A/N: In order for Dana to be 20 and a resident it would mean she graduated hight school at the age of 11.

It was a cold winter night in late 2000. The RWHC was empty. It was only Nick (29) and Dana (20). A newlywed couple. He was an attending in the ER, she was a resident in the RWHC. She was 7 months pregnant with this first child (she had no baby bump). They were at the front desk. Dana was catching up on her charts, Nick was there to keep her company. He was playing solitaire on the computer. The room was dimly lit and it was very quiet. A man walked in through the door. Both Nick and Dana turned to see who it was.

"Can we help you, sir?" Nick asked.

"Shut the fuck up." he pulled a gun from his pocket pointing to them. They both numbly sat there. "Get up!" he commanded looking at Dana. She looked at Nick as she raised from her seat. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her. She resisted. He threw her against a wall. She groaned as she felt the pain radiate through out her body. He begun kissing her neck.

"Nick, the baby." she finally said. At first he didn't understand what she said and the second he realized he jump out of the chair to help her.

"Don't come any closer and I'll hurt her more." he threaten. Nick stopped, standing at one point watching a man rape his pregnant wife knowing he can't do anything.

"The baby, Nick." she repeated as she cried. "The baby." He couldn't stand there any longer. He pushed the guy aside and put his hand on her flat abdomen. He could feel motion. Then he realized that her water had broken.

"You're in labor, Dana. Let's get you into a room and figure out what to do." he carried her into an exam room and put her on the table.

"I'm on only one on call from OB today." she informed.

"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing." he did a quick exam. "You're at 10 centimeters, Dana. We have to deliver this baby. ASAP. The baby is not tolerating labor."

"I'm scared, Nick." she admitted. He took her hand and looked into her eyes.

"There's nothing to be scared about. We're gonna have a baby. Everything is gonna be fine."

"But it's too early."

"Dana, stop thinking. On the next contraction you need to push. Ready?"

"No." she answered. "But it doesn't matter, does it?"

"No, it doesn't. Push." he commanded. She begun pushing and quickly gave up.

"I can't do this." she said.

"Yes, you can, Dana. You can. Stop worrying. Just push."

The man stood at the door. "What the hell is going on?" he asked

"Call a nurse. Go to the ER and just get any nurse." Nick answered. A few minutes later a nurse walked into the RWHC. The random guy had disappeared. "Can you please give me that towel right there?" he asked. The nurse looked around a grabbed a towel taking it to Nick. "One last push, babe. It's almost over."

Finally the baby was born. They had a girl. Nick wrapped the baby with the towel. "It's a girl, Dana." he smiled. He took the baby to her. She smiled, he kissed her. The nurse took the baby to clean her up. Dana groaned.

"Nick." she said with a sound of desperation.

"It's just the placenta, Dana. Calm down." he sat back on the stool. His eyes widened when he realized what was going on. "You need to push again. Just for a few second babe." he reassured her. She was tired and weak. Her body couldn't handle the pain. Her eyes shut and she was unconscious. Luckily the second baby was out. However, Nick knew something was wrong. The second baby, was smaller and she wasn't breathing. The nurse took her. Nick went along with them.

"Congratulation, Dr. Biancavilla."

"The second baby isn't breathing." Nick answered. The nurse begun cleaning the baby. She begun crying.

"She's is now."

"No, no. I need a favor. You have to take her to the orphanage. On Amesbury and Maple. It's a 45 minute drive but please. Tell them her name is Jessica."

"You're giving you're children up for adoption?"

"No, just the her. She's gone too long with out oxygen. Chances are her brain has been damaged."


"Don't ask question, please. Just do it." he took cash out of his pocket and gave it to the nurse. "No one can find out that she had a second baby. Not even her. Take the baby right now." he said in a panic. She took the baby and left. Nick sighed and picked up his daughter. He walked back into the room Dana was in. He put his one hand on the bed and leaned in to kiss her. The baby was in his other arms. The second his lips touched her, her eyes opened"

"Where's the baby?" she asked. Then she noticed he baby in her husband's arms. He carefully handed the baby to her.

"I named her Alexa." he told her. "What do you think?" he asked.

"I love that name." she answered. "She's so tiny."

"Less than 4 pounds. I have to take her to the PICU. And I have to call the maternity ward to come get you."

"No, don't please. I have to go home today. I have a lot of work. This week or all weeks. I don't have time to stay here."

"Dana, you need ..."

"I'm fine. I'm here all day anyway. I promise I'll go see my OB tomorrow."

"Ok, I have to take the baby. You wanna go back to sleep?" he took the baby from her. She shook her head.

