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Supers and Wizards: The Sons of Lily

Chapter Two

by: Drowned_in_light

The Gatwick Airport in London was all hussle and bussle at two in the afternoon. Warren had a suspiscion that it was like this all the time. He hated it. He could not wait to be gone from this place and maybe somewhere with a population of zero. Currently, he and his mother were trying to get to luggage so they could track down their bags and get very, very far away from the airport. Or so Warren hoped. His mother had mentioned that Surrey was something like a suburb to London, it was not that far away.

"Warren, I found your bag!" Sarah called. "Come and get it." Warren stepped forward through the people to take the heavy bag from his mother's hand like it was nothing at all. Sarah glared, while Warren gave his obligatory,

"Thanks, Mom." He noted that her bag was already in her hand.

"All right," she sighed. "Let's get out of here. Do you wanna drive?" Warren shook his head, though he did have his licence,

"No, I really don't think either of us should. Other side of the road and all." Sarah rolled her eyes.

"I've had plenty of practice driving on the left side of the road, thank you. And just for that, you are driving." Warren rolled his eyes back to his mother.

"Fine. Let's just get the car and get out of the airport."

"Klostrophobic," she accused

"Am not," he defended. "I just don't like people."

It took them nearly an hour to get a car from the rental at the airport. Thankfully, it was one of the ones that had over a billion satillite radio stations. Warren did not know for sure, but he was fairly sure that he did not like British music. Thusly, if he had to listen to it for any great length of time, he felt sure that the car would blow up. And it would be all the British music's fault.

The drive to Surrey was not as long as he thought it would be. Warren soon found that after they entered the sub-country, his mother had no idea where they were going. It was after what Warren considered to be one of the longest hours of his life, he stopped the car and insisted his mother pull out his laptop and get directions to where Harry lived (something to do with a flower, Warren remembered). Finally on their way in a somewhat sesible manor, Warren drove to the droll directions of his mother,

"Turn left." Then. "Make a right."

Coming up onto the largest stretch of road sicne entering Surrey, Warren noted that nearly all the houses looked the same. Trying to find some sort of landmark incase he ever got lost, he noted breifly that to his left was a park. A group of kids a few years younger than him stood in a circle playing some sort of game. Warren turned his eyes to the road before glance back at the group. His eyes widened as he hit the breaks. Whatever they were doing, it was no game. He ignored his mother's shout for stopping so abruptly and exited the vehicle, vehemently stomping toward the group of kids.

"Where's your magic powers now, Potter?!" one boy screamed. He had to be the fatest boy that Warren had ever seen. He looked only to be five and half feet tall, but could have easily weighed over two hundred pounds. Then Warren was convinced that this was not a boy, but a whale.

"Hey!" Warren shouted.

"Who the hell—?" a rat faced boy began before he looked up and caught a really good glance at whom he was about to address. Rat boy paled. Warren knew that he looked intimidating to the properly clothed young, British boys. He was after all wearing a leather jacket, steel tow boots and the meanest glare he could make.

"Wh-wh-what d-do y-you w-want, y-yankee??" stuttered the whale. Warren's glare settled on him, the ring leader.


At the simple, barely audible comand, the whale took off running at an impressive speed for his weight. The other boys followed seconds after. On the ground, lay their victum. Warren jogged over to the boy and helped him up. "You all right?" Warren asked.

"Fine, thanks," the boy said excepting a hand up.

"You don't sound fine," Warren retorted. "You hurt?" The boy gave something of a hollow laugh.

"No but I will be."

"Why, will they come back?"

"No. That boy you just told to run, he's my cousin. He'll go home and tell his mummy that I got my gang to beat him and his friends up. Then his dad'll come home and give me a good once over." Warren had the feeling that didn't mean that the boy would be getting a lecture.

"That's child abuse you know."

"yeah, but what can I do? I leave them, it's off to the orphanage. I can put up with a few smacks if I don't have to go there."

"Warren!" Both boys turned to Sarah jogging toward them. "Are you all right? Is he all right?"

"We're both fine, Mom," Warren replied,

"oh, good," Sarah said. "By the way, I'm Sarah Peace, this is Warren, my son."

"I'm Harry Potter." The Peaces froze.

