her mismatched pair.

The Duke's in front of her looked at her in amazement. Luke was shocked that Max had used a Henge of herself as a disguise while the other two were amazed she could change her appearance like that.

"How did you do that? Change your appearance so fast" exclaimed Bo, his accent was much more noticeable than Luke's.

"Holographic technology" Max lied smoothly.

"How long are you around here for?" Max never got to answer that as her phone rang again and her eye started twitching.

"Sorry but I have to take my call's no matter how much I may not want to" Max apologised as she opened her 'Rho' phone hoping they hadn't noticed her switch phone. She moved away from the group again.

"Rho here, what do you want?" Max half arsedly demanded, she couldn't be bothered to answer in Japanese. If it turned out to be someone in Japanese then she would switch.

"Rho, have you seen the news about the meteor?" Oh, it was Weir. Joy.

"No, I'm currently in the middle of no where. I haven't seen a news paper since forever."

"We may have found the lost city of Atlantis, but a go'auld ship is heading toward earth not a meteor"

"I bet you haven't, you just found an outpost on earth, and besides how could you lose a city. What am I supposed to do about a ship? Jeez, I'm not a superhero. "

"How would you know if it was an outpost or not?"

"I'm not an idiot, besides Atlantis is supposedly an entire city, you couldn't hide a city as huge as it's told to be anywhere we haven't been"

"What about under a load of snow"

"Not a chance, do you have any other reason for calling, I do have work, which I might add you sent me to do, to be getting on with"

"You'll have clearance for gate travel in two weeks, you have to be back at the mountain by then or it gets revoked"

"Sure, what ever, now leave me alone" the dialling tone was the only reply. Max walked back over to the Dukes.

"We've got two weeks before I need to be back at work, I might need to do work by phone but other than that we have a vacation." This was met with some cheering.

"So Max, you know how to drive?" asked Bo.

"Of course. I got my licence about two hours ago, wanna race?"

"Luke how about it? You an' me, like old times" Luke could only smirk as they both ran to the General Lee as Max headed for the jeep.

"Race to the Boars nest" Bo yelled. Max sighed, she was new to the area, she had no idea where it was. She could follow them though and overtake on the home stretch. She shifted the jeep into gear and followed the General who was already making tracks.

The General obviously had better suspension than in the series. When she had watched the series she had managed to point out every time something car crippling would happen. 'This is better than tree jumping' Max sighed as she accelerated over a broken bridge. The jeep she was driving was an old vehicle. It was planned to be scraped in a few months, the very reason why they had let Max learn to drive in it.

From her higher seating she could see just over the car in front and could see the road block ahead. The patrol cars were blocking the route. She watched as the orange car used the dip just before as a mini ramp launching them into the air over the cop cars. Max smirked and accelerated doing the same.

The return to the ground was a bit bumpy but it still left Max with an adrenaline rush. Something she hadn't felt for a while. She had to pay mind to the road though as the General veered of the road taking a cross-country route.

It took less than five minutes to get to the Boars nest. Max had failed in overtaking them. Short of jumping over them there was no way she would beat them with the way they were blocking her.

"Who taught you to drive?" asked Bo as he clambered out of the window, a huge grin plaster on his face.

"Thrown in the deep end, I got in and made it up with Luke yelling stuff when we were going down the interstate at over a hundred miles per hour. Story of my life really"

"And you didn't get caught speeding?"

"I'm extremely lucky." Part of Max's nindo was, 'When you can't rely on luck to give you advantages, make your own'.

Due to the fact Max was underage she wasn't allowed in the Boars nest so they invited her to the farm.

"It's not much but its home"

"Home it somewhere you can feel relaxed, no matter how big or small, it's precious and should be protected"

Max had only been there two days when the Dukes found trouble. The Bank had been robbed and they were all sitting in the general in pursuit. None of them mentioned the fact the robbers had fired at Max and she was currently sitting in the back stitching up the bullet hole in her arm. It had gone clean through luckily missing the bone.

"We need to get into that car. They aren't going to stop otherwise, they are too good at driving to fall for the tricks" said Bo looking at Luke.

"Don't worry about it, I'll do it" Max volunteered.

