Midnight Meetings


For Nakamouri Aoko, the world had frozen.

There was no other way to express it.

The world, as she knew it, had frozen.

She couldn't breathe. She couldn't speak. She could hardly think.

All she could do was feel Kid's breath tickle her shoulder and attempt to absorb what he just said.

"I love you."

He could have been lying.

It would have been nothing for him to lie about something like that. He was a lying, cheating thief.

She wondered why that thought suddenly sounded so ridiculous.

Why was her heart beating so fast?

Why hadn't she shoved Kid away from her?

By all rights she should've.

She hated him with every fiber of her being.

His confession, true or not, should mean nothing to her.

She didn't need his stupid grin.

She didn't need his stupid pranks.

She didn't need his comfort when she cried.

She didn't care if she never saw him again, she didn't care if he left heart-broken. He stole her cookies, he bothered her while she attempted to study, he made it impossible to buy milk, he invaded her privacy and mocked both her and her father, he even stole her first kiss!

She hated him!

"What do you mean?"

He couldn't have been serious.

"You can't—why would you?"

Kid made no sign that he even heard her.

"You aren't serious… right?"

She felt more than she heard Kid's exasperated sigh.

"You realize I really hadn't meant to say that last part out loud?"

Aoko blinked for a moment not understanding what he meant.

"It's almost a relief that you don't believe me, actually." Kid let out another aggravated sigh, "At the same time…"

He lifted his head from its resting place and Aoko gasped at the look in his eye.

It wasn't quite angry, but it definitely didn't seem happy and more than a little determined.

"…it really pisses me off."

And he kissed her again. Not as long or meaningful as the others, more of a random peck.

"So, against my better judgment, because that seems to have flown out the window long ago, I'm going to prove you wrong."

Aoko could only stare, baffled.

Than it clicked in her mind.

"P-prove me wrong?"

Aoko's eye twitched, "I'm going to prove you wrong! You will rue the day you ever confessed!"

Kid's own eye twitched irately, "How can you prove me wrong?"

Aoko glared, "I don't know! But I will! Somehow! And you will suffer!"

"Well fine! I'll prove you wrong before you prove me wrong!"

To say Nakamouri's weren't competitive would be a white lie, possibly enough to even make the most rambunctious of fibbers to sputter at the utter ludicrously of the statement.

Thus it was no surprise that one Nakamouri Aoko, once challenged by the person she hated most in the universe, was positively determined to be victorious.

But, sad fact it was, Kaitou KID was quite the competitive fellow as well.

"How can you possibly prove me wrong?"

"I already asked that question!"

"All's fair in love and war!"

"And this, apparently, has both!"

"It does not! Neither of us love each other at all!"

Kid growled slightly, "I don't know about you, but I happen to be madly in love! So there!"

Aoko flushed a bright a maroon and blamed it on her anger, "And you're also a dirty liar and a thief! Whom I hate!"

"Everyone already knows that! No need to repeat it over and over!"

Aoko glared defiantly, "There's plenty of need! And why should you care?"

"Well how would you feel if the one you loved repeatedly expressed their undying hate for you?"

"Well it doesn't matter since you do not love me!"

Kid's hands flew into the air, "Gaah! You're being ridiculous!"

However, before Aoko could retort, something that made both their bloods run cold happened.

The front door opened.

It was suddenly very awkward as they listened to Nakamouri Ginzo's heavy footsteps and grumbles as he shuffled off to his room.

Kid glared pointedly at her and one swish of the cape later and he was on the windowsill, "This isn't over Nakamouri-chan!" he hissed, hoping that Ginzo didn't hear.

"Far from it!" Aoko hissed back, glaring fiercely at him.

The glaring contest that ensued ended all too quickly by a knock on her door.

"Aoko? Are you awake?"

She only looked away for a second but by the time she looked back, Kid was gone.

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