The Captain and the Navigator

(A/N): A story dedicated to Luffy and Nami.

They'd figured it out. It was simple, really. So simple that it went unnoticed and virtually ignored.

The solution was as obvious and clear as day: take out the captain and the navigator, and the Straw Hats shall fall.

So why didn't anyone think of it before?

Actually, one had. However, his plan was not executed to the best of its ability.

But luckily for the Straw Hats crew, someone had thought of a better way.

Which was the reason why Nami currently had a gun pointed to her head.

"Move just an inch and I will not hesitate to pull this trigger."

Nami felt the cold barrel of the gun against her head. The deep, resonating voice alone sent chills up and down her spine.

Zoro growled in response, his swords held up and ready for an attack. Unfortunately, his comrade's orange head was in the line of strike.

"Guys…I'm getting weaker."

"We know, Luffy," Sanji snarled, biting into his cigarette and refusing to look at his fallen captain entangled by a rope of sea stone.

His feet were itching to kick the smirk of man's face that held Nami captive.

"I cannot believe you let us get ambushed," the blond cook barked at Zoro.

"Me?" Zoro was outraged as he pointed one of his swords at Sanji. "You were the one on duty, you chain smoking freak!"

"They're your people, Moss-Head," Sanji roared back, waving his arms at the group of hundreds of pirate hunters.

Zoro's nostrils flared. "I'm not the one that got half the crew tied up!"

"Zoro…Sanji…guys this really isn't a good time to be playing the blame game," Chopper pleaded weakly.

He too, along with Robin, were bonded with ropes encrusted with the sea stone.

'I could have easily gotten them out of this,' Robin thought forlornly, eyes skimming from her captain to her navigator as she felt herself deteriorate with each passing moment. 'With my abilities…but I didn't think fast enough.'

"Ch-Chopper's right," Usopp declared, albeit feebly and with little confidence. "We need to f-focus on saving Luffy and Nami."

"What do you think we've been trying to do?" Zoro turned his anger and frustration on Usopp.

"What do you want from us?" Nami asked, her question barely a whisper but it seemed to echo throughout the night. "Our treasure? Because there is none. We're broke."

Even with her life on the line, all she could think about were their finances.

The gunman, who appeared to be the ringleader in the horde of pirate hunters, tightened his grip on Nami's arm. Sanji noticed this and used all his might to stop himself from kicking the man's ass.

He laughed, bellowing low and deep. He sounded almost pleased with her inquiry.

"Treasure?" he mocked. "Well, I suppose if you think about it…yes, we are after your treasure."

He moved the gun from the back of her head to her temple. "Tell me, dear. How far do you think your crew could go on without their captain and their navigator? Their leader? And their only source of direction? Even just one of you would leave the crew in ruins."

Nami almost laughed. It was smart. Very smart. Take out the foundation that built the crew, the rest will collapse.

Although she could not see it, she knew the gunman was grinning. "All I need to do is shoot, and your crew will lose one of the best navigators in the world."

He stepped aside to look at her. "One of the few people capable of navigating the Grand Line."

Nami was becoming rather angry with the accusation that underlined his twisted comment.

Her hands were fisted at her sides, brushing past the pleats of her skirt and fully aware that her clima-tact was not underneath it, but tossed to the side of the ship in the aftermath of a struggle.

"They'll find another one," she argued. "There are other navigators just as good as I am."

"…Are there?" he challenged.

"No!" Luffy argued, his voice slurred from the power of the sea stone. "You're the…the only nav-navigator for the Straw Hats!"

"What's Nami going on about?" Usopp murmured to Zoro and Sanji.

"I don't know," Zoro said through clenched teeth. "But I'm getting really sick of this. If they're going to shoot her, then just do it already, damn it."

Sanji's eyes flashed heatedly as he grinded his heel into Zoro's foot.


"Say that again, you good for nothing-"

A loud, abrupt shot sounded in the air.

Followed by Nami's scream.

Six figures froze in their place, eyes wide with terror and rage.

