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Supers and Wizards: The Sons of Lily

By: Drownedinlight

Warren Peace's sixteenth birthday had not turned out like he expected it would. He expected to get up, eat breakfast with his mother (a maybe depending on if she was researching or not and what she was researching), get a gift or two, go bug Stronghold (depending on his mood and if he could handle more than an hour of annoyance), not go to work, eat dinner with his mother (another maybe depending on not only the research, but the science laboratories she worked in and any extra day projects she got laid on her) and go to bed. That all changed after he got past, 'wake up'.

As he decided the stairs, Warren smelt pancakes, eggs, bacon and possible two different types of sausage. While his mother was not a bad cook, she didn't like it too much and often did not cook in excess. Warren did not mind, for when it came to his mother it was the thought that counted (unlike many other people in his life). He found it strange that she as even here as he was up past her usual departure time (when he was ten, he assured her that he was all right spending his birthday alone, though she hadn't believed his until he was twelve).

"Mom?" Warren inquired, upon reaching the bottom of the stairs. "Is everything all right?"

"Everything's fine, honey," Sarah Peace replied. "Why do you ask?"

"You're still here and it's nine. You usually leave at eight."

"I took the day off for your birthday. I know I don't usually, but after all, not every birthday is sixteen." Warren still felt unconvinced.

"You cooked. A lot."

"Warren, I always cook on your birthday." His unconvinced feelings traveled to his face. Sarah noticed. She frowned. "Why do you think there's something wrong? Hmm?"

"Mom whatever it is, you can just tell me." Sarah sighed and looked away from her son, it was almost as if she avoided his eyes, she could avoid telling him the truth.

"Sit down, son," she said finally. "I just want you to know, that if you really want this, it will change you. I kept it from you so long because I didn't want you growing up thinking that I didn't love you or that who wrote this didn't love you or even when you were younger thinking that sort of thing about your father. I just…I love you, son." With that, she produced an envelope made of what looked like parchment. Warren took it and saw that it was addressed to him. "I didn't write it," Sarah assured him. "Neither did your father, just read it and you'll see."

Warren nodded and ripped open the envelope. Pulling out several pieces of what was indeed parchment paper. The letter was dated January 15, 1991.


If you are reading this, then that means I'm gone and Sarah kept her word to give this to you. My name is Lily Potter and on March 27, 1987, I gave birth to a very beautiful baby boy, who was, after much debate, given the name, Warren Cadoc Peace. That baby, as you might have guessed, was you. Your father was nearly four years older than me and very set on marrying Sarah DeMarco, whom you probably think of as your mother when he agreed to host some exchange students for his former high school, Sky High. I was sixteen going on seventeen when we met. Several events happened that I will not disclose and I became pregnant with you.

Joseph told me he was sorry time and time again. He told Sarah that he was sorry even more. James, my boy friend at the time and now my husband, didn't wait for any apology. He instead broke Joseph's nose. By the time James had found out though, I had already known that I was not going to abort you. To destroy such a life that never had the chance to live seemed so cruel. So I told Sarah to forgive Joseph, James to quit skulking and Joseph to shut up and propose already. All three took my, in two cases rather forceful, suggestions. Joseph and Sarah "shot-gunned" it as they say. James, Steve Stronghold, Sarah's cousin Josie and myself were the only ones present.

We discussed what I was to do if I wasn't going to have an abortion. Naturally the only two other alternatives would be to raise you myself or to put you up for adoption. James and Joseph both wanted me to keep you. James had grown very fond of the "little monkey in my stomach" and Joseph wanted to be able to see you, to be able to watch you grow up. James and I were just graduating though. I was sure that he would propose, but still I could not be sure what the future held. So I made a decision that was agreed upon by all four parties involved with this pregnancy. I decided to give you to Joseph and Sarah.

Joseph wanted you and he was your father after all and Sarah, though I did not suspect until the following years and still am unsure of, probably could not have children, but wanted a baby so bad. It wasn't easy of course. When they say that a woman becomes a mother when she gets pregnant, they're right. Or at least for me they were. You were my baby and even though I forever wish you to call Sarah mum, you always will be. Joseph and Sarah happily agreed that James and I could visit you and that was enough. To see you grow up would be enough.

As you can imagine, March 27 was a very happy day for all of us. We all fought over names but eventually settled on Warren Cadoc. Cadoc for Joseph's father and Warren, because Warren Peace (which your mother suggested) was quite funny and had a very nice ring to it. After a few weeks and many tears, James and I left for England to get a start on our new carriers and lives in the real world.

We did visit, though I doubt you would remember, though, you were young after all. If you still have your stuffed phoenix, it was James and I that got it for you. Another year we got you a fire man's hat. After all, it is appropriate with your abilities isn't it?

