Reaper: O.O Don't ask. I just wanted to make a little fic about random drabbles of the death note characters. First one up - Cool Wqhip! I got the idea from Family Guy, qith Stewie and Brain! LOL

L: Cake.

"L, whatcha eating?" Light asked. L stared at him, like he was some wait, he takes that back.

"I'm eating strawberries and cool wqhip." L answered. Light blinked. "You mean cool whip." Light said. "Yeah, cool wqhip." L answered.

"L, you're saying cool whip like it has a q in it." "No I'm not. I'm saying cool wqhip." L said, glaring at Light.

"Whip." "Wqhip!" "WHIP!" "WQHIP!" L hissed.

Light shook his head.

L turned back, and munched on his fruit.

Misa walked in, and smiled.

"Ryuuzaki...what are you eating?" Misa asked.

"Cool wqhip and strawberries." L answered.

"Oh! Light, I was waiting outside for a wqhile!" Misa said, pouting. Light palmfaced. "WHILE! NO Q!!" Light yelled.

L looked at him. "Okay Mister. Perfect, try to say cool wqhip." L said.

"Cool whip." Light answered.

"If you don't say it, you're Kira." L answered, rather annoyed.

"Cool whip."

"50 you're Kira."



"Cool Whip."

"'re Kira, book him boys!" L yelled.

"CURSE YOU NON-PRONOUNCING WORD PERSON!" Light yelled, and got sent to jail.

" you want more cool whip?" Watari asked.

"Yes...I would love somemore cool whip." L said and smiled.