"I'm gonna get dresses so we can go." she sat up.

"Can you walk?" he asked as he helped her off the exam table.

"Yes, Nick. I'm fine. Take her. Can you just make sure that someone cleans this room before anyone finds out what happen?" Nick nodded and left. The next day: They both came to work late. They walked in through the entrance of the RWHC. There were quite a few patients in the waiting area. Lana was at the front desk talking to Lu.

"Well look who it is. Glad you decided to show up to work." Lu said sarcastically. "You guys look tired." she noticed

"We've been up all night." Nick answered

"Doing what?" Lana asked raising her eyebrows.

"The opposite of what you're thinking." Dana said.

"Well, you have a patient in Exam 2. And the ER is looking for you." Lana informed. She handed Dana a chart. She went into her office and took her jacket off and put her lab coat on. She walked back out.

"Dana." Lana called for her. She walked back to the front desk. "I forgot to tell, PICU has been calling for you and Nick all morning."

"I know. I have to go up there. Can you please find someone else to see this patient? Unless she can wait a little longer."

"I'll take her." Peter offered.

"Thanks." she said as she ran toward the elevator. The sound of her high heels grew distant.

"Something seams different about her." Peter thought.

"I know. I've been trying to figure out what it is." Lana answered. Meanwhile, Dana entered the PICU. She approached the front desk.

"Hi, Dr. Stowe. Are you here for your daughter?" the nurse asked.

"Yeah. You guys have been calling me all morning. What's going on? Is she okay?"

"She's fine. You can actually take her home."

"Right now?" Dana asked. "Can't she stay here until I leave work tonight?"

"No, we need as much space as we can get. I'm sorry, Dr. Stowe."

"It's fine. Where is she?"

"Inside. You can go in and get her."

A few minutes later Dana returned to the RWHC with the baby wrapped tightly in a blanket in her arms. She past Lana desk to get to her office.

"Dana..." Lana called. She turned around.

"Lana?" she said calmly. Lana got up from her desk and went to closer to see the baby.

"What this?" she asked

"It's a baby." she answered.

"I know it's a baby. Why do you have it?"

"Her." Dana corrected

"Okay, her. Why do you have her?"

"She's mine." she answered

"What do you mean she's yours?" Lu who was passing by asked. "You adopted a kid?"


"So how did you manage to get pregnant and have a child in the matter of less than 24 hours." she walked into her office. Lu and Lana followed her. Unable to take their eyes off the baby in Dana's arm. "Well?" Lu continued

"Well what?"

"How did you get her?"

"I had sex with my husband." she answered honestly.

"Dana... come on be serious."

"I had her last night. I was almost 8 months pregnant."

"You were?" they both said as once. "Let me get this straight. You came to work yesterday morning. You had a baby last night and here you are at work this morning." Lana added.

"What did you name her?" Lu asked

"Alexa." Dana answered. "Will you guys do me a favor and find one of those crib things, please? I need to put her down and get to my patients"

"There is one in the supply room. I'll get it." Lana offered and left. Lu just stood there.

"I should get back to my patients." she finally said. "Congratulations." she said as she walked out the door. Lana brought the basinet for the baby. Dana carefully put her in and sighed, placing her handed on her hips. The baby quickly fell asleep.

A few hours later: Nick was on his break. He came to check on his daughter in the RWHC.

"Hey." he greeted Lana who was sitting at her desk.

"Congratulations, Nick." she responded.

"On what?" he asked as he thought for a second. "On the baby. Thanks."

"She's in Dana's office. She should be sleeping,"

"Where's Dana?"

"In surgery." Lana answered. Nick opened the door to Dana's office.

"K, thanks." he opened the office door. He heard the baby crying and went over to pick her up. Cradling her in his arms. He rocked back and forth in his arms but she wouldn't stop crying.. "What's wrong, baby? Didn't your mother feed you?" he asked. He picked up the phone on the desk and dialed the OR. The secretary answered the phone.

"OR. Can I help you?"

"Hi, this is Dr. Biancavilla. I need to talk to Dr. Stowe." he asked

"Hold on one second." she transferred the call. The phone in the OR rang. A nurse quickly answered it.

"Dr. Stowe, it's your husband. Says it's important." Dana turned around and took the gloves off. She threw them in the trash and pulled the mask she was wearing off. She took the phone from the nurse.


"Have you fed the baby, Dana?"

"Shit, no I forgot to. Damn."

"Have you changed her?"

"No, I haven't. She was sleeping when I came to scrub in. Can you please do it for me?"

"What would you do if we had twins, Dana?"

"I don't know. But thank God we didn't. Right?" she thought. Nick hung up...

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