Midnight Meetings


Her curtains fluttered.

She took no notice, she left the window open herself, it was natural for the wind to blow the curtains…

"…You should really shut your window at night."

Aoko gasped and sat up straight in bed, all drowsiness vanished as she stared at the alien presence in her room.

With his cape fluttering in the wind, Kaitou KID stared at her enigmatically.

She had to wonder how he managed to do this at the same time that he concealed all incriminating features.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Aoko crushed her first instinct to scream for her father, lot of good that would do with him still at work.

Kid seemed to flinch a bit, "Language, language… you don't want to end up like your father, do you?"

This earned him a clock to the head, which he luckily evaded, but he did not manage to avoid the pillow.

When he looked back at the girl she already had her phone in hand, "I'm calling the police!"

Dryly Kid noted that this was a little different than the usual reaction he got from girls.

Kid sighed and began towards the window while glancing at the fuming girl.

"I'm serious about shutting your window, it could be dangerous."

He expertly avoided the phone aimed at his skull and disappeared into the night.

Aoko glared out the window for quite some time before huffing and going to bed.

…stupid phantom thief…

((Ending Notes: I blame this plunnie on Hannah-chan.))