"You've just been shot"

"Not the first time probably won't be the last," said Max as she slid out of the window being mindful of her arm. She clambered on top of the car and waited for the cars to get near to each other.

Her phone rang causing her to swear. Before she missed her chance she jumped the gap and pulled out her phone

"What do you want?" Max seethed into the phone.

"Are you busy?"

"No, of course I'm not, I have just leapt from one moving car to another. Nor am I about to stop some robbers!" she yelled she closed the phone ending the call.

She was glad she was using chakra to stay gripped to the car roof. She slid over to the opposite side of the roof and swung in kicking the person in the back seat across the car, before he could grab it Max grabbed his gun and held it to the drivers head.

"Stop the car, try anything funny and I have absolutely nothing stopping me from pulling this trigger" Max said. The driver broke suddenly in the hopes of jogging Max's aim but she kept the aim steady using the headrest as anchorage the sudden acceleration had been expected but Max had over compensated and fired.

The shot smashed the driver side window showering both of them with blocks of glass, the driver had a line of blood across his nose, a small chunk taken out of it. All occupants of the car tried to regain there hearing, the driver was blinded by the shot and Max was trying to shove him out of the window.

Looking out of the window Max saw then rapidly approaching a tree and did the sensible thing. Dive out the window. The front of the car crumpled throwing its occupants forward. The windshield shattered as the driver was ejected by the force. The orange car drove up along side it and the Duke cousins quickly disarmed the robbers.

"Max! Are you ok?" asked Luke concernedly Max was his responsibility after all.

"I'm fine, when I say I've had worse I mean it probably could have gone better if I hadn't got a call in the middle of it"

"Who was it?"

"To be honest I don't know I should probably check, it could be important, so I should ignore them now and not later" Max said as she got out her phone and checked last received calls. The phoned the latest one and waited for the person to pick up.


"No, I stole her phone when she fell of the car and died" Max said sarcastically into the phone. The Duke boys sniggered.

"I have a job for you, you need to go to a town and pick up something needed at the SGC"

"Ok, what part of 'no pimping me' out bypassed your head, send one of your less important people"

"I am…"

"I resent that"

"Let me finish, I am sending someone, you're just there to escort him and the item"

"Where do I have to go?" she sighed,


Three days later saw Luke and Max were driving down a road that led to Eureka. Max had another TV show crossed off her mental list. What exactly was she going to do in a town full of geniuses? They were met by the local sheriff.

"What's your business in Eureka?" Sheriff Carter seemed out of place in the town.

"Job, I'm supposed to find and escort someone and something to Colorado" It had been decided that Luke would do the talking, Max really didn't want to grab anyone's attention by standing out.

"What about the girl?"

"Same job" Carter didn't look impressed.

"Look, you live in a town full of geniuses, is it so hard to believe?"

They ended up in the café.

"What would you like?"

"What is there?"

"Anything, you tell me and I can make it"

They ended up at Global Dynamics, the base of operations that they had to go to to find the person and object.

"Why is there a girl here?"

"That question got old at NCIS" Max muttered.

"Where here pick up and object and person to escort both to Cheyenne mountain"

"And you brought a teenager with you?" Luke actually had to try to stop Max from maiming the person in front of them. Nathan Stark himself.

"Do I have to repeat myself to every genius in this fecking town?" it took a few hours to complete their job but they managed.

What they both disliked was the road trip back to Colorado. The scientist; Rodney McKay, was the most arrogant man Luke had ever met. Max couldn't really say that due to her job.

She'd met many people more arrogant that the guy who was making her sit in the back. No of course she wasn't resentful about it. She didn't have plans to take over driving the second they took a break then drive madly the rest of the way. That would be irresponsible of her.

"Rho, you are not driving," said Luke stubbornly ignoring Max's pouting and puppy dog eyes.


"Rho, you got your licence less than a week ago against my better judgement"

"A week ago? Why is she even here?" By now everyone was in the jeep and they were on the road again.

"Protection" Max could just imagine the look on his face, it was one she had seen many times before.

"How old are you? Fourteen? Fifteen?"

"Sixteen. Seventeen soon." Max was so close to snapping at him.

"Great protection, a sixteen year old girl!"