"Nami!" Chopper struggled with his ropes, his doctor instincts taking over. But it was a futile effort. He was too tired.

The orange haired navigator had fallen to the ground, clutching her shoulder in pain. Blood seeped through her fingers.

The lead gunman pulled Nami up with her good shoulder. "Will that suffice, Roronoa Zoro?"

Zoro almost dropped his swords in shock.

Sanji lunged at the gunman, but Usopp held him back.

"You son of a - "

Usopp pulled his arm. "W-Wait! No!"

Tears sprung from Nami's eyes. The pain was unbearable - sharp and intense.

"You…" Luffy's tone was deathly calm. "You shot my navigator."

"Indeed I did captain," the gunman smiled, showing his pearly whites.

He placed his hand atop Nami's - the hand that was grasping her shoulder in an effort to stop the bleeding and lull the pain - and pressed hard.

Nami gasped, tears streaming down her face as she felt the severe pressure of his hand over her wound.

"Now, then," the gun returned to Nami's temple. "I shall be off with your captain and your navigator. Anymore of this nonsense and distraction, and another bullet goes through your precious Nami."

Two men grabbed a hold of Luffy.

"You don't need them both," Robin spoke up.

Every head turned to look at her.

Her dark eyes regarded the gunman critically. "You said so yourself. Even one would leave us in ruins. Then why not take just one? Take whichever one you think is most important."

"Robin…" Chopper glanced up at her, confused and scared.

Despite the pain, Nami was able to let out a small, slight smile on Robin's behalf. It was a clever option. Leave Luffy behind, he'd regain his Devil Fruits powers and the crew would stop at nothing to get their navigator back. Leave her behind, and she would easily be able to strategize a way to get their captain back, knowing fully well that Luffy was a survivor.

A sneer made its way to the gunman's lips. "Do you think I'm that stupid?"

Robin frowned. "I was hopeful."

He unclenched his hold on Nami and thrust her to one of his men. "Take her and the captain back to the ship. Make sure there is a gun on her at all times. If all else fails, she's our leverage. We'll kill them both later."

The moment those last few words were spoken, an immense tension filled the crew's hearts. But at the same time, hope. They still had a chance to save their captain and navigator.

The mass of pirate hunters slowly made their way to the sides of the ship. Small boats surrounded the Going Merry, ready to take them back to their own ship.

Nami felt limp. She'd lost a lot of blood, and could barely keep her eyes open. A bullet was dodged in her shoulder, and it was slowly taking away her life.

She spared a glance at Luffy. His hat was pulled over his face and he wasn't even struggling. It looked like he didn't want to fight back.

But she knew her captain. He didn't give up easily. In fact, he didn't give up. Period.

"If I see one crewmate make a move, your navigator dies, right here, right now."

No one argued.

They'd all wordlessly agreed. If the rescue of them resulted in the deaths of their crewmates, then there would be no one to rescue.

Zoro's grip on his swords had already slackened. Chopper was crying silently as Usopp tried to comfort him by patting his head. Sanji was suppressing every urge to kill the gunman himself. And Robin sat quietly, unmoving and unwavering.

And within just a few moments, the pirate hunters were gone. Back to their ship.

Zoro was the first to move. He turned around, a sword raised in the air, and swiftly sliced off the ropes that held Robin and Chopper prisoners.

"There's no wind to move the ship," Zoro said monotonously.

"Then we won't take the damn ship," Sanji rumbled in response.

He turned to Usopp. " Drop the row boat."

The long-nosed sharpshooter nodded in understanding, and ran off to do so.

Chopper attempted to rub his eyes free of his tears.

"Do we know which way they went?" he asked, sniffling still.

Robin looked at her dear comrade gently. "They headed east. A few of the men had markings on their arms of the Marines. There may be a Marines base."

"Won't they be expecting us?" Chopper mused.

"That's good then," Zoro said, sheathing his swords back in their cases. "Their own shitty deaths won't come as a surprise."

"The rowboat's ready!" Came Usopp's voice.

Zoro cracked his knuckles unceremoniously. "Let's go take back our crew."

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