Now, I suppose, I get into why I am writing this letter. As you must have guessed, a regular school would not exchange with a one for super heroes. I am in no way a super hero. I am however a witch. Yes that's right, magic spells, wands and brooms and all. The only problem of this was that the wizarding world of Britain (where I live, I don't believe I've mentioned that yet) is at war with a very terrible man called Voldemort. He's extremely powerful and wants to conquer and purify the wizarding world. God knows what he wants to do to the muggles, the non-wizarding folk.

James and I work for a group opposed to Voldemort called The Order of the Phoenix. In doing so however, we've put ourselves in grave danger. Not just us, but someone else too. We think that Voldemort may be after us because of a prophecy that concerns us. Albus Dumbledore, leader of the war on Voldemort and my former headmaster came to us with the news of this prophecy. That is why I'm writing to you now, because I am about to go into hiding. It's a sad, sobering thought, but this may be the last letter I ever write. One can only hope that our secret keeper Peter Pettigrew will be able to stay hidden.

There is another reason for this letter. Because on July 31, 1990, I gave birth again. To your brother, Harry James Potter. You would have loved to have played with Harry. He such a bright and bouncy child, you two are so much a like. I must add that the prophecy I mentioned before might be about Harry. The prophecy speaks of the one that will destroy Voldemort and he and Dumbledore both think it might be Harry. He isn't even a year old and already he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

I wanted you to know all of this so that you know what there is another person (three people really counting James and Harry) that love you. I must guiltily add that I hope you can meet Harry one day and that one day the two of you can think of yourselves as brothers, even if you don't meet until your much older. I hope that one day you'll look out for each other like brothers do and that if…if something should happen to James and I well, that you'll be there for him and that he'll be there for you should anything happen to Joseph and Sarah.

I love you my darling and best wishes for a happy life,

Lily Potter, your birth mother.

Warren looked up at his mother, his eyes pleading, begging her for the truth. She simply nodded.

"It's true Warren. She was your mother."

"Was?" Warren croaked.

"She died, in October of '91. Lily and James both."

"What happened to Harry?" Warren inquired. What happened to my brother? He wanted to ask.

"He lived," Sarah assured him. "I take it she told you about Voldemort and the wizards?" Warren nodded. "The wizards have a spell that can kill people instantly. Harry is the only one known to have survived that spell. In doing so, he vanquished Voldemort. He's known as a savior in the wizarding world."

"But he's alive, you're sure?"

"Yes, Warren, I'm sure." There was a long pause between the two of them. "Would you like to meet him?"

"I don't know. Does he even know I exist?" Sarah shrugged.

"I don't know, it all depends on what Lily's sister Petunia told him and if Lily told Petunia. She's who Harry went to live with after Lily died."

"Did you and Dad ever try and gain custody of him?"

"Of course we did Warren. However, Harry needed to be placed with his aunt. Something about Petunia and Harry sharing the same blood."

"Harry and I share the same blood," Warren argued.

"I know sweetie but the wizards didn't and even if we did tell them, I'm not sure that they would believe us. Are you sure that you don't want to meet him?"

"I told you I don't know!" Warren stood, so forcefully that his chair tipped over. Sparks went between his fingers a tell tale sign of Warren's pyrokinetic ability.

"Warren, calm down!" his mother ordered. Warren obeyed enough so that the sparks stopped dancing between his fingers.

"I'm going for a walk," Warren said.

"That's probably a good idea. Taking some breakfast with." Sarah quickly ceran-wrapped a plate piled with food as Warren pulled on his leather jacket and shoes, stuffing the letter in his pocket. Taking the plate from his mother, Warren headed out the door.

The park was the first place that Warren could think of where he could sit and eat his breakfast. So after his three-quarters of a mile trek, Warren collapsed onto a bench to ponder the information the letter had forced onto him, in the quiet solitude on the brisk Thursday morning. The solitude was interrupted by the famous Will Stronghold.

"Warren!" Will called as he jogged up to the park. "I didn't think I'd see you 'till later. Happy Birthday. Had a good spring break?"

"Thanks and yeah, I guess." Will frowned. Usually at the sound of Will's "annoying" voice Warren did not make the nicest replies. They weren't usually too hurtful, but this time Warren just sounded sad and Warren Peace didn't do sad.

"Are you all right?" Will asked, taking a seat next to his best friend on the bench.


"Ah." Silence passed between them as Warren really wished he'd grabbed a fork on the way out the door and Will stole a sausage.

"I have a brother," Warren said suddenly.

"Oh, I didn't know that."

