Warnings: Orosaso, Deisaso (or SasoDei, it's currently undecided), short, fluff, angst, suicidal thoughts, a bit of OoCness

'In order to form new bonds, the old ones must be broken'

My science teacher.

It all started at that party, it was all that chick's fault. Her fault for insulting me, her fault for raising her fists at me.

I was the only sober one, I was the only person who had a coherent thought left. Oh, why did I let him drag me? Why didn't I say it was a horrible idea? Why didn't I tell him to stay at home? Why didn't I stop him… why?!


It's been two weeks since the incident; it's been fourteen fucking days! I tore my hair out, I screamed, I didn't eat. I ate maybe one piece of food a day. I sat in my chair, screaming, crying for fourteen fucking days. I only drank the water after I went to the washroom, returning to my chair shortly after. I looked out the tempered and tinted glass, wanting to see him come home again.

I heard banging on my door, a woman's voice screaming, "Sasori!! Sasori!!" her voice was worried, scared. "SASORI! OPEN UP!" She screamed and I could tell she was crying from a sick worry.

I read the paper today; it's sitting on my lap. It was on the front page, "Orochimaru found guilty of the murder of…" the females name didn't concern me. She was the guilty one.

I couldn't believe it. The tears I thought that had died up were constantly dropping from my eyes, they couldn't stop. The page was almost an entirely smudged, only the title miraculously remaining intact. 'He's gone…,' was my only constant thought during the day.

"SASORI!" the woman screamed again, the pounding increasing.

I held a slim metal object in my hands. I felt guilty; I should have stopped him. I should've said no.



Orochimaru smiled and held me in his unusually pale arms, "-Sssori-kun… we'll spend eternity together… it'll be your everlasting beauty."

I leaned back into his embrace, "yes we will Orochimaru, it'll be pure, and it'll be art."

Flashback End


As the metal lowered, my door burst open and the blue-haired woman slapped the blade away, "dammit Sasori! Stop this! You're destroying yourself!! What happened to your eternity! What happened?! Snap out of this! He wasn't your life! He was a PART of it. Stop it… he'll be out in four years, you can wait until then, you have an eternity. You can wait it out!" She screamed, and her long fingers clenched into a fist.

"What's the point?" I spoke out, my voice dead as I stared at the knife on the floor.

Yes omg Suicidal!Sasori and some OroSaso Oo;; and No, I'm not a huge fan of it, I accept it and support it only a little bit XD
Blame my science teacher for this! She put notes up on the board... and I was listening to an emo song and when I read it I'm like... OMG! IDEA! haha So It'll be OroSasoDei I guess you can say XD

I like this fanfiction so far and it'll probably be maybe five parts or so. I feel more comfortable writing one with parts anyway :P

Oh BTW, Sasori is going to be a puppet in this fanfiction, except he's slowly turning himself into one, so technically he can still die by blood loss at this current time XD

Orochimaru, Konan, and Sasori belong to Masashi Kishimoto
Idea, the murdered chick belong to petite-neko/vatelle