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She hated his job at the moment. She really did. Waking up the agent who was sleeping behind the curtain was not her favorite way of starting the day. He was moody, dark, hard to wake up, stubborn and hey may be attractive but he was an bastard first class.

She swallowed, and looked around. Then she saw it, lying on the floor before him. A crooked, folded, discolored picture. She picked it up and looked at it closely. She could figure out 7 people looking in the lens, laughing. Although the picture wasn't very clear anymore – probably due to being carried along a lot – she saw a handsome man with silver-gray hair, a woman next to him with red hair, a older looking man, a round-faced man next to a Gothic-type girl, a beautiful looking woman with long dark hair and next to her she recognized some of the features of the man she was supposed to be waking up. But he looked completely different on the picture than the man that was lying behind the curtain.

'Are you done watching my personal stuff, petty officer Jacobs?' 'Petty officer Jacobs' was startled. She dropped the picture on the floor, and looked straight in one pair of mad looking green eyes.

'Oh. . . ehm, I'm sorry sir, I wasn't trying to… I saw it on the floor, sorry sir,' she stuttered, blushing. 'I was about to wake you up sir, because there is a phone call waiting for you at the bridge.' she finished more bravely.

'Don't call me sir, Jacobs, I work for a living.'

'Yes si… Agent DiNozzo. Sorry,'

'And don't apologize, it's a sign of weakness,' Tony sat up, bumped his head against the bed above his for what should be the 67th time after he went on USS Regean. He hated every single thing of that stupid boat. Ship. Whatever. With a grunt he rubbed his face with his hands. He looked at the petty officer, who was still waiting. 'What!?'

'Ehm… that phone call, they are waiting,'.

'Who's calling?'

'Don't know sir, they didn't tell me that,'

Tony nodded, put his clothes on, snatched the picture from the floor and walked out the door, without looking behind.

Petty officer Jacobs stood there, wondering. In the picture he just found, there was a man standing who was happy and joyful and full of life – it almost dripped of the picture. But the man that carried the picture with him wasn't happy or joyful. He hardly ever smiled, although when he did smile he looked handsome. She never had seen that picture before, and it was as if it was taken in another lifetime. He seemed like a loner, an 'einzelgänger', someone who didn't liked people. He wasn't doing small talk and even after more than 2 months he didn't made friends. No real friends. She asked a few times around, but there was no one who really knew him. She felt sorry for him. With a sad smile she walked out the door, closing it behind her.

While petty officer Jacobs was thinking about him, Tony walked through the small corridors and up the stairs of the Regean. Who would be calling this time? Mr. Toothpick again? Checking up on him? As if he was going to get off the boat, escaping or something. Too bad he couldn't fly one of those F14 Tomcats, he would be out of here. First to Israel, picking up Ziva and then back home, to his family. To his home. He hadn't heard from them in a while, but then again, Mr. Toothpick probably made sure that regular contact was almost impossible. He sighed, and knocked on the door that lead to the bridge.

'There is a phone call for me?'

The captain looked up. 'Yes, agent DiNozzo, there is a phone call for you. If you want some privacy . . . well, you know the way, right?' He gave the phone to Tony, who took it with a small nod and left for the cabinet at his left. The captain followed him with his eyes. He was a good agent. Hell, he was the best they ever had on the Reagan, that was for sure. But he wasn't happy. It was as if some great, dark cloud was constantly hovering above his head. The file he got didn't say much. He was transferred from being a field agent to this ship after working with special agent Gibbs more than 5 years. It didn't stated why he was transferred. Being agent afloat wasn't nearly a good job as being a senior field agent. Maybe he screwed up, but if he did, there was no evidence of it in his file.

The door of the cabinet flew open. The captain surprised, to say the least. He wasn't sure if the same man got out who got in, but he sure did look like him.

'Agent DiNozzo?' He asked. A bright flashing smile flew towards him. He had never seen him smile like that.

'Yes, captain?' Tony felt like he could jump up and down, like he was bursting out of his own body. He had a grin so big on his face, it felt like his face split open. But then again, he didn't had practiced his smile for more than 2 months.

'I'm guessing you've got some good news, agent DiNozzo?'

'Yes sir. I'm going home. My replacement is here in about 2 hours the most. It was not nice working for you sir but that wasn't your fault. Oh, and because you didn't heard this through regular channels: my boss wants to speak with you!' He tossed the phone to the captain, who caught it and looked bewildered. Tony ran off through the door, while his laugh was heard through the corridors.

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