This story is Rated M for sexual situations, How M it turns out I haven't decided yet but I will let you know if I feel the need to turn it into a strong M rating. Pairings will be DM/HG and HG/TL. I will warn you in advance that I have two endings in mind for this story. One ending is with Dm/Hg and the other with tl/hg. I have not decided which one to use as of yet but there is a possibility that this will end up HG/TL.

I am also going to try my best to update this and my other stories at least once a week. I had writers block on some of them but my mind is slowly getting back up to par. This story however is completely planned out so I shouldn't have an issue with this one.

Hermione Granger groaned as she read the official looking letter that rested in her hands. It was what she was expecting, but desperately hoping the results would say otherwise. The word was as clear as day, that one little word that had been haunting her days and nights for the last week were finally confirmed -- PREGNANT.

She wasn't sure what she should do, but she knew what she felt like doing and planned to have a nice healthy cry as soon as the numbness wore off. She was in shock, she was in pain and she wished she had never met or fell in love with one Draco Malfoy.

They had gotten over the pettiness after school had ended. The names had stopped, they held civil conversations, they even graduated from acquaintances to actual friends but it didn't stop there. For a year they became close friends and during a small get together at the burrow, they became closer... way closer and that is when their official relationship had started – that was a full year ago.

Their relationship was like any other. They had their fights, their good times and everything in between. They were accepted as a couple and grew into a comfortable routine together – it wasn't perfect but it worked for them both and they both seemed happy – until three weeks ago.

Hermione finally let the first tear fall onto that stupid little piece of paper, the paper that confirmed that she had officially ruined her life. Sure, she could have an abortion, the potions made it simple enough but she had been weighing her options for a week now while waiting for the muggle doctor to get her blood results back and abortion just wasn't an option for her, she just couldn't do it.

Her thoughts drifted back to three weeks ago when her relationship ended with the blond Slytherin, she didn't want it to end but he made it perfectly clear that he wasn't ready for the kind of commitment she needed.

They were making love, something that they had done often and as soon as they both fell into that bliss known as an orgasm, those three little words, I love you, slipped through her lips and Draco bolted. Three little words were all it took to end a year long relationship and in the chaos of the after effects, neither remembered to use a contraceptive potion or spell, leaving her in the position she was in now.

Her tears fell freely now and she soon found herself climbing into her bed with the paper clutched tightly in her hand. Was she being a typical girl about this? Damn right she was, she was pregnant by the man she loved, the man who bolted at three little words and she felt stupid – alone and stupid.


Three weeks had passed since she found out she was pregnant and she had finally come to accept it. She still wasn't thrilled about it, but then again she was still nursing her broken heart back to health.

She had gone through the scenarios of how to tell Draco but none seemed to be the right way, after all, the bastard hadn't even owled her to say he was sorry or even to just ask how she was doing, he did however have time to start dating again.

She remembered the day she found out he was dating already, actually it was the day after she found out she was pregnant which made everything seem soo much worse to her. She was sitting at a small restaurant in Diagon Alley when Mr. 'I freak if you say you love me', walked in with a cute little raven haired girl on his arm.

He noticed her immediately, but continued to the table across the room and didn't even spare her a glance – it hurt.

She quickly paid for her meal and left the restaurant, hiding the tears in her eyes, refusing to let him see that she was hurting – she would never show him weakness again.

The pain was still fresh three weeks later as she sat down at her desk, quill in hand. She was angry with him for what he had done and how he had moved on so quickly, but her fairness wasn't easily tampered down and he had the right to know that he was becoming a father.

She let out a sigh as she scratched the quill across the paper, writing those words that would surely give him a heart attack if the words 'I love you' frightened him off, but she didn't care, she half hoped he would.


I just though you would like to know that I found out three weeks ago that I am pregnant. Whether you want to be a part of it's life or not, I don't care either way. I just felt you had the right to know. I will be fine with or without your help so I leave the decision up to you.


Hermione folded and sealed the paper before sending it off with her small white owl. She then grabbed a hand full of floo powder and went off to a spa, she deserved it after all.


A week later, she still hadn't heard from him and despite what she had said in her letter, she was disappointed in his decision. She had tried to push their relationship into the background but falling out of love isn't something one does overnight, no matter how hard you try. She really did want him to at least be a part of their child's life whether or not their relationship ever happened again – she wasn't even sure she wanted to be with him again if he could easily and quickly move on from a long term relationship.