"Neither did I. I found out about an hour ago. And my mom's not really my mom, but my dad's my dad, my birth mom's a witch and she died when I was four." Will blinked.

"That sucks. Are you going to meet your brother?"

"I don't know. My birth mom, Lily, wanted us to get to know each other, but odds are that he doesn't even know I exist," Warren retorted swatting Will's hand away from his last sausage.

"Why not?" Will inquired.

"This aunt I've got that he's living with probably didn't tell him or something like that. Anyway he lives in England. Probably goes to witch school."

"So he's a witch too?"

"Probably, Stronghold, weren't you listening? His mom and dad were witches."

"…Does that mean you could be a witch?"

"Hell if I know."

"Look Warren, I know half the time, you don't like my opinion and everything, but I think you should meet your brother. I mean, yeah, realistically, there is the chance that he'll hate you guts for know apparent reason. But that chance is pretty small. I mean, more than likely, he'll probably want to get to know you, you know." Warren only looked at will with a 'shut up' kind of face. "Besides, you have about three more months to decide if you want to see him, cause the schools in England end in June."


"Really, they do," Will assured him, though it sounded more like he was trying to assure himself.

"What would I do with a little brother, Stronghold?" Warren inquired.

"I dunno, swap stories, hang out. If you get bored you could always bring him over to my place and hang out with the group." Warren snorted,

"Like I'm letting my brother near the dream team."

"You see, you're already getting protective!" Will declared.

Author's Note: All right, so, first the discontinuities and other little facts that if I don't take care of the reviewers with rag on me.

The Dates of Harry Potter

But the dates of publishing of the first Harry Potter book and the dates widely excepted in Harry Potter fandom, I am extremely off the mark.

For Harry's birth and schooling (and even other general timeline events), I put everything forward ten years, mainly to coincide with the apparent dates of Sky High, which is most likely set in the 2000s. So, Harry's third year, in which he and Warren will meet, will be set in 2003, rather than 1993.

As to Warren's birth and how it figures in with Lily's life, he, by all technicalities could have been born in March of 1987 while Lily was still in school. According to HP Lexicon, Lily attended school from 1971 to 1978. This, like Harry's schooling, was put ahead ten years. Therefore, in this timeline Lily would have had Warren before she graduated Hogwarts. She would have been seventeen because Lily was born in January.

Warren's birthday

I am unaware of any birthdays released by Disney or any other such information about the Sky High characters. So I made it up. Also, the fact that it's on a Thursday and during spring break—I looked up a calendar for 2003 (when the story will be set) and the 27 was on a Thursday in the last week of March, usually when spring break is had (for me, at least).

Joseph Peace (aka Baron Battle)

There isn't a lot known about Joseph Peace and I do sort of like the idea that perhaps he as framed or was actually a good guy, until something went horribly wrong. So, that's how it is in this story. That also covers why Steve Stronghold was at his wedding. I imagine if Joseph was good, they would have been something of friends, despite the way that Mr. Stronghold rags on Joseph in the movie. Also, the events in Lily's letter would take place a year to three years after there senior year of high school. Surely, if Joseph was a good guy, they would have gotten over some differences.

Sara and Josie being cousins

Yeah, well, I'm allowed to have some unexplained fun, aren't I? Besides can't you see Will and Warren finding out (even if Sarah isn't Warren's birth mom)?

The whole idea of this actually spawned from reading way too much Harry Potter and Sky High fan fiction in the same period of time in which I took my finals (I managed to scrape out a 4.0! Yeah, I know...usually scrape is not the term used when talking about 4.0 grade point averages, but when you are friends with people that get 4.7's and you've gotten a 4.28 in the past, and you thought you might get lower than a 4.0 it gets discouraging. Yes, I know, people like me make you sick. I make me sick too sometimes.)

The original idea (which may still be written) was that Joseph Peace and James Potter were the same person due to some strange time traveling. Warren and Lily had to stay in the US after James/Joseph went to prison, but Harry stayed in the UK and went to Petunia. So Harry and Warren meet up in Harry's third year and yeah. Stuff happens.

This, I figured, was actually a somewhat logical plot that I could start with until I got my head wrapped around the other one.

As always, please review and please don't flame! I can do constructive criticism, but try to do it in a manor that does not scream that you kick puppies for fun. Thank you.


For those of you that might reread this chapter after 6/21/08, you may notice that all the Barron Battle's of the story have turned into Joseph Peace's. This is because upon examination of the year book scene in Sky High, I could sort of make out the name under Barron Battle's picture to be Joseph Peace. This easily takes care of any name discontinuites between Warren and "Barron Battle". Also, it makes it easier for me since Sarah and Joseph are still married.