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Konoha six years after the Kyuubi attack

A young six year old boy wearing an orange jumpsuit with spiky blond hair, sapphire blue eyes and three whisker marks on each cheek, who was no older than six was running from what looked like an angry mob chasing him for reasons unknown. They were shouting things like, "Die demon" and "We should have killed him a long time ago".

The boy was scared, and was running as fast as his tiny legs could. All the while he was thinking, 'What did I ever do to deserve this? All I did was accidentally bump into someone, and I even apologized to him. Maybe if I leave the village they will go away.'

So with this thought, a young Naruto Uzumaki, ran towards the gate, and since the guards were goofing off again, the young boy quickly ran past them, but before he could get too far from the gate, he tripped and fell to the ground.

Before he could get up, the mob closed in on him, and then the beating began. He was punched, kicked, and the mob pulled things like kunai out and started to stab him.

Before Naruto lost consciousness, the last thing he saw was seeing a man pull back his knife, and yell, "Time to die demon scum!"

Three hours later, the mob stopped the beating and yet young Naruto was still alive. Then two Chuunin picked Naruto up and went to dispose of his body.

The Valley of the End

The Chuunin stopped their run and unceremoniously dropped the boy to the ground.

They were about to prepare a fire jutsu, when one Chuunin's head exploded into a thousand pieces. The other Chuunin turned to see the cause of his death when his head too exploded.

The mysterious figure who killed the men saw the bleeding boy, he picked the boy into his arms and fled the scene.

Unknown Location

Naruto awoke to see a beautiful woman sitting besides his bed. She had raven black hair that was tied into a bun, and black eyes. She wore an expensive red kimono with sakura pedals adorning it.

"Oh I see you're awake. Follow with me." she said to him, which he obediently did.

As Naruto followed the mysterious woman he saw the layout of the place, it was huge! So far they covered the length of two miles, the place was a freaking labyrinth and if he didn't follow the woman he would've gotten lost.

They went past a cavern that held a pit of of very sharp stalagmites on the bottom with multiple skeletons at the bottom as well, a room with a giant Acalanatha statue in the middle of it, a room with a eyes painted on the walls, various hallways that led to other rooms, until finally they came across huge oak doors. When they went inside Naruto was awed at the rooms interior it had white marble tiles and walls. Beautiful paintings, marble, stone, and jade statues through out the room.

Naruto saw the woman walk towards a man wrapped completely in bandaged from head to toe, wore a purple yukata with its right sleeve and shoulder draped around his waist, he wore purple gloves, and had an aura of authority. He wore what looked like a skull-band on is head with where his black hair stuck out in various places. His eyes were red with ambition, and had a katana next to him.

Two other people stood by the same man the first stood on his right, he had black hair and black eyes. He wore a brown suit with black loafers, and a tan trench coat-parka combination.

The second one stood on his left he had brown hair and eyes, wore a blue kimono with white hand guards, and wore his wakizashi on his waist. And was smiling with no emotion which creeped Naruto out.

Then there were eight other people in the room and stood in fours like knights.

On the right side was a man that looked like a woman, he had black hair, brown eyes, wore a green kimono with a white rope tied around his waist that turned into a gigantic bow behind him, on his back was a single blade scythe with a ball and chain attached at the top.

The second one had black hair with a rat tail mustache, he wore a blue yukata with eye symbols decorating the sleeves, sash, and other places, but he wore a cloth over his eyes with the kanji symbol for All Seeing Eye. On his back was a green tortoise shell, and in his right hand was a short spear with an iron ball on the end of it.

The third one was a very pale man with dark brown hair that slicked back and defied gravity, and pitch black eyes. He wore a black cape that encased him completely which made him look like Dracula, and wore a black bandanna to cover the bottom half of his face.

And the fourth one was a very short man who looked like he was in his late seventies to early eighties. He was bald and had an alien shaped head, black eyes, and a brown mustache split into two sections on each side. He wore a orange yukata and had a cane in his right hand.

