Chapter Five:

She stepped out of the shower, wrapping the towel around her body. Glancing in the mirror, she noted how tired she looked. That was part of the hazard of being a Dean at a hospital and having to deal with the annoying tactics of a certain doctor. She shook her head as she stepped out into the hall.

"Still hiding the key in the flowerpot, I see." His voice broke through the darkness and even though she knew instantly who it was, she still jumped; startled by his presence.

"House! What the hell are you doing here?" She pulled the knot in her towel tighter and narrowed her eyes at him.

His gazed followed the path down her body, taking in the way she was barely dressed. She noted the sudden lust in his eyes and suddenly shivered.

"I won. I've come to collect my prize." He said, leaning against the wall in her hallway. His eyes once more traveling along her less then there attire approvingly.

"Won what?" She asked; her voice sounding more tired then annoyed.

"Our game." He informed her, walking in her direction, his cane beating against her wood floors.

"Last time I checked we were even." She said, not backing down as he approached. But catching her breath just the same.

"Not for long," he spoke, lifting his cane to where her towel was knotted at her breast. Before she could react, he hooked the handle of his cane in the knot and pulled. The towel came undone and fell in a heap at her feet.

His eyes lowered and took into view her sudden nudity and he smiled.

"House," she yelled, her arms trying to hide her nudity. She went to reach for the towel, but he used his cane to send it flying across the room and out of her reach.

That was it; she had enough of his arrogance. She propelled her hand out, slapping him across the face. "How dare you," she snarled.

At that moment, she noted the look in his eyes. It was a look she never seen on him before. His eyes turned a deep shade of blue, and she couldn't decide if he was mad or turned on. She heard the sound of his cane dropping to the floor, then a second later his hands were on her arms, pinning her against the wall.

"House," she whispered, unable to find her voice, and annoyed at herself for allowing him to get her so arouse.

His lips assaulted her neck and she tilted her head back, allowing him access. She moaned when his hand cupped her breast, and she knew if she didn't stop this soon that she wasn't going to win this game, not that she cared anymore.

"You're wearing too many clothes," she mumbled, her hand already pulling at the hem of his shirt.

He pulled away long enough to remove the garment, then returned to kiss her hard on the lips.

So winning wasn't everything, she decided as her hands worked to unbutton his jeans.

Somehow they managed to work their way onto the floor; her hands working indulgently to rid him of his pants. Finally it was skin upon skin, and he used his hand to spread her legs apart, finding her core with a gentle stroke. She tilted her head back and moaned. A second later he entered her, filling her, consuming her with his complete being.

He quickened the pace, and she bit her lip, arching her back to meet him thrust for thrust. Her temperature was boiling, rising with each second, so close to crashing over that edge.

"Come with me," he whispered.

And she closed her eyes, releasing her passion and soul to him. He did the same, then collapsed upon her, breathing heavily; his body spent.

"Looks like I won," he mumbled against her ear. "At the end, I got you."

She laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck; then noted the seriousness in his eyes. He had her alright. Would have her forever, if he wanted. "Judging from what just took place, I think we've both won." She whispered; her voice light, but deep in meaning just the same. They had both won and there was nothing wrong with that.

The End.