Harry felt the tears burning his eyes, the ones he refused to shed. His life should have been perfect. Voldemort had been destroyed in the department of mysteries and the death eaters were on the run. But that was where the good news ended. His godfather was dead and the closest thing to a father he had, his father's other best friend Remus Lupin, had been refused custody. Dumbledore swore it was only until the death eaters on the run were caught. When it was safe Remus would be granted custody and he could live with his honorary godfather at Grimmauld place. For now he had to go home to the Dursleys.

Ron turned to him as they left the train. "I don't get this. I mean Voldemort is gone. Why can't you come and stay with us at the Burrow for the summer?"

Hermione nodded. "You know mum and dad would have been happy to have you stay with us as well. I mean no one would look in the muggle world."

Harry wished he had answers. "Dumbledore seems to think I'm safer on Privet Drive. He assures me when the runaway death eaters are caught, Remus will get me."

"The ministry catch them? You know they're fools. They actually seem to believe the Malfoys are on our side." Ron snorted.

Hermione elbowed him in the ribs. "You know that Lucius has spied for the order for a year at serious risk to his own life. He fought on our side at the ministry"

Harry nodded. "And Draco even seems reasonable enough now that he doesn't have to pretend to be the next generation of death eater."

Molly Weasley had spotted them coming off the train. "Hey kids. I hope the last few weeks went fine"

Harry accepted her hug. "Fine Mrs Weasley."

"Hey cub, where's my hug." Remus' voice came from behind.

Harry turned around to see his godfather and launched himself into his arms. "Remy, I didn't think I'd see you. I thought I had to go to the Dursleys."

"Unfortunately cub you do but I promise I'm going to do everything to convince them to give me custody before the death eaters are caught." Remus swore.

Harry knew he meant it but he knew he couldn't get his hopes up. "I know you will. Please just write to me, or I will go crazy in that house again."

"Don't worry, even if the war is over, the order will be keeping an eye on you Harry. I promise we'll make sure you're safe." Remus tried to assure him.

Arthur clapped him on the back. "You know we'll do everything to help Remus get you or at the very least bring you to the Burrow until he can."

Harry wished he could stay in the comfort of their reassurance but they were already moving towards the barrier and the reality of life hit him like the brick wall that they passed through, when he saw his Uncle and Aunt waiting for him. As per usual his Uncle was red in the face and in a foul mood.

"Boy, get over here. You're late and we don't have all day." Vernon yelled at him.

Remus hugged him one last time. "Remember cub I'll do anything to make sure I get you out of there as soon as I can. Just hold on for me cub."

Harry pushed his trolley towards his relatives. "Sorry Uncle Vernon, the train was slower then usual."

His Uncle snorted and led him towards the car where he could see Dudley playing a video game in the back seat. His Aunt went and took the passenger seat and Harry clambered around to put his things in the trunk but before he could close it his Uncle grabbed him.

"You listen you little freak, things are going to be different. We had to keep you before but now you're going to earn your keep." Vernon whispered.

Harry tried to pull away from him but his wrist was being crushed. "Yes Uncle Vernon."

"Good boy. Now get your ass in the car." And to Harry's horror he grabbed Harry's ass before he could slip into the car.

Neither Harry's Aunt nor cousin even looked up at him when he entered the car or noticed the blush in his cheeks or the tears that were threatening to fall down his cheeks. When they got home his Uncle locked his trunk under the cupboard and ordered him to his room.

Just as he was about to slam the door in his nephew's face he said. "You'll start earning your keep tonight, when your Aunt and cousin are asleep."

Harry watched in terror as the door slammed close and locked, tears streaming down his cheeks. "Please hurry Remy. Please."


Remus Lupin rolled over on the silk sheets to look up into the face of his lover, his fingers running through the long hair. They had been together over a decade but now his lover's wife had died, and he had come out as the spy he was, they no longer had to hide it.

He looked up at his mate's steel grey eyes. "You need to help me get my cub home. You know what they'll do to him if he stays there all summer."

"You know how hard it will be to get him before the death eaters are all caught, even without you having been a werewolf Remus."

"Luc, you know you can get them to do anything for you. You have Cornelius wrapped around your little finger."

Lucius smiled down at his lover. "And what would you be willing to do for me my little wolf if I can free your precious little godson from his hellish relatives."

Remus nibbled on his neck. "For starters." And then moved down to his nipples. "And then." And started tracking down his chest, dipping his tongue into his belly button but stopped right above the part Lucius was begging for.

"Mmmm, that's definitely tempting but you've already done that for me once tonight." Lucius pointed out.

Remus pouted. "If you ever want me to do it again you might want to rethink that Luc."

