You Can't Always Get What You Want

Summary: Three brothers and one girl. One wanted to marry her. The other wanted to sleep with her. And the third wanted to destroy her. Strangely she wanted the same things for all three of them.

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You can't always get what you want

But if you try sometimes well you just might find

You get what you need

Chapter 1

A house with a red door

The large bay window was wide open letting the first rays of the sun flood her room. It was early September, and the weather in North Carolina had just started to turn cold, but she was determined to enjoy the last warm days, and she always loved the cool morning breeze from the ocean. Back home she seemed to think it never felt this cool though, and it even got suffocating at times. Her hotel room was quite spacious and newly decorated just the way she liked it. Walls painted in a blend of light pink and lavender, with a double bed she really appreciated, a large closet that she had given up fitting all her clothes in, letting most of them remain in the suitcases. After all, this was just a temporary arrangement until she moved to her new home. And to seal the deal, a vanity table with a large mirror, which she was currently sitting in front of, thoroughly brushing her long, dark auburn hair. She had gotten out of a refreshing shower, had already blow dried her hair, applied some light make up to her already flawless face and had chosen her outfit. A pale yellow sundress ending just above her knees that she chose because it would accent her tanned complexion. The radio was playing quietly, and she softly hummed to the tune as she got dressed. Yes, the birds were chirping, the flowers were blooming, the sun was shining and all was good in the world of Brooke Penelope Davis.

The phone rang, the concierge informing Brooke that a Mr. Scott had come to see her. Telling the concierge to let him up, Brooke threw another glance at her reflection, only to nod satisfied. Brooke Davis was a girl of outstanding beauty and sadly not only did she know it, but she also exploited it often. Skipping to the door she arrived just as her guest knocked on it. She plastered a wide smile on her face and swung the door open only to jump at the arms of the young man standing before her. He quickly reacted, lifting her up, and she wrapped her long legs around his waist as he twirled both of them around. Both young adults were laughing, and Brooke leaned in and kissed her fiancé.

Breaking the kiss, Jake smirked at her. "So I guess I don't have to ask if you missed me."

"Didn't you miss me?" She pouted sticking out her bottom lip.

Instead of a reply, Jake kissed her again. Lowering her back to the ground he looked at her appreciatively. "You look gorgeous."

"Why, thank you, kind sir," she quipped teasingly. "You don't look that bad yourself."

And he didn't. Jake was a handsome young man, twenty-seven years old to be exact, with dark hair and expressive dark brown eyes, tall and well-built with well-defined muscles that were now much to Brooke's disappointment covered by his shirt.

"So, are you ready to go?"

Brooke nodded enthusiastically and they took the elevator, occasionally lightly pecking each other on the way down. His black convertible was waiting for them in front of the hotel.

"Nice," she said motioning with her head to the car as she slid in the leather seat and made herself comfortable.

"Perks of daddy having an auto dealership," Jake grinned starting up the engine.

"Right," Brooke nodded trying to remember when Jake had told her about his dad's job. Truth was that they hadn't really talked about their families. She didn't have much to say really. Richard Davis was a well-respected business man, and Victoria Davis was a gold-digging socialite who surprisingly shared her husband's passion for business. As far as Brooke was concerned, that was the only passion those two shared as long as she could remember. Now about Jake's family, she knew Jake's parents were wealthy, but she mostly realized that from his way of living rather from the things he told her about them. She knew he came from a large family. He was the eldest of four children, three boys and a girl. He must have told her their names more than once, but she had only a vague idea, well except from one. His little sister's name was Penny, or wait no, Patty? Something like that. His youngest brother's name was… ehm, must have been something like… Noah? No. Nelson, Nevan? Poor kid! However, she could never forget the last one's name, the second oldest as Jake had told her. His name would haunt her forever, and it was just proof for it that her fiancé's brother just happened to have the same name. Lucas. She shuddered just thinking about it, the name, mind you, and tried to focus back on what Jake was saying.

"So, Dad's still away with Mom. They'll be back in a week," Jake had just informed her.

"You still haven't told anyone about us, have you?"

Jake shook his head no. "I didn't want to tell them over the phone, you know?" He said sending her an apologetic glance.

"I understand Jake, don't worry! I agreed with you. It could wait," she replied, giving him a reassuring smile. "I just thought they would be here by the time I arrived at Tree Hill."

"So did I, but when I came back, I found an empty house!" Jake exclaimed with a hint of frustration. "Mom and Dad are at vacations leaