One week later:

It was early in the morning, the sun wasn't even up yet. Nick and Dana were in bed... doing stuff (wink wink).

He was holding her in his arms. Their bodies were so close that a single sheet of paper wouldn't fit. Their lips intertwined in a passionate kiss. She moaned and begun kissing his neck.

"Mommy.." they heard a voice through the dark. They were both startled.

"Get off, Nick."

"I'm trying, it's stuck."

"How the fuck could it be stuck?"

"Hold on, 1- 2- thr..." he counted, the second he said three she shrieked. "Did I hurt you?"

"No, Nick. I screamed I remembered that I left a dollar bill in the pocket of my pants." she answered sarcastically. She turned over to turn on the light. Alexa was standing right next to her. "Oh my, god" she thought and looked at Nick.

"How long have you been there, Lex?" Nick asked

"A couple minutes. What were you doing?" she asked. They both looked at one another.

"Well um... Mommy's hair got stuck in her ear ring and I was trying to help her take it out." he answered

"But she's not wearing ear rings."

"I just said we took them off, Alexa." Nick answered impatiently.

"It's 4 in the morning, what are you doing up?" Dana asked

"Jessica is crying and I can't sleep."

"Why is she crying?" Nick asked

"Why does it matter, Nick? She's crying. Go over there and comfort her."

"Why me? You're her mother, you go."

"You're her father."

"You can't prove that at this very second. Let's face facts they look more like you than they do me."

"Are you accusing me of something?"

"No, I just don't want to get out of bed. Will you please go? I promise I'll get it the next time."

"Fine." she sat up with the sheets wrapped around her body. "Go back to your room, Lex. I'll check on her in a minute."

"When you get back we'll pick up where we left off."

"Nick, we've been at like for like an hour. I'm tired." she said as she walked into the walk-in closet and put on an oversized t-shirt.

"If we don't finish when you get back than we have to go to work late and finish in the morning."

"Fine." she smiled and walked out of her own bedroom and into her daughter's dark room. She didn't see or hear anyone crying, in fact there was no one in the room. She saw the bathroom light on and put her hand on the door knob. "Jess? You okay, sweetie?" she asked as she tried to open the door. The door was locked and there was no response. She went back to her bedroom and got the key from the night stand on Nick's side. She went back and unlocked the door. Her hand was on the knob for several seconds before she turned it open. Finally she twisted the knob and pushed the door.

"Oh, my god." she ran in. "Nick!" she scream. He came running in his boxers.

"Oh, my god." he repeated her words the second he saw his wife kneeling on the floor next to the body of his lifeless daughter. "What happened?" he asked. She couldn't answer him, she was kneeling on the floor crying. He held his hand out to her. "Get up, Dana." he took her hand and helped her up. She wrapped her arms around him tightly.

"She cut her wrist, Nick. She killed herself."

"She's 8 years old, Dana. I don't think she knew what she was doing. Let go called 911."

"I can't believe this." she pulled out of the embrace and sat down on Jessica's bed. She could still see inside the bedroom. She could see her daughter's body lying in pool of blood, even though Nick was standing in front of the bathroom door trying to block the view. Alexa ran into the room toward Nick. She screamed at the sight and turned around to run toward her mother. She jumped on to Dana's lap and wrapped her arms tightly around her mother.

"What did she do?" Alexa asked

"She.. She cut her wrists, Lex."

"Is she gonna be okay?" she looked into her mother's crying eyes. Dana's didn't answer. She repeated the question but this time she looked at Nick.

"No, Alexa, she's not gonna be okay. She's dead." he answered, closing the bathroom door.

The End.
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