Luc hid a laugh. "I know you couldn't keep away too long but I have something else in mind you could do to convince me."

Remus' eyes were twinkling wondering what his lover had in mind. "And what might that be?"

Nothing he assumed would have prepared him for what happened next as Lucius removed a box from under his pillow. "Marry me."

Remus gaped at the platinum band with shimmering emeralds. "You want to marry me? What about Draco, I mean his mother just died, what will he say?"

Lucius kissed him. "He has given me his blessing. He knew his mother and I were never more then friends. You have been in his life since he was a toddler."

Remus and Lucius had begun dating a few years after James died and Sirius went to prison. He was the one who helped Lucius become a spy, forced to become a death eater by his family like Severus had been, and desperate to get out. Now his lover wanted to marry him and tell the world.

"You know that I want to adopt Harry and I'm returning to school to teach DADA in the fall and..." Remus would have continued but Lucius kissed him.

"I can live at school with you, and I'd be proud to call Harry my son. I just want to marry you and be happy for once." Lucius told him.

Remus felt his heart pounding against his chest."I will marry you. Yes, of course. I have wanted to marry you for a decade."

Lucius slipped the ring on his hand. "Tomorrow I will go to the ministry and get them to agree to the adoption, so we can bring our cub home here."

Remus kissed his fiancé and then slid back down to his penis. "Well I happen to think that someone deserves a bit of thank you for that."

Lucius' chuckle was cut off by a deep moan in his throat as Remus went to work on him. He would have helped Remus get Harry even if Remus has said no but he had enjoyed teasing Remus. Harry and Draco were becoming friends and if they adopted Harry, the four of them would be a family. He had come to respect the young man and seeing his heroism, he could see himself growing to love the boy like his own son.


Harry had sat on his bed for hours looking out the window, desperately wishing that the clock would stop ticking. He had been slapped around and starved by his Uncle but he knew this was going to be worse. His Uncle's words were burning his ears. He spent the day doing the only thing he could as he didn't even have his books in the room, listening to the voices downstairs. He could hear the TV, the sounds of the meals, the sounds he had feared all day came as he heard his cousin and then his Aunt coming up the stairs to bed. Then the heavy footfall about 10 minutes later. He could hear his Uncle, probably checking his aunt was asleep, across the hall before he heard the locks undone.

"Now my dear little freak, it's time you earn your keep for once around here."Vernon whispered as he advanced across the room.

Harry yelped as he pulled him free from the bed. "Please no."

"You'll do exactly what I tell you and not make a peep, or I will beat you to an inch of your life, and I will still do it when I'm done."

Harry knew he meant it as he watched his Uncle removing his belt. "I promise I'll do what ever you want me to do."

"Good little dog get down on your knees." Harry did as he was told and watched in horror as his Uncle took off his boxers. "Open up and don't dare bite."

Harry was gay and though he had dated a few guys over the last year, he had never gone this far or seen another penis. His Uncle pushed his large meaty penis into Harry's mouth, deeper and deeper. Harry closed his eyes trying to keep the tears at bay as his Uncle pumped into him. Harry just begged it would end soon. His Uncle's panting was growing deeper and deeper and suddenly he groaned as he filled his nephew with his semen.

"Now be a good little dog and clean it up for me." His Uncle laughed as Harry was forced after swallowing a load of semen, to lick him clean.

His Uncle drew him up to his feet and he hung his head in shame as his Uncle unbuckled his trousers and pushed his trousers and boxers free so that Harry stood naked but an old t-shirt over his flesh. His Uncle forced him down on the mattress. The bed groaned as his Uncle lay down next to him and as the huge lips descended on his and forced open his mouth, the hand pinched his nipples and moved down his chest.

He felt his Uncle's meaty hand suddenly groping his penis and his screams were muffled by the mouth over his as his Uncle began to pump it up and down taking pleasure in the groans he forced from his nephew's throat and the way Harry's back arched in response. His Uncle moved his mouth from Harry's but slammed a hand over it to muffle protests as he took Harry into his mouth and sucked him until Harry exploded in his mouth and then licked him clean.

"See that wasn't too bad my little doggy. We'll have some more fun tomorrow when your Aunt is shopping." His Uncle purred in his ear.

Harry curled up in a ball shaking and crying in humiliation as his Uncle left the room. He prayed for sleep to over take him but he couldn't close his eyes without feeling his Uncle's hands on him, the taste of the cum in his throat, his uncle's hands jacking him off. As he sobbed himself to sleep he knew the worst was to come.

"Please Remy; come get me soon, please." Harry begged hid last hope, as he slipped off to sleep.