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Munch heard the signature clicking of heels and went to meet Alex in the hall. "Hi Alex," he nodded, taking the two boxes from her.

"Hey Munch," Alex smirked, "Should I ask why my wife called me at lunch with a request for two boxes of Elliot's favorite chocolate-cream cheese cupcakes?"

"Did you hear about the beignet incident?"

"Yeah, Cragen said Elliot was sick for an entire hour afterward…"

"Yeah, well…"

The detective and Bureau Chief stopped at the entrance to the squad room. Elliot and Olivia were currently staring each other down over a table, a few cups of water in front of each of them.

"You're kidding," Alex said, smiling at Munch, "I paid for his favorite cupcakes just so they can puke them back up later?"

"Olivia got to pick the beignets," Munch shrugged setting the boxes down in between the two brunettes.

"Afternoon, Captain," Alex smiled as Cragen walked through and snagged a cupcake before the contest could start, "I see you're keeping New York's finest in line."

"You know I can't do a thing with those too. Especially on slow days like this."

"Bets, everyone!" Fin called. The favorite, based on the last contest, was Olivia…

"Thirty on Elliot to win," Alex said. Olivia gave her wife a highly offended look, but Alex just smiled and said, "I have nothing but confidence in you Liv, but Elliot has honor to recover…"

"Ready?" Fin asked the two at the table, "You have one minute. Go!"

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