"Harry Potter?" Sarah inquired. "You're sure?" Harry nodded as if to say, 'I think I know my own name thanks.' "You look just like James. Lily's eyes though." Harry gave a little smile.

"Everyone says that. You knew my parents?"

"Your Mum was an exchange student that lived with my husband when she was in the states. Well, then he was my boyfriend, but you get what I'm saying. Anyway, Lily and I were fairly good friends."

"I wouldn't know anything about that, sorry. My aunt doesn't tell me much about my mum."

"Oh, don't be sorry," Sarah told him. "Actually, we came to England to visit you."

"Me?" Harry inquired. "Why would you want to visit me?" He looked between mother and son, and noticed for the first time that Warren had his eyes trained on him.

"Oh, Harry…" Sarah murmered. He barely noticed, thought; his eyes were looked with Warren's in a sort of staring contest. Harry noticed as he stared into the boys brown orbs that there was a sort of flame that danced there and that every moment that he stared at Harry, Warren's eyes grew softer and softer, but the flame grew brighter and brighter. It was so curious, so wonderful, that he did not, he could not look away.

"I'm your brother," Warren spoke softly, the first words he said since Harry admitted his name.

"M-my brother?" Harry inquired. He didn't have a brother, he couldn't. But in Warren's eyes—even as the other boy slow nodded they did not break eye contact for a minute—he saw the truth. "I have a brother."

"Yes Harry, you do," Sarah replied softly. Harry's legs chose then to give way. Warren caught him, holding his brother in a gentle embrace.

"But how?" Harry inquired, tears making a trek down his face. Warren wanted to open his mouth, to attempt to give an answer, but how do you explain a drunken night to a thirteen-year-old kid?

"Potter!" The party of three looked to see the baby whale standing yards away, the only distance he had probably deemed safe from Warren. "Mum says that you have to come home right now!"

"That kid needs to go on a diet," Warren said, causing Harry to laugh. Tears still streaked the younger's face, but a too large sleeve reached his face to wipe them off. "Come on, in the car, I'd like to have a talk with our dear aunt." He helped Harry to stand and Harry was surprised to find that he could.

"So that means that we have the same Mum?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, Harry, we have the same Mum."

A grand total of a minute later Harry had Warren stop out side of Number 4 Privet Drive.

"She's not going to be happy," Harry warned as they left the car.

"We're not happy, Harry," Sarah retorted. "And we're a lot more dangerous than your aunt I can assure you."

"You're not a witch and wizard are you?" Harry asked.

"No sweetie, but trust me, we have a few things up our sleeves," Sarah replied. Warren smiled. His mother's mind powers had all ways been impressive and he was sure that even if she was a little out of practice, she could and probably would have the Dursley's doing what ever she wanted in a matter of seconds. "We'll explain everything soon, I promise Harry." With that Harry opened the door and stepped inside to the most shrill voice either Peace had ever heard.

"Where have you been! And what was this about hurting Dudley?!" There stood a woman that resembled a horse, but in all the worst ways. It was after Harry moved in enough that Warren and Sarah moved into the front hall enough for Pentunia to see them. "And who are they?"

"I'm Sarah Peace and this is my son Warren. I knew your sister—"

"Don't you dare mention my freak of a sister in my house." Both Harry and Warren stepped forward to defend Lily Potter. Unfortunately the woman noticed. She looked Warren up and down before her eyes widened in a certain sort of realization. "Well if it isn't Lily's little bastard. I know I'm not wrong, so don't bother."

"You knew I had a brother and you didn't tell me?!" Harry yelled. "It doesn't surprise me though! You never told me about Mum and Dad either!"

"Of course I didn't tell you!" she screamed. "It was bad enough that I had to put up with her ligitamite freak son! I didn't want the bastard too!" That was enough to make Warren snap and Sarah to release a pyskic wave. Harry jumped as his brother's hands lit on fire.

"We're taking him away from here," Sarah afirmed. "Warren, power down and help your brother get his things." Warren felt calm wash over him and his flames died.

"Where's your room Harry?" he asked. Harry made his way toward the stairs and Warren followed after him.

"I just need my trunk and my owl," Harry said. "Thankfully, she's back from hunting. We won't be leaving England will we?"

