June was going to be a huge month for the family. Not only were the boys facing their NEWTS, Draco and Harry tied for top boys in school marks wise though Draco was head boy, Harry quidditch captain. There was also Emma's first birthday, graduation and Draco's eighteenth birthday as well.

Severus smiled when he came in from his lab and saw his husband curled up on the couch tying a bow. "Are you not supposed to be studying?"

Harry turned his head up for a kiss. "I have been studying all day. Besides Emma's birthday party is this afternoon and I have to wrap her gifts."

Looking at the pile Severus could have told his husband he had gone a bit over board but for two reasons he couldn't. One being that Harry and Draco were as excited about being big brothers now as the day Emma was born. And two, he had purchased many of the gifts himself.

Severus kissed him and sunk down to help. "Just like a Malfoy to have a birthday the weekend before her big brothers have their NEWT exam week."

Harry smiled and handed a gift to wrap. "I remind you dear husband when we start for a family this summer, our daughter or son will be a half Malfoy as well."

Smiling he kissed his husband again and assured Harry he could live with a half Malfoy since he lived with five Malfoys anyways. He was excited to start for a baby that summer. Harry had still not told him what he was planning on doing that fall. He knew his husband would go absolutely insane being a stay at home dad. He just kept praying the talk about babies meant Harry would not become an auror. He'd support any choice but he hated the thought of the danger. Harry's insane studying with his intention of top marks across the board was not helping the fear though Harry kept assuring him he just didn't want to be out shone by his brother.

Severus helped with the last bow. "I think we should get going. The party will be starting soon and you don't want to be late for Emma."

Harry collected the gifts into his bottomless bag. "You know only my fathers would throw a birthday like this for a one year old. She won't even remember."

Though he agreed Severus reminded him that his fathers believed the first birthday was as much about the parents as about the birthday girl. He had little doubt when he and Harry made them grandpas, that their own children would be having a birthday like this as well.

Draco met them outside in the hall with Blaise. "Ready to go? Hermione thinks we are insane going away two days before our first exam."

Harry smirked. "She is probably happy. She knows her only two competitions for top scores are you and me. She will think she will beat us easier."

Really Hermione had always scored higher then Draco though by only a half percent or so. They were both looking forward to the fall when they both started the law training at the ministry. They were happy they were doing it together for they had always been each other's competition and driven each other to do better. They would be living with Blaise at the townhouse in London since neither Hermione nor Draco would make much money while in training. Hermione and Viktor were still going strong but she refused to live with him until if and when they married though Harry had little doubt it would be when. He was sure Draco and Viktor would both propose in the near future.

When they apparated to the manor Harry looked at his brother and husband. "Any idea what our fathers have planned?"

Draco shrugged. "No. But I know from pictures that he had this wild circus themed party for my birthday. I'd not be expecting much less."

When they got around to the back gardens it seemed that pink and horses were the theme for the day. The entire party was under a canopy but not a tent, but a magic formed canopy of balloons of different shades of pink and white. A huge cake that looked like a wedding cake decorated in hand crafted roses and unicorns, sat in the center of a huge food table and there was another one full of gifts as well. Two of the family draft horses were hooked up to a carriage for adult carriage rides through the grounds and there were pony rides for the kids though Lucius had arranged for two unicorns to be brought for the kids to ride instead of normal ponies. There was more for there was a petting zoo from a local magical menagerie and included a variety of soft cuddly animals.

Harry spotted his father with Emma who was petting one of the unicorns. "It seems that the birthday theme was not too out there for a one year old."

Lucius reached over and kissed his son. "Emma is not the only child either since we invited the Weasleys. I know she is the oldest but they can all enjoy soft things."

It was true enough for Victoire who was only a few weeks younger looked as excited by all of it as Emma was and both little girls could sit and cuddle with the petting zoo animals with no worries about them getting hurt. Even the adults found the animals quite interesting and the carriage rides were taken often enough.

Charlie came over with his own little son in his arms. "So little brother when are you and your husband going to start a family?"

Harry bent down and kissed his nine month old nephew Geraint. "Just because you and Rodger got pregnant on your honeymoon, doesn't mean we are all that quick."

They had not officially told anyone other then his dads and brother that they planned on starting a family that summer but most people suspected they would. They were definitely not surprised they waited till now. Harry had been in school but he'd have also had to give up quidditch if he was pregnant and as captain he had taken the snakes to their second quidditch cup in a row.

Remus came to his side as Emma started into her gifts. "You know you and your brother continue to spoil your sister too much. You're as bad as your father."

Harry smirked. "Don't try that one dad; I happen to know you had a part in this party as well. Besides you can make it up to me when we make you a grandfather."

Looking over at Severus who it was still odd at times to think of as his son in law since they went to school together, he watched Severus with Victoire and knew Sev would make such a good dad. Remus and Lucius were both so happy their son and his husband had decided to start a family soon.

