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Title: Future Scar

Chapter One: Two World-Neither Mine


Last Thursday- April 4-a teacher (Mrs. Michelle Rosemary) was killed. I'm Kagome Higurashi-the school's newspaper researcher-and I have comments from the students, teachers, and staff:

"I knew Mrs. Rosemary for some years, and this news was a major shocker to me. I just have one question: what has come of our world?"

-Principal Edith

"I knew Mrs. Rosemary was such a good teacher! I can't believe some freak would do such a thing! What's happening to this world!? What's wrong with it!?"

-(student) Cassic Sull.

"I don't really know who Mrs. Rosemary was. I heard kinds didn't like her. By the way I heard she acted, she deserved it."

-(student) Joro Hanui.

"I'm not even going to comment on this, Kagome. I mean come on! Have you seen how she acted!"

(student) Mizu Haki.

As you can see, everyone had their own opinion. I, personally, think no person should die. Even if they didn't seem nice or perfect to you. Even the person that killed Mrs. Rosemary doesn't deserve to die. The person obviously had some type of problem.

No one deserves to die. So please think before you do. It will result in what your destiny will be.

-Kagome Higurashi


Destiny is something that almost means future, but not exactly. Fate is like a queen…she allows and denies certain thing's to happen. Almost like mother nature. Like she decides the weather.

What, indeed, has happened to our world? What IS wrong with it? Whose the queen that will heal it?

- Kagome Figurate (dedicated Mrs. Michelle Rosemary)


"You did a great job dear." smiled Mrs. Higurashi, sadly, helping her pack her stuff.

Kagome smiled softly, "Wasn't nothing big. I was just helping the school out a bit. I better head back before Inuyasha goes insane."

"Okay, be careful." she called as Kagome left the house, once she was gone, Mrs. Higurashi leaned against the wall-tears burning her eyes.

The day seemed to be gray. The skies were pure gray for a week now. Since she had returned to her home, she had began to worry maybe something happened to the others. Now she'd find out.

Feudal Era

Kagome climbed up the ladder from inside the well, then grabbed her bike. The sky was also gray; she was REALLY worried now. She threw her bag in the basket, then began running with the bike.

Jumping on it when she was in full speed. They'd been searching for the jewel for five years and she's twenty now. Out of school; barely graduating. She also barely goes to the modern time. She huffed, knowing the fact it hurt her family.

She was also scared. Her grandfather died a month ago, her mother told her when she came back. Finally came back, she had said. She felt no sadness. How could she not feel anything for her grandfather, whom she's known all her life.

"You're losing your past of ever being born in the modern time." came a faint voice in her head.

When that voice came, she passed the hut. Once back to reality, she skid to the side. Bringing up dirt. Kagome jumped off her bike, and ran inside the hut. Everyone looked at her; Sango was just getting through bandaging Inuyasha she asked,

"What happened?"

"It's about damn time you got here." grumbled Inuyasha, putting on his shirt.

Sango asked, "You were suppose to be back two days ago?"

"We had to stop Inuyasha from going to get you." exclaimed Shippo, getting a glare from Inuyasha.

Kagome dropped her heavy bag, and sat down-looking a bit guilty,

"There was little incident."

"What happened?" they all asked in unison.

She sighed, "My grandfather died a month before I came back."

"I'm sorry Kagome." gaped Sango.

Kagome shook her head, "It's okay…it's just…everything's sort of awkward."

"Why do you say that?" asked Miroku, examining his hand; the one with the wind tunnel was bandaged up.

She sighed, "I haven't been in the modern time in awhile. I wasn't exactly sad like my mother or brother. I think my mom's angry at me, even though it doesn't SEEM like it."

"I'm sure she understood Kagome." reassured Sango, looking at the others than back at her.

Kagome asked, "What happened here?"

"Just a encounter with Naraku." answered Sango. "Kaede's in the village, helping the villagers. Naraku has gotten stronger."