"Probably not, not for a while anyway," Warren replied. "Mom got temperary gaurdian forms from the UK and US and she'll get auntie dearest to sign them before we go. Where's your trunk?" Harry pulled it from underneath his disgrace of a bed and added two books and picture from his night stand before he pulled some clothes from the closet. "They make you wear those?" Warren inquired, his eyes narrowing at the all grey clothes that were far to big for the young nearly thirteen-year-old before him.

"Dudley's old cast offs," Harry explained. "They never gave me anything too bad because they didn't want to get called by child services."

"Right, I'll let Mom know and we'll get you some knew clothes tomorrow."

"Warren, you guys don't need to spend any money on me!" Harry protested.

"Harry, my Dad inheirrited a shit load of money from my grandparents and my mom has made at least a hundred grand a year since I was four. We're loaded all right?" Harry's eyes bugged a but before he smiled and nodded.

"I do have some not so bad clothes. I got them in muggle London after I found the inherritance that Mum and Dad left me." His smile turned into a grin. "I guess you could say my Dad had a shit load too." Warren smile at this.

"Hurry and pack though, you won't need many clothes since we'll just get rid of most of them." Harry nodded and plucked all but one cast off clothes from the trunk and stuffed his not-so-bad clothes in before he sealed it shut. "You get the owl, I'll get the trunk." Warren lifted the trunk up with some trouble as Harry locked his owl in her cage, talking to her all the way.

Sarah was waiting at the door and ushered the boys out. A very frightened Petunia stood at the far end of the hall, away from the door. Harry did not bother to wave good bye.

"So, you have superpowers?" Harry inquried.

"Yes," Warren said. "My power is fire or pyrokenesis. Mom has the 'mental cocktail' as she likes to call it."

"What's that mean?" Harry asked.

"Empathy, Telepathy, Telekenesis and maybe a few that we don't even know about," Warren replied. "She's still sort of hoping that I get one of her powers too."

"So you're dad has pyrokenesis too?" Harry asked. He sensed the immediate mood change and quickly blurted, "I'm sorry!"

"It's okay, Harry," Warren said. "You couldn't have known. My Dad was put in Super Prison and was officially classed as a Villian when I was six. As to what he did, well, not even we know the full story. Supposedly though, he was involved in a plot to take over the world."

"We don't think that," Sarah said. "A lot of people don't. The people that knew Joseph could never believe that he would do something like everyone says that he did. Some though had to keep it underwraps what they believed. Still, there was no hard evidence to the contrary so they locked him away."

"Quadruple life sentence, no parole 'till third life," Warren growled. Harry blinked, wanting to ask if that was even possible, but decieded against it.

"Anyway, we rented a house for a week, but after that's up, we can go back to the states," Sarah said.

"Oh, that reminds me!" Harry exclaimed. "I need to write to my friends to let them know where I'm going. Hedwig's an amazing flyer, but I don't think she can make it across the Atlantic."

"…You mean your owl delievers your mail?" Warren asked. Harry nodded.

"General mail carriers in the Wizarding world. Hermione's a muggle-born though, so I'll have to ask her phone number."

"See if she has an email too," Warren advised. "Speaking of girls, you don't have a girlfriend do you?" Harry blushed.


"All right, calm down, bro, I was just asking."

"We're here!" Sarah declared. The house was two stories, but not much for length or width. Warren estimated that it was perhaps thirty feet wide and thirty five feet long. It had sort of a robin's egg color scheme and looked very quaint and cute. Warren's first instict was to hate it. "The guide said that it had three bedrooms, so we should be good for that. After everyone unpacts, I say we go get something to eat and maybe go shopping." Harry felt Sarah eye the grey cast offs he was wearing and blushed

"How about a movie, mom?" Warren suggested. "We'll leave shopping for tomorrow."

"Excellent, we'll get in a full day." Both boys groaned. "Hush and get your stuff." Warren and Harry obeyed as they exited the car and made for the trunk. Harry made mild protests as Warren grabbed his suitcase and Harry's trunk. Warren just smiled and made for the house. As Sarah carried her own bag, Harry was left with Hedwig as he trotted toward the door. "You boys take the bedrooms upstairs, I'll take the one on this level."

