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I will marry you!

Gibbs, McGee, Ziva and Tony walked out the conference room, still talking en laughing, making plans for their first day back together.
'We should take the day off. And how about diner and drinks? Or diner and a movie? Or just drinks? Or just a movie?' Tony looked at his friends while he kept on talking. When he didn't get an answer, he looked up, expecting Gibbs right behind him. Instead, his gaze crossed the balcony and he looked in the bullpen, which was crowded with people who where all looking at them. A bit uneasy they walked down the stairs, not sure what to expect. By Gibbs' desk stood Ducky and Abby, smiling happily. When Ziva, Tony and McGee stood at their desks, suddenly someone in the back started to clap. For a moment he was the only one clapping, but at once more people joined in and the clapping grew louder. In seconds, the whole bullpen was giving a standing ovation to Gibbs and his team members. McGee, Ziva and Tony looked around, grinning a bit shy, not really knowing how to react. Gibbs didn't say a thing, he just looked at his team members, one by one, and smiled a smile that said everything they needed to know: he was proud. Very proud.

Suddenly the applauding and the cheering stopped. Gibbs looked up, and saw Director Vance standing at the balcony by MTAC. He chewed slowly on a toothpick.

'You know, Gibbs, this was a very nice trick you played this week,' he said. His voice was soft, but everyone could hear him. He didn't need to raise his voice, the silence in the bullpen was deafening.
'What trick, Director?'
'Getting your team back for a case. Going behind my back – again – to pull some strings. I will sent them back. You know that, don't you?'
'Director, if you think you have to, go ahead. But know one thing. Those are the best agents I've ever worked with. There are no other agents I'm willing to work with. You know that. In the two months that they were gone, I've seen new faces every single week. And I'm sure that they will be fine agents one day. But I do not want a new team when I have the best team. So you are sure you want to sent them back?'
'Yes. They have screwed up. They need to learn that not every mistake they make can be fixed by you. You may be one of the best agents in NCIS, but you are not the Director. You go by my rules,'
'In that case, Director. I quit.'

Tony's mouth dropped. McGee froze. Ziva couldn't believe her ears. Would he really . . . for them . . . But . . . A train of thoughts ran through their heads, unstoppable. Tony looked his boss straight in his eyes. In a flash Tony understood what to do. He wasn't sure it would work – but his gut, and the look in Gibbs' eyes told him he needed to do it. It was the only option. He took a deep breath.
'Than I'll quit too,' he said. He took his gun and his badge, and placed them on his desk.

McGee couldn't believe what just happened. He hardly believed that he was going to do what he was about to do. But he had no choice. He couldn't let his boss down. Not again. Not now. He looked up at the Director.
'So am I,' without hesitation he put his badge and gun at his desk.
'Don't even think about rehiring me,' Ziva said it with a final tone in her voice.

Ducky and Abby looked at each other.
'We will quit too!' they said at once. Abby folded her arms, and glared at the Director. Ducky looked through the bullpen, and couldn't help smiling because of the things that were happening.
'If Gibbs quit, I quit!' an agent said. With a loud bang he put his badge and gun at the desk in front of him.
'Same goes for me than!'
'And me!'
'I resign!'
'No reason to stay than!'
'Nice working with you sir. Goodbye!'
'Adios, Director Toothpick!'

Agent after agent, probies, seniors, men and women, put their badges and guns down. They looked up at their Director. They stood united. A front. A team. Standing up for one man and one man only. Gibbs looked around. His colleagues had just giving proof of unconditional faith. No questions asked, not a single doubt in their eyes. He saw the agents he worked with while his team was gone. They had resigned. And he had make their lives living hell, he knew that for sure. He looked up at the Director.
'I guess that the cards are on the table. Leon. I'm not sure how it works, but I guess that an agency without Agents has no need for a Director?'

Vance didn't speak. He looked silent down at the agents in the bullpen. He knew he had lost. He knew when to budge.
'I guess you are right, agent Gibbs. You have won. You can have your team back. I will try to arrange things for Officer David'. He nodded once, and went to his office. The moment he closed the door behind him, a hurricane of sound thundered through the bullpen. People where cheering, clapping and talking. In the middle of the sound 6 people stood there, quiet.
'How about a drink,' suggested Gibbs with a smile at his team. They left the bullpen unnoticed.

They were sitting together in a little bar, at a table in a corner. It was crowded, but they could talk normally together.
'How about a toast?' Ducky suggested. They lifted their drinks and looked at Gibbs.
'Oh, so I have to do the talking?' He smirked.
'Alright. To Kate, who we will always remember. To Paula, who died while saving our lives. To Jenny, because – ' He hesitated for a moment and then continued 'Because I will never forget Paris.' They toasted, and after a few moments of remembering, the conversation continued.

In the midst of some bantering between McGee and Tony, Gibbs leant forward and quickly slapped his team members on their heads.

'Hey! What was that for!'



'For almost losing your jobs today because of me,'

'Yeah, well, you know that gut feeling you are always talking about boss?' Tony rubbed the back of his head.

'What about it?'

'I think I'm growing my own,' Tony smiled a big smile at his boss.

'And I didn't had a job to lose, Gibbs,' Ziva grinned devilish.

Suddenly Abby looked up, shocked.
'What if Vance can't arrange things for Ziva?! What if she must leave!'
'We will find a solution than Abs, no worries,' McGee put his arm around her and gave her a hug.
'Indeed Abby, don't worry about that yet. There is always a solution to a problem,' Ducky nodded friendly.
'But. . .' Abby tried again.
'Take it easy Abby, if necessary I will go undercover or something,' said Ziva. 'But like Ducky says: there will be a solution. There always is,' she laughed friendly, looking happier than ever. 'I know a solution,' Tony looked at Ziva. 'I will marry you,' he smiled. Everyone looked bewilderd. Ziva and Tony stared at each other, both looking a bit surprised. Tony hesitated a moment.
'If necessary. Of course. Not that I . . . It will be the emergency exit, you know?' he stopped speaking again, and looked at his drink.
'Of course,' Ziva nodded, with a little, almost unnoticeable smile. There was an awkward moment, and then they all started talking.
'So you are no longer assassin?'
'Did there really were no attractive women onboard?'
'Please tell me you did practice you shooting McGeek!'

Gibbs leant back. He had seen how Ziva and Tony looked at each other, and he couldn't help smiling. He knew that look. He and Jenny shared the same look, back in Paris. He should remind them of Rule 12 again – tomorrow. Or next week. Not tonight. He looked up at the ceiling and shifted his glass a bit. His thoughts went to Jenny. Sometimes he thought he saw her walking down a street, but then it would hit him again. He would never see her smile again, or that look she got in her beautiful green eyes when he had pissed her off. He liked pissing her off – well, he liked the look she gave him when he did. It was all gone now. She was gone. Forever. But he would remember. He would remember Paris. Paris would always be theirs. And for now . . . He had his team back. Now he could finally start working on a new boat. It was about damn time!

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