On the left side was a man wearing a red yukata with black flames licking the bottom and was missing its right sleeve, black cargo pants, black gloves, and black combat boots. He had hazel eyes and had blond hair the stood straight up making him look like a broom with a black headband tied around his forehead to support said hair. On his back were two katana's and around his waist were another two katana's, which made Naruto think the dude had a very bad obsession with swords.

The second one was a very fat guy with the kanji symbol for demon on his gut. He was unusually pink and wore a light blue ripped haoi and ripped white shorts. He had black hair that was tied like a pineapple, his eyes were pure white, and was hunched over like a gorilla. And he had a very stupid smile smile on his face, which made Naruto believe he was an idiot.

The third guy was a heavily muscular man wearing a torn up green haoi with a green sash, with a torn white shirt, and baggy white pants. He wore white medical tape that covered his hands, arms, legs, and feet. He also wore a white bandanna to cover his bald head, and Naruto couldn't tell what his eye color was because of the black bags under his eyes if they were bags at all.

And the fourth person was a giant who was at least ten feet tall, he wore the top layer of red and green samurai armor that included a skeletal-like helmet, chest plate, shoulder pads, white shorts, and grieves. He also wore a green skin tight right sleeved sleeve that also went across his chest, and wielded a zanbatou.

As soon as the woman reached the bandaged man they all turned their attention to Naruto.

"Anji who have you dragged in this time?" the bandaged man asked.

"I really don't know I was just returning from an S-ranked mission, and decided to take a look at The Valley of the End where the Shodaime Hokage and Mandara Uchiha fought. When I got there I saw two Leaf Chuunin about to use a fire jutsu on the boy, so I killed them and took the child here to get healed. But along the way I saw a red energy heal the boys wounds."

"Interesting, boy what is your name?" the man asked.

"Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto said making the man flinch a bit.

"Do you know who your parents are?" the man asked again.

"No I'm afraid not whenever I asked the old man he would change the subject."

"Who is this old man you speak of?"

"The Sandaime Hokage." Naruto said making everyone laugh.

"Well you got guts that's for sure. Listen your mom was my old teammate, and we made a blood pact to always look out for one another. And it seems now that she has passed on I guess you're with us now." the man said shocking everyone.

"Lord Shishio you can't be serious!" the short man protested.

"Shut it Saizuchi! I made a promise, and I'll damn well keep it! Besides think about it if we train him our goals will become a reality." the man now known as Shishio said.

With that said Naruto's life changed forever.

Konoha Seven Years Later

Two Chuunin guards named Kotetsu Hagane and Izumo Kamizuki were standing guard bored as hell. Izumo was wondering why he agreed to toilet paper the Inuzuka compound for fun last night? Sure a dog peed on his friends leg, but that wasn't cause for revenge, especially when the entire clan could smell you from a mile away. They were caught before they even started, and as punishment the Hokage was making them stang guard for the next week.

However any boringness changed when they saw a figure walking towards them, and he was imitating to say the least.

He was five foot four which was tall for a thirteen year old. He wore white hakama pants with a white sash around his waist, black tabi socks, and straw woven samurai style sandals. He wasn't wearing a shirt which showed off a few scars on his torso and arm, but he had iron wrappings wrapped around his lower torso. He wore a black yukata that was its right sleeve and shoulder draped around his waist, with red flames coming up from the bottom and on the bottom of the left sleeve. Around his waist was a black sash for his yukata, and secured in said sash was a katana and a wakizashi. Finally on his hands were black gloves and white medical tape covering the boys forearms.

When he got closer they saw that he was ripped he had pecks that would make the girls die from blood loss from all the nosebleeds they would suffer. A six pack could be sightly seen under his iron wrappings, and the muscles on his arms made his look like he can punch through ten layers of steel without chakra. The guards also noticed that he had spiky blond hair that stuck in multiple directions, his face had no baby fat making him look older then he was, his cold sapphire blue eyes held a lifetime of hardships and suffering that shouldn't belong to a boy at his age. But what shocked the guards was that he had three whisker marks on his face.

They didn't need to know who the person was, and that's what scared them.

Naruto Uzumaki the boy everyone thought was dead was back, and he looked pissed.

Armageddon: Hey everyone I know some of you will be mad at me for this, but this story has been floating around in my head for months. Trust me you'll love this.