She apologized, "I'm sorry I wasn't here to help."

"We have to complete the jewel before the eclipse." grunted Inuyasha, trying to get right to the point.

Kagome looked confused, "The eclipse? How is that possible? The eclipse isn't suppose to happen for another nine years."

"Kaede said something was wrong." spoke the twelve year old Shippo, modern age actually. "She said something bad was going to-

Inuyasha snorted loudly, "Keh! Why are you worrying about what that old prone said? She's gone insane!"

"Inuyasha," started Kagome, glaring, "sit boy."

He flew forward, his face connecting with the hard wooden floor. Kagome nodded for Shippo to continue. He continued,

"Something bad was going to happen to the jewel, maybe it has to do with the time travel you and Inuyasha have done."

"I doubt it." disagreed Miroku. "It just may be the bond between Kagome, The Jewel of Four Souls, and the Priestess Midoriko."

Sango nodded, "Yeah…I agree with Miroku."

"Theres no bond between that ancient woman and Kagome!" shouted Inuyasha, glaring daggers at Kagome for sitting him.

She rolled her eyes, "So when 'is' the eclipse?"

"the day after tomorrow." replied Sango.

Her eyes widened, "WELL that's not much time to figure out what's happening!"

"Kagome the jewel shard!" exclaimed Shippo.

Kagome pulled out the chunk of the jewel from under her shirt-it was a necklace-and gasped. It's light was dim. She whispered,

"What's happening?"

Kagome looked at Inuyasha with a worried-almost horrified-face. He had a bad feeling-that in time-he and Kagome would be ripped apart on the day of the eclipse. He had to-which he'd been planning since year two-tell her how he felt, and fast.

Later That Night

"Kagome." whispered Inuyasha, shaking her-trying not to wake the others.

She groaned, opening one eye, "What is it Inuyasha?"

"I need to talk to you." he replied; anxious to get this done with.

Kagome opened both eyes, looking at him as if he'd gone insane,

"Can't we talk in the morning? It's wa-

"Would you stop babbling and come on." retorted Inuyasha, taking her hand and pulling her up and taking her out and into the forest.

Kagome followed tiredly, but whined, "Inuyasha, where are you -yawn- taking me?"

"I need to talk to you." he replied, squeezing her hand.

She sounded concerned-and scared-when they arrived at the well,

"What's going on?"

She sat beside him, both their backs to the well. He repeated,

"I need to talk to you."

"What is it?" Are you okay?" she asked, worry pure on her face and voice.

Inuyasha looked around nervously, "Uh….-

"You can tell me." smiled Kagome.

He sighed looking at her then away, "I sort of have a bad feeling-

"That something horrible will happen?" interrupted Kagome. "I thought you weren't worried about anything happening."

He crossed his arms over his chest,


Kagome thought,

"Why is he so nervous? Is there something really important he has to tell me…Is he afraid that we'll get separated/ I have to tell him my feelings…now."

"Inuyasha," started Kagome, nervously, "I don't know how to say this…."

He snorted, "You aren't the only one."

"Well, since the time I met you at the sacred tree; got to know you better…" she paused, looking at the cloudy sky, no stars in sight. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and just let herself say it. "since hen I've been…in love with you."

Her face was on fire by now. She dared a look at him, his face was soft. His eyes seemed to have a sparkle int hem; which was REALLY weird. Inuyasha just smirked. That smirk she loved so much. Kagome looked fully at him now,


Before she could finish her sentence, her rushed in and pecked her on the lips. Kagome was stunned into silence and shock; once again he smirked. Inuyasha captured her lips. She slowly closed her eyes and kissed him back. Both their hearts seemed to be pounding.

When he knew Kagome was about out of air, he pulled away. Inuyasha pushed her bangs from her pale face and finally replied,

"I love you too."

Kagome was so happy, "Really?"

"Duh, I just said I-OOF!"

Kagome hugged him, making him fall back onto the soft grass. Kagome on top of him. He smiled and hugged her back. His smile faded when he smelt tears,

"Why are you crying?"

