If you have not read my other story, Passions: Another Choice, Another Foe, I strongly suggest you do so. Otherwise, this will make very little sense. In case you don't have that kind of time, the short version is this: I wrote twenty-nine chapters describing what would have happened if, in Passions, Buffy had left Giles to die in the fire while she killed Angel. The result was that Giles becomes a vamp and essentially takes Angel's place as Season Two's Big Bad.

And, somehow, I developed a fondness for our favorite little psycho Dru. I think I realized it when I wrote the scene where she stabs Willow with the scissors. And, I don't know about you, but I was so happy to see her and Spike back together, even if it was only for Crush. I am still a rabid Spike/Dru shipper.

But while I was writing, the relationship that evolved between Giles and Dru fascinated me. I thought I might address the repurcussions of that here. I wasn't even going to bring Giles back, but he got brought back at the same time as Darla and returned to Sunnydale.

For those who loved Passions, Another Choice...I hope this meets your standards. This won't go past five chapters, and will probably only be two or three.


It had been a fairly quiet night. He'd spent a few hours watching over the Summers' house while Buffy took some very well-deserved rest. Giles was glad to see that she'd made good use of it.

He parked his car outside his apartment, got out, and started up the path towards his front door.

He was just fumbling for his keys when he heard the voice. The voice right behind him.

The terribly, horribly familiar voice.

"Hello, Daddy…"

He whirled round, panic clearly evident on his face.

Because there she was, just on the edge of his porch. In a slinky black evening gown, a fancy brooch at her throat. Her long black hair cascading down her back, her mad eyes reflecting the moonlight.

"Dru…" he whispered, fear building in his stomach, then he cursed at how her name came so easily. Her nickname, her pet name, the name he'd called her so affectionately for months.

Drusilla giggled shyly, covering her mouth. "Oh! You remember me!" She smiled dreamily at him. Giles noted with dread that she was standing directly in his path back to the car, and if he wanted to get the door open he would have to turn his back on her. Turning your back on Drusilla, no matter how much of a good mood she was in, was not a good idea. He'd learned that.

Oh, he'd learned that.

"But after all, how could you forget me?" Drusilla purred, taking a few steps forward. "I was your sweet little girl, your little Dru, and you were my Daddy. Oh, I've missed you so…"

Giles fumbled in his pocket, and miraculously his hands closed on a cross. He yanked it out and held it protectively in front of him.

"Get thee behind me," he hissed through clenched teeth. Now it wasn't just fear. It was anger, rage, at the sight of this reminder of months of his life he tried every night to forget forever.

Drusilla hissed, too, recoiling with her hands held up protectively. She backed away to the edge of the porch, and when she lowered her arms again her lower lip was trembling. She looked so much like a little girl when she did that. So much so that you might forget what a monster she really was.

He had.

But only because he'd been a monster just as bad.

"Oh…" she said sadly. "Oh…I should have realized…I'm such a bad girl. I should have known…" Her face changed into its vampiric form, evil and harsh. "They changed you. They brought back dear Darla and they brought back you. And I looked for you and looked for you and cursed the moon when I couldn't find you! They brought you back not yourself and I wasn't there to make you yourself again like a good girl should!" She spat at his feet. "Now you have a new little girl, and Dru's out in the cold and rain looking in at the warm lights and Daddy doesn't care! Daddy doesn't see!"

"You were nothing to me," Giles said quietly. "Vampires don't feel. You were a pawn. A puppet."

A lie. Giles could remember his time as a vampire, sometimes with vivid clarity. Remember how he'd taken Dru under his wing, taught her how to fight, trained her in a variety of weapons that she'd no doubt used on innocent people. He remembered how he'd affectionately used her pet name, how he'd acted with animalistic fury against anyone who hurt her.

She had been his daughter.

It was a sickening thought.

Drusilla suddenly smiled again. "But you remember, don't you? What lovely fun it was? Blood on your teeth, and the world at your fingers! A world of deer, and you the lion! No fear, no foes!" She took a hesitant step forward, looking up at him with hopeful eyes, suddenly contrite and humble even in her hunting form. "Would you like it again, Daddy? Don't you remember me? Don't you want me to be your dear little Dru again? It doesn't hurt a bit. All it takes is one…little…bite."

Mesmerized by her voice, he'd let her get too close. In a blur she grabbed him, twisting his arm behind his back and pinning him against the door.

"Don't you love me?" she whispered in his ear.

"Buffy should have staked you years ago!" Giles snapped back.

Dru let out her little keening wail. "Oh, the bad Slayer! She's everywhere, she's everywhere! She took my Spike from me, took him away, and now I'm all alone! And I can see her in your mind, see her laughing at me! She's sitting there, sitting there in the warmth, and she's laughing at me!"

"There's a reason for that," Giles growled.

Drusilla was panting, breathing heavily. She was agitated, and when she was agitated she was even more dangerous.

But she was also just a bit easier to manage…for those who knew her well.

He elbowed her hard in the stomach, and got enough leeway to lash out with the cross. He heard it connect, heard her scream, felt himself released. He whirled around as she backed off, rubbing her cheek. It was still smoking where the cross had hit it, and her lower lip was quivering again.

"Oh, my poor Daddy…" she whispered. "They have you now, and you're lost to me. They're surrounding you, and I can't see you! They take your love, grab it like dogs, and you have none left for me!"

He'd thought that, with the cross in his hands, she'd be warier. But when Drusilla was agitated, she was also far less predictable.

She snarled.

She lunged.

And there was suddenly a pain in his neck, a sharp and shooting pain as Drusilla sank her fangs in and began to drink.

He realized with dread that it was going to happen again. She'd change him, and he'd be the monster again. He'd hunt them down, all of them, and with Dru at his side they would all die…

Suddenly, the pain was gone. Giles collapsed to the ground, dizzy and weak. Pushing himself onto his hands and knees, he saw that Drusilla had once again resumed her spot on the edge of the porch.

"I see now…" she said, his blood on her fangs. "I see…so, so lost. All gone. And I can't help you. I can taste it. I can feel it. Daddy's all gone again. No more darkness, no more destruction, no more blood. No more fun. No more Dru."

Suddenly, she brightened. She smiled at him.

"I think I'll go and get my Spike now. After all, he's the one who showed you how nice it was, wasn't he? He's the one who gave you your first taste." She waved at him, and giggled happily. "So just sit tight, Daddy! I'll be back!"

And with that, she turned on her heel and walked down the path. Giles was left there, blood trickling from the holes in his neck. His heart pounded. His head swam.

Slowly, dazedly, he got to his feet. He somehow managed to get the key into the lock, and stumble inside. He collapsed on the couch almost immediately, and that was the last thing he remembered for a very long time.