Remus watched Severus with his son. "When are you going to tell him about the job unless you changed your mind? Your husband is really worried about you."

Harry smiled. "I am going to tell him at graduation. I had hoped all the talk of being a daddy would have at least put him at some ease. I can't do it pregnant."

Reminding his son that much of auror training especially if he became an officer would have been classroom and he could do it as easily as his apprenticeship when pregnant, he thought Harry might take pity on his husband. Severus would support what ever choice but he wanted his husband safe not only him but for their kids.

Harry kissed his dad on the cheek. "I promise to tell him at graduation dad. And you are not to go ruining my surprise for my husband."

Severus had come up behind them unseen. "Surprise for your husband? Should I be concerned?"

Smiling Harry kissed him and assured Severus that he would like the surprise that he had for him. Remus went to join his own husband and daughter at the cake and they were both happy to see their younger son so happy and in love.


NEWT exams were done early so the results could be in by graduation. Harry had placed third but just barely, with one percent separating the three top scorers, Hermione of course the top though she only beat Draco by a third of a percent. O's across the board for all three as well as their standing was definitely exciting.

The morning of his graduation ceremony Severus came to his husband as they were getting dressed and handed him his watch. "Your graduation gift."

Harry kissed him and knew what he meant. "Thanks Sev. You're so amazing."

The second link of his pocket watch chain was now decorated as well, with a small pearl in the center of the link and the date for their graduation day written along the edges of it. Though most of the events would be for them as a couple this had been too special of a day for his husband to over look.

Harry kissed him. "I never could have done half this well without you Sev. I can't believe it; I actually beat the other two in potions."

Severus returned the kiss. "Being married to the potions master I'd hope you would. Besides we spend an hour every evening in the lab together."

Though Harry had placed third over all he had top marks in potions to everyone's shock and scored the exact same as Draco in DADA. Hermione had topped in arithmancy which only she took of the three of them and ancient runes. Draco had tied in DADA and transfiguration, the second with Hermione and topped in charms. Of course Neville had beat Harry in herbology, no surprise there. Neville would be apprenticing next year with Madam Sprout for she planned on retiring in two years.

Severus led his husband to the door that led to his dad's rooms. "I don't know who is more proud of how you did, your fathers or me."

Harry snuggled into his arms. "I am just grateful to have an amazing family and an incredible husband to celebrate with. There was a time I never thought I would."

After nearly two years of being a Malfoy Harry had finally come to the realization he could relax and know that even though he was now an adult and not living at home, a married man talking kids, he would always be a part of their family. He would always have his dads and brother to count on, and sister. He and Severus intended to spend more time at Spinner's End during the summers now that Harry was done school but actual holidays like Christmas they would be at the manor.

Draco and Blaise were both in the Malfoy rooms with his dads. Harry hugged Draco and whispered. "So are you really going to do it?"

Draco patted the pocket in his robes. "After we receive our degrees. I hope he loves me as much as I think or it might be a bit embarrassing."

Harry and his dads had been a bit surprised but thrilled when the weekend after exams Draco had confided that he planned on proposing to his boyfriend at graduation. They were all happy and knew that the couple would be so happy together and Lucius had even supplied the engagement ring.

Draco was nervous. "Are you sure you don't mind waiting to tell your husband your news until my birthday/ our graduation part?"

Harry elbowed him. "I think your proposal is a bit more important then my news. Besides you're sharing your birthday with my announcement."

He had told his brother about his apprenticeship and while the news was not as big as a future wedding perhaps, apprenticing was a big deal. Harry had not wanted to take any of the glory from his brother's proposal so he had offered to wait. They had decided to combine the graduation party for the boys and Draco's birthday into one huge event in three days so Harry was going to wait till then.

Lucius came over. "We need to meet the Weasleys to give Emma over for them to watch, before the ceremony starts. Come on boys."

Remus nodded. "You know the three of you don't want to be late for the most important day of your education. You finally graduated."

As they headed up stairs Harry was reminded that while his parents and Sirius were not here his family was. His husband and dads would be on stage with the teachers. The Weasleys had all come, even without Ron graduating, to support Harry and Hermione. Molly had agreed to take Emma as she could not be on stage. Tonks and her parents, Moody, and some old friends like Oliver and Katie as they were his only old buddies not Weasleys now, and even Tom Flint were there. He knew Viktor was there for Hermione and he wondered if like Blaise, she would be facing a proposal in the near future.

The graduates waited outside of the doors as the others went in. Hermione squeezed his hand, "Thinking of how much has changed since last time we stood."

Harry would not think of those missing. "I am married and a Malfoy, with dads a brother and sister. You're this confident strong witch, soon to be an attorney."

