His entire being was consumed by her; every fibre of his body tangled with her essence. The erratic thumping of his heart echoed hers. He could sense her desperate incoherent thoughts pleading for release.

He wanted her to confide in him, to give him the chance to comfort her and renew her strength. He wanted her to believe that he would understand. He was approachable; waiting patiently for her to turn to him in dreams and wishing with a dreadful desire that she would realize he wouldn't hurt her.

He could taste the salt of her warm tears; he felt the tremor in her hands as she gripped the narrow blade. His breath hitched in his chest when she sliced at her wrists with violent strokes.

He could smell the warmth of her blood as it welled up, deep red staining smooth milky skin. It turned cold as it trickled down her arms in thin streams; the warmth of life replaced by the cold of death.

He could touch the excruciating frustration swimming in her heart; the agonizing determination to silence the confusion and pain. Her breakdown was severe and drawn out; he stood by through the stages that washed over her. Numbness turned to determination, the tremors of shock when the realization of what she'd done bit into her shaken heart, the chill through her body at the wistful acceptance of the inevitable consequence.

He was crouching beside her on the floor as she slid to her knees in the gathering pool of rich crimson; her weeping a mixture of fear and pain and anxiety. He watched the troubled fiery light inside of her dim, shrink; flicker and die. He heard her heartbeat slow. He drew in a breath of air as she exhaled her last... and released herself into his waiting arms.

Round eyes shining like emeralds stared back up into sharp sapphires. His fingers a feather soft touch against the dark honey blonde locks.

"This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you." His voice alive, his words honest, his eyes smouldering pools of blue ice.

A/N: I could go into detail and say this happened after 'The Kill', Julian's spirit watching over Jenny, blah blah. But I'd rather not. It's not an actual fic, just random drabble. Sob sob. Quote is from "Starry starry night". The song. Doh!