"Stop over reacting! Jeez woman! I'm a genius in my own right" McKay's mouth fell open at Max's outburst.

"You really should put her down, her file's pretty impressive." Added Luke he wasn't about to get on Max's bad side, besides he'd read the file.

"Prove it" Max narrowed her eyes at the challenge. She put out her hand and snapped her fingers lighting up her hand with flames. The car swerved as Luke saw and panicked.

"Max, no smoking in government vehicles!"

"My bad" McKay was looking at her hand, which still was on fire, with amazement.

"How did…" McKay was flabbergasted, Max couldn't help but smirk at him she seemed to love taunting people.

"That you don't need to know" Max said in her most cryptic voice. Luke sighed Max was getting her own back for the whole stealing her seat. He just hoped he wouldn't be on the receiving end for not letting her drive.

"Rho, can you get on with him just for a bit or do you feel the need to taunt him all the time?" Max thought about it a sobering memory came to her, taunting got people hurt, something that wasn't good. Both Luke and McKay noticed the change in facial expression. Max closed her fist putting out the flames and sat back in her seat. She resorted to staring out of the window to amuse herself.

It took a few hours to get back to the SGC, the first thing the trio heard about was the Atlantis expedition.

"Rho, can you see me in my office at 1500?" Asked Dr Weir as they passed by on the way to find the mess hall.

"When I'm on base I'm Wolf or Ookami if you would prefer" Max said, Haku had been going to find Max and watched this take place. Something was up with Max, he could tell, Max hadn't snapped at her or even a sarcastic remark.

3pm came around pretty quickly and Max found herself waiting outside the office waiting to be summoned in. She was still distracted by the comment from the car journey.

"Wolf? Come in please" Max enter the office not knowing what to expect and currently not really caring.

"As you're no doubt aware there's going to be an expedition to hopefully the lost city of Atlantis" Weir began.

"You want me to go." Max had long ago realised she only was told about things if it somehow related to her being involved.

"While you were away, your village leader sent me your full file, I never would have thought that small folder was only a fraction of it. I believe you would be an invaluable help on this trip with you skills and track record. You would effectively be our Hail Mary so to speak. Unfortunately we have no idea if we will be able to return here, it could be a one way trip"

"Will Otter be coming too?" Weir had to stop herself from gapping, this child in front of her had just been told she may never be able to return home and she just asks if someone else is coming.

"He will be given the choice, I assume this means you will be going"

"I will be"

"A full briefing will be put in you quarters soon. Dismissed"

It was three days before everything was ready. Max and Haku were heading to the gate room. They were dressed in the uniforms they had been issued but still had their masks, they were planning to remove them a week after arriving. The colour scheme for their uniforms were black with white panels, both were wearing their ANBU gear underneath. They had their own things stored in scrolls to make things easier for themselves.

Colonel Sumner, the big honcho, had tried to check them for contraband items, like alcohol, but Max had out right refused stating if he wanted to see her personal items he would have to see Tsunade. She didn't want her alcohol confiscated, she had bottles from around the world. He wasn't too impressed about her presence there in general.

"Why's there a girl here?" asked Sumner with obvious distain in his voice.

"Hey buddy, I'm here to keep you lot out of danger. If something goes horribly wrong then I'm your Hail Mary" Max barely paid attention to anything else, she noticed Weir was giving a speech and tuned it out.

The gate begun its dialing sequence. As the connecting was formed and stayed a cheer rose up from amongst the group.

Max looked at the portal in front of her, another journey to a new place, this time she was flying solo. No team that she knew to back her up. Just an unlikely partner who was a healer not a fighter.

Haku gazed in wonder at the water like substance, he could tell it wasn't water; his bloodline told him so much. He glanced over at Max, she was giving up so much on what could be a one way trip. He had nothing really to lose, she had everything.

"First security team go." Max made sure her pack was on properly and started forward.

"Wait, we go together," said Dr Weir. The team waited for her to get on her bag properly.

"Let's go then." The first team went though the gate. Max being one of them, the second she emerged she checked for any sort of threat in the nearby vicinity. She knew from the series there wasn't but it was good to be cautious.

A new adventure in a new galaxy.


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