"I'm not sleeping over at your house Hikaru." Haruhi stated bluntly, doing her best to ignore the clingy twin draped over her shoulders. She found herself wishing that Kaoru would find his way back from the library soon, because friend or not, Hikaru was heavy.

"Aww… but why not? It's so much nicer in bed with more people."

"So then sleep with Kaoru!"

"I already sleep with Kaoru!"

Haruhi opened her mouth for some dry retort, but shut it again when she hear a muffled squee from a ways behind them. She was really the last person her classmates would pin with a mischievous streak, but considering the hell the Host Club put her through, she figured she was entitled to a little payback.

Plus, she was kind of curious to see just how completely oblivious Hikaru was to his surroundings and the words that came out of his mouth.

"You actually sleep with Kaoru?" She said, keeping as straight of a faces as she could.

"Yep! Every night!" He replied seemingly unaware of what it sounded like he was saying.

"Poor Kaoru, I bet he's really tired all the time."

"Hey! That's not nice. I mean, sure I'll keep him up for a while but…"

"Isn't it kind of awkward?"

"Not really, we just always have. I actually can't really imagine what it would be like not sleeping with Kaoru every night."

"That must be distressing for your parents, knowing that their sons sleep with each other." She was amazed that he hadn't managed to catch on when she said that.

"Not really, they tried to separate us for a while, but they couldn't really stop us, so they just got used to it. The maids still give us funny looks every now and then though."

"You're lucky Kaoru puts up with that."

"Not really, he enjoys it just as much as I do!"

"Is it nice?"

"You have no idea."

It seemed like the mob of girls following behind them finally decide to explode into screams of moe, and Haruhi found herself unable to contain a chuckle.

"Oh wow," Hikaru said looking at the fangirls. "When did they get there?"

"Geez Hikaru, you're so dense! You may have been talking about your sleeping habits, but I think your fans think otherwise."

"Who said I was talking about sleeping habits?" He leered mockingly.

Haruhi froze as a renewed eruption of garish squealing erupted from the crowd.

Seeming unfazed by his own words he looked over Haruhi's shoulder.

"Oh Kaoru! There you are!"

"Ah, Hikaru… what's going on here?" Kaoru asked, looking around.

"Nothing important… So what kid of books did you get?"

Kaoru seemed to brighten at the new subject, and began enthusiastically explaining all his choices to his brother, while Haruhi watched Hikaru's hand slide just a little to far down on his twins back than common decency might dictate.

Finally breaking out of her shock, she shook her head wryly, muttering something about walking right into that, before following them to the Host Club.

Later, no one was quite sure what to make of the seemingly arbitrary mass fainting attack that had struck the female students.