A few more weeks had passed and she was approaching her second month in pregnancy. She was sick, feeling like crap and couldn't even hold down water so she decided it was time to visit a healer for some potion or tips on easing the sickness.

She floo'd to St. Mungo's to make an appointment or be seen if they could – she really hoped they could see her as the sickness was just getting worse. She approached the counter and took a few deep breaths, trying desperately to hold down the sudden lurch in her stomach.

"Can I help you miss?" The elderly nurse behind the counter asked

"Yes, I just need to find out where I would go to make an appointment to be seen by an obstetrician."

The old woman smiled, "Go down that hall, you will make three left turns, then a right and you should see a sign that will direct you the rest of the way."

Hermione thanked the woman and started down the hall, walking with her head down and only looking up every ten feet or so. She navigated the first two turns but somewhere along the way she must have gotten lost or just couldn't concentrate due to the urge to find the nearest bathroom.

She slumped against the wall and let out a soft sob, she hated this.

"Are you alright?" A deep voice suddenly came up next to her.

Hermione wiped her eyes and looked up to the young healer who was looking at her with concern

"I -I'm just trying to find the Obstetrician." she said softly, "And I seem to have lost my way."

The healer smiled and gently took her arm into the crook of his, "Well then, it is your lucky day because I happen to be the man you need to see."

She quickly glanced at his white coat with and noticed the O/B in dark blue letters.

"Come with me, my next appointment just canceled so I can see you if you would like."

Hermione smiled gratefully and allowed the healer to take her to his ward. He personally escorted her into a room and gave her a clipboard to fill out.

"Fill out everything and I will be back to check on you in ten minutes." The healer stated before walking out of the room.

Hermione looked at the papers and quickly started filling them out, skipping over a few sections along the way. She filled out her medical history, and most of the information before putting the clipboard down and waiting patiently, eying the proximity of the trash can just in case.

A knock came at the door, signaling that the healer was coming back in and she let out a sigh of relief – she was closer to hopefully getting some relief.

"All done?" He asked as he took the clip board and sat down.

"I had to skip a few parts here and there but other then that."

"Good, good, by the way, I'm healer Lewis and you are... Hermione Granger – interesting name" he added, knowing he had heard it somewhere before.

Hermione just gave him a small smile, everyone knew who she was thanks to helping Harry bring down Voldemort.

"You have no one listed as a next of kin?" he questioned

Hermione shook her head, "My parents have passed away and no one else knows I'm pregnant yet – I'd prefer to keep it that way if possible."

"What about the child's father?"

"I told him I was pregnant, but that was a few weeks ago and I've heard nothing from him."

Healer Lewis again nodded and wrote something down on the clipboard.

"You say you are about 8 weeks along?"

"Thats what I calculated."

"Well, I will check just to be certain."

He then placed the clip board down and pulled his wand from his pocket.

"Please lay back so I can check the dates."

Hermione did as asked and watched as an 8 appeared in blue over her stomach.

"You were spot on, you have no idea how many women don't have a clue."

Hermione smiled, "It was the last time I was with the father, we got distracted and didn't use a charm or potion."

Healer Lewis smiled, "That happens a lot. A lot of couples get caught up in the moment and forget."

Hermione gave off a sarcastic laugh, "I was distracted because my boyfriend of a year bolted directly afterwards when I said those three scary words."

The healer shook his head, "The man was an idiot then." he said as he helped her up.

The appointment continued as normal and Hermione ended up with a potion that she would have to take once a week to get rid of the morning sickness. She scheduled for her next appointment and started to leave when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

She turned to see Healer Lewis behind her, "Listen, Hermione, I was just curious if you would like to go out to eat sometime. You seem like you need someone to talk to and I wouldn't mind having a new friend either. I'm sorry if I sound to forward."

Hermione smiled, Healer Lewis was definitely a looker and since Draco moved on so quickly, why couldn't she – this might just be what she needed to get over him a little quicker.

Hermione let out a laugh, "Only on one condition – I want to know your first name. I cant very well have a conversation with you and call you Healer Lewis all the time."

He smiled, "Thomas.. Thomas Lewis is my name."

Hermione gave him a nod and arranged to go out that night when his shift was over.

Hermione left St. Mungo's with a smile on her face and her heart a little lighter – she would get Draco, no Malfoy off of her mind sooner then she thought.