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Warnings: Orosaso, Deisaso, short, fluff, angst, suicidal thoughts, a bit of OoCness, GORE

'In order to form new bonds, the old ones must be broken.'
My science teacher.

Chapter Six - Closer


I hated this feeling. I felt so guilty. I didn't understand anymore. It's been a year and I still had this overwhelming guilt. I knew Orochimaru wasn't guilty. He couldn't be. But… No! I can't think like that.

I shook myself straight. I knew I needed to see him. But first I had to calm down. Visiting hours ended in five hours. I had a decision to make: go now or go home to calm down fully.

I didn't want him to see me like this.

I lifted my head from the steering wheel and wiped the tears from my eyes.

I felt horrible, completely and utterly horrible. How could I act completely normal, no scratch that. How could I let my mood lighten?! My heart ached terribly.

I drove all the way to my house, trying to keep my head steady. I needed to distract myself. Maybe I would create a new puppet or… Yes. That's what I'll do.

I walked over to my house and unlocked the door, my keys jingling in my hands. I knew what I would do, but I hope I'd have enough time. Five hours? I'd just call a taxi. He'd be proud of me.

'How much should I do? My hand? My forearm? Yes. The forearm.' I thought to myself before I walked down into my basement. I had moved everything down here since Konan almost discovered my little secret. I smiled as I lifted the sheet that covered my wooden body. Oh… how lovely it was. I caressed the cheek of the face, smiling.

I disconnected the joint with a 'pop'. I laid myself down on the adjoining table, putting a band around my arm before sticking sterile needles into my flesh, numbing it totally and completely.

Then I began. I brought a machine to my arm, completely severing it from my body. The blood did not spray; it was contained within a plastic box. I watched it splatter on the tempered glass, hearing the metal cutting through flesh, muscle, and bone. My nerves had a clean break, enabling the prosthetic limb to be connected to my living body. I laughed insanely. My immortality was closing in.

My now disembodied limb lay limp in the box and I moved my shortened arm. A machine held the wooden replacement and I pulled out the replicas for my nerves and began to connect them to my body, carefully and gently. I didn't know how long it's been, nor did I care. I was engrossed within my work

Once the nerves and the rest of the internal objects were connected, I began to pull a material that was similar to rubber but not exactly. It resembled real skin and I smoothed it to blend in, appearing almost completely normal, only a faint mark that appeared to be a scar. I smiled, testing out the new movements. They were small and weak, as I expected, but, in due time I knew I could get accustomed to it. It was lovely. I stood up and looked at my mortal hand with disgust. I wondered how I would dispose of the revolting object. I shook my head before I headed up the stairs and locked the door behind it. It was 7:00 pm. Two more hours.

I moved and picked up the phone, dialling number fro a taxi and told them my residence and where I was planning to go. I waiting about fifteen minutes (much to my dismay and hatred).

My body was fighting , due to the blood loss from my little 'surgery', but I didn't have time to replace it. I needed to see Orochimaru. As I sat in the visitation room, my euphoria was evident in my eyes. Watched as he walked in, a smile upon his face.

"My little scorpling…" He whispered to me and I smiled at him, "You seem so happy… what the reasoning for this is…?" I loved how his s's were elongated. I loved to se the smirk on his face.

"It's been a year Orochi-san…" I said softly, and he nodded in agreement.

"Yes it has 'Sori. Only three more to go…." He said, licking his lips in excitement, "Once I'm out, we'll continue our beautiful art…" His voice was seductive. My bliss was corroding my mind and I knew it. But, I just wanted to share.

"I took the first step Orochi-san…" I said as I lifted my arm, "It'started." I could see his observation in my arm and I waited for his appraisal. I wanted to hear his comfort and suppose. I wanted him to e proud of me.

When I saw his scowl I blinked, 'What is wrong? Does he not like how it was done? How come he seems so upset…?'

"How dare you start without me! How despicable! You're mine Sasori! You will never escape my grasp!! You will never complete yourself without me. You know that!" He yelled, and the guards began to crowd around him, holding his arms, "I'll never allow it!"

I blinked and felt a pang in my heart, 'Why is he so against this? He shouldn't be!! He's the one who ended up in jail! He has no right to disrespect what I've done!! It's my life! How dare he!' I yelled before storming out of the police department and getting in another cab, going home.

'I'll show him!' I repeated in my mind.

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