"I'm so happy." sniffed Kagome, her words muffled when she buried her face into his chest.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "Kagome…you'll never change."

She laughed at that, and hugged him. They laid there, neither uncomfortable with the position or silence. Kagome soon fell asleep, and also-which is a shocker-did Inuyasha.

Kagome's Dream

"Kagome, you have to heal the wound or it will lead to total destruction." came a feminine voice.

Kagome was in a dark room or cave, "What? Who are you? What are you talking about?"

"Your fifty day prophecy will begin the day after tomorrow. You can stop it now! Just heal the wound!" she spoke urgently.

Kagome blinked, "What are you talking about? What's happening?"

"I've come to you in your dream to warn you." replied the woman, which now faded into echo.

Before Kagome could reply a vision took over her sight. She was looking at a sky. It was nightfall. The moon was disappearing. Kagome felt weak, what's happening. Her neck felt like it was on fire.

Kagome touched her neck to feel something warm. It was blood. The jewel was in her other hand. It was dim more and more. It flashed showing a beautiful face, Priestess Midoriko's face.

The feminine voice came again, this time she knew it was the famous priestess,

"Do not fear the symbol you now bare. It means Phoenix for-

"Kagome!" came a male voice; it was Inuyasha.

Priestess Midoriko spoke, "You have to hurry and heal the wound!"

Before Kagome could speak, she woke. Her eyes slowly opened. Kagome's eyes met the moon's bright glow. Something stung her neck. Inuyasha spoke again, concern edged into his voice,


She sat up and touched her neck. When she looked at her hand, blood coated it completely. She looked at Inuyasha,

"Something's wrong."

"What happened to your neck?" he asked, pulling her into his lap.

She replied, "This is getting confusing I had a dream, Midoriko was telling me about a wound. That I had to heal it. Is it this? What does it look like?"

"Uh a whing, I guess, but do you know why or how you got it?" asked Inuyasha.

The jewel sparked red when a drop of Kagome's blood fell onto it. Neither noticed. A voice shouted in Kagome's head,

"Fool! Stop wasting time and tell the hanyou to heal the wound!"

Inuyasha was already tending to doing that. Until the jewel turned bright red. Kagome's bloody neck turned bright orange like. She squeaked in pain. Inuyasha shouted,

"Ka…Kagome! What's wrong!"

"It hurts!" gasped Kagome, the pain taking her breath.

She hugged onto him, trying to not pass out. The moon seemed to dim. In the blink of an eye, the pain and the red light was gone. She panted, swaet dripping from underneath her bangs.

Inuyasha asked, "Are you okay!"

"I have a bad feeling that wasn't the end of the pain." sighed Kagmoe, pulling away.

He ran his hand from Kagome's neck to her hand,

"It isn't just on your neck now."

She stood,

"We need to find a river or something."

Without say, he picked her up and took off. Soon arriving at one. She knelt at the clear river and looked inside. A beautiful bird was started from the nape of her neck, to the side and a black bold line went down her arm. Around her middle finger.

Where now rested an onyx ring. The jewel was black, a tint of red swerved inside. The design around the ring was beautiful. There was a falcon one side and a eagle on the other. They were colored beautifully, unlike her little tattoo. It was also beautiful on her pale skin. Her skin was as pale as the moon.

Kagome's hair now had a blood red tint to it.(A/N: Not really visible until she's in the sunlight.)

Her eyes were now a more aqua blue, around the pupil was red, like someone professionally splat some paint around it. She gaped at her amazingly beautiful face, not one flaw,

"What happened?"

Kagome tried to wash the tattoo off, it didn't. She tried to take the ring off, it wouldn't. Midoriko's voice came, it sighed,

"You're to late…."

Kagome swallowed loudly then looked at Inuyasha, whom looked at her with shocked eyes. She bit her lip then said,

"Inuyasha…something's wrong."

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