Warren was already up the stairs when Harry made his way up with Hedwig. His trunk was already sticking out of the doorway of a room, Warren was in the other unpacking. After a quick glance in each, Harry heard himself make a small noise of protest.

"You took the smaller room!" he exclaimed. Warren blinked.

"Well, yeah, I don't need a lot of space."

"Niether do I!"

"Harry, you're taking the bigger roon, end of discussion."

"So you think you can order me around now?"

"Yeah, I do. Look just take the bigger room."

"No, I'll flip you for the small one." Warren laughed.

"You're seriously going to flip me for the smaller room?" Harry flushed.


"Harry, look, I want you to have the bigger room all right? Big brother to little brother." Harry grumbled and moved his trunk inside his room and began to unpack. Warren just smiled and continued to unpack. It seemed as though he had plugged in his laptop and turned it on, an IM popped up on the screen. Will's screen name was at the top of the window inquiring about the brother hunting.

Huo da shi 5143: We found him. He's going to stay with us while we're in England then when we come back home too

Stronghold3: COOL!

Stronghold3: So, what's he like?

Huo da shi 5143: He's nice. A little quiet.

Huo da shi 5143: Didn't have the nicest family though/

Huo da shi 5143: I almost fried our aunt. She was such a bitch.

Stronghold3: sucks.

Stronghold3: When are you coming back?

Huo da shi 5143: Probably next week.

Stronghold3: cool

Stronghold3: hey I g2g, just wanted to see what's up

Huo da shi 5143: me to, still need to un pack.

Stronghold3: bye!

With that Will logged off and Warren turned back to his suit case.

"Who was that?" Harry stood in the door way, book in hand, looking like he was a puppy that had been kicked in the stomach.

"My friend Will," Warren replied. "He wanted to know if you were with us yet."

"Oh, so he knows?"


"Ok." He paused for a moment before asking. "When did you find out about me?"

"On March 27, my birthday," Warren replied. "Mom gave me a letter that our Mum wrote. She said that she and dad tried to get custody of you, but she couldn't because you and our aunt had the same blood. Or something like that. I wanted to come sooner, but your school here let out later than mine in the US."



"School gets out in June for me," Harry replied. "So…They really wanted me?"

"Yeah, Harry, we really wanted you." Harry sat down on Warren's bed as though his legs gave way beneath him."

"It's weird being wanted, I mean, my friends want me and Ron's family has sort of acted like my own for a long time, it's just…"

"I know brother," Warren replied. "Even when you have friends, they never quite take the place of family."

"I think that they could of," Harry said slowly. "But…to find out I have a brother…it's mind blowing."

"I know what you mean," Warren replied. "I nearly lit something on fire when I found out. I was just so overwhelmed I lost control of my emotions."

"So your emotions control a lot of your power?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, usually it's anger, but other things can spur it along too."

"Like what?"

"Happiness is another big one that can give me the biggest flame. Usually when I have a clear mind is when I'm in the best control though," Warren explained.

"Clear mind, how?" Warren slumped on the bed next to Harry and took a deep breath.

"Mom's better at this than I am, but here goes. Close your eyes and for a moment imagine a place where you feel safe. Just a place, no people, just somewhere in the back of your mind." Behind his eyes Harry say a meadow float into view. The tall grasses swayed with a gentle wind, a ring of trees surrounded him with a mysterious protection as they all leaned with the wind. In the distance a ring of stones came around the forest, to protect it, as it protected Harry.

"Now you see the storm. Not a drizzle, not a rain, but a huge storm, one that could kill you, one that hates you." The calm of the meadow disappeared as black clouds rolled quickly into the sky. The rain pelted in bites so sharp, making him cold and stinging his skin so deeply he thought he might bleed. Lightning struck all around him, threatening to bite and kill. "But it can't hurt you Harry, it can't and it won't." Now the lightning dance around him in the same circle, but it would not strike, the rain fell in magnificent patterns. He danced and the storm danced with him. "And then the storm is gone, and all that is left is your freedom."

The deep somber voice invading Harry's mind was gone and all that was left, as the voice said was freedom.

Warren smiled as his brother fell into his first meditive trance. He would have woken him up, but Harry looked so calm, that instead, he fell into meditation right beside him. His mother would probably wake them later.

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