o1. Playing Stupid
Estimated Timeline: Around/before Episode 1

It was cold that night, and colder when an evening breeze swept through the trees and caressed her bare skin like unfamiliar, unwelcomed hands. She closed her eyes briefly as a shiver slithered down her spine before resuming her secret observation of the Night Class. He hadn't noticed her yet, and her heart couldn't decide whether or not that was something she wanted. She sighed deeply before turning away from the scene, only to suddenly gasp when she noticed her partner staring straight at her.

"You scared me, Zero!" She shook her head with a light giggle as she placed her hands on her hips. "I didn't even hear you come. You should've said something, stupid."

He momentarily glanced in the direction she'd been focused on earlier, scoffing. "You should've been paying attention, stupid."

"I... w-was..." she mumbled quietly for lack of a better reply. "I was just... You just--" She stopped abruptly, her words caught on her tongue as she felt warm hands wrapped around hers. "Zero?"

He hesitated before releasing her. "Silly girl didn't even bring a jacket," he said simply as he began to shrug his off. He draped it over her shoulders loosely as she watched him. "What if you get sick and I have to do this work all by myself tomorrow? Did'ya think of that?"

She frowned, narrowing her eyes at him. "I usually do most of the work anyway with you skipping and being late all the time. You're the one that we need to be worried about getting sick!"

"I'm fine."

"Yeah well so am I," she answered, making a move to push off his jacket. He stopped her immediately.


She glanced up, surprised at his sudden low and serious tone. "Zer-"

He pulled the fabric tighter around her small frame, cutting off her protests as he met her gaze. "...Don't be stupid."

She swallowed her whines as she felt the warmth of his body seep into her skin. He was right; she had to be a bit more careful with her health for the school's sake. If he were to guard on his own, she doubted things would go smoothly; he had the tendency to overreact. "Fine," she said, rolling her eyes. "But you don't have to insult me."

He turned down to look at her, a hint of amusement in his eyes as the corner of his mouth lifted ever so slightly she wasn't sure if it even happened. "I wasn't talking about you," he whispered before squeezing her arms reassuringly. "I'm gonna head out back. I'll catch you later." His eyes lingered on the window behind her before he turned away and left, seemingly satisfied.

Instinctively, she turned around to see whatever it was he was looking at, gulping when she noticed Kaname's eyes directly on her from his seat in the classroom... or possibly Zero's jacket. Either way, his expression was unreadable, and she shifted uneasily.

Don't be stupid... I wasn't talking about you.

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