There was not one person who had not changed. Neville was no longer the stumbling near squib, he was confident a lot more and about to apprentice. Draco had gone from ferret to his brother and best friend, also a future attorney and close with Hermione. Among the others they saw changes as well. Greg and Vince had both slimmed down and were happy with their girlfriends. Greg was going to work for the ministry in security and Susan had got a position in the junior diplomacy program. Vince and Pansy were both oddly going into journalism but Vince had been hired by Xeno as the magazine was expanding and Pansy for the Prophet. The biggest change of course was Harry as a snake and the close bond between the four houses. Neville and Greg dating Hufflepuffs brought the badgers into the mix.

They were brought into the hall where their families and friends sat in rows and not at the tables and the sorting hat called them one by one but not to sort them but for them to receive their diplomas instead.

Hannah and Susan, Vince, Hermione and Neville came first of their group but eventually they got to. "Malfoy, Draco Lucius." And his brother went forward.

Harry smiled when he saw Blaise beaming at his boyfriend. "You really do love my brother don't you? You look like a love sick puppy over there."

Blaise nudged him in the ribs as they watched. Pansy was the next of their group for Harry was going by the second half of his name instead of Malfoy. Eventually though it was his turn and he smiled when his name was called.

"Malfoy-Snape, Harry James. Slytherin quidditch captain and second top male student." The hat called and he went for his diploma from Minerva.

His dads hugged him but his husband pulled him into a long warm kiss in front of the entire hall. "I am so proud of you my amazing husband."

The name was the most obvious change for everyone but as Harry watched the last of the graduates from the arms of his husband with his brother and dads by his side, he realized just how much had changed for him.

Moments after the ceremony ended with Blaise Draco went to him before the lunch outside would start and dropped to one knee. Blaise was shocked. "Draco?"

Draco took out the ring. "You have been my best friend since we were little and the love of my life for nearly two years. I can't imagine my life without you. I want you to be my husband and father of my children. Will you marry me?'

Blaise was in tears but he managed to get out a small yes and after he slid the ring on to Blaise's hand Draco stood and pulled him in for a long passionate kiss as everyone clapped. The Zaibinis joined the Malfoys in celebrating the news. Carlos and Maria loved Draco as much as the Malfoys loved Blaise. They went to the school thrown party but later the friends all took the newly engaged couple out drinking in town to celebrate graduation and the big news.


For the second time in June Malfoy manor was all decked out for a party but this time it was definitely different. This was not only a graduation party for both Malfoy sons but eighteenth birthday for Draco and an impromptu engagement party as well. They had offered to have the grad party another day but Draco argued if his brother combined his seventeenth birthday with his wedding, he could handle sharing the day with a graduation party.

They were amazed when they found the back gardens looking night a club with bar tables, and a bar as well, and a huge stage. "What is that for?"

Lucius smiled. "We convinced the Weird Sisters to come and perform a private concert. We thought with three events, we needed something extra special."

Of course there was not one of them who were not totally excited by the news for it was the favourite group of all of the kids who had been invited and a private concert was awesome. Even for a Malfoy party it was a bit over the top but since it was a graduation as well as a birthday party, Lucius thought it was called for.

Before the concert started Harry drew his husband apart. "I know you have been worried about me becoming an auror, especially since we are going to start for kids."

Severus kissed him. "You know I support anything you want. If you want to be an auror I am by your side. You received the marks that were needed for it."

Though he knew his husband meant every word of supporting his choice what ever it was he could see a bit of the fear in his husband's eyes. He understood. His desire to be an auror had been back during the war and he thought there was danger anyways. It wasn't only about his husband that he was not becoming an auror for it never really had been a dream, just a possibility. But the fact his husband would not have to worry after him, also crossed his mind as well.

Harry shook his head. "I am going to be at school with you. Dad is taking me on as his apprentice and in two years I am going to be the new DADA professor."

Listening to his husband explain what had been arranged with Lucius, Severus was not surprised at all. "Are you sure though? I want you to be happy Harry."

Assuring his husband that he was thrilled and was doing this was as much for himself as his husband and their future children, he reminded Sev of the DA. He had loved running the group and he would love to teach. Madam Hooch had even asked him to start coaching two teams. She had always wanted to coach as well as her teaching and ref work but she did not have time for all four teams. But Harry would do the lions and snakes.

Severus held him close. "I am so happy. Meant it when I said I'd support any choice but I can't deny I am relieved. Especially when we start for kids."

Harry nibbled on his husband's ear. "I think when we go away for that romantic trip you promised for our anniversary, we start trying."

Leading his husband onto the dance floor as the concert had started Severus thought his husband's idea definitely sounded good. He had thought the perfect anniversary gift for both of them was to go on vacation together as Harry had seen little of the world, and it would be the perfect time to start their new family.

Author note: So this chapter is ending but I have decided to start a sequel as Harry enters a new chapter of his life. This story was about the innocence that Harry had robbed from him and trying to claim back a part of his life. His family showing him he was worthy of love. My sequel "Pure Innocence" will be posted in a few days time and will focus on Harry and Severus' future and their path to gaining pure innocence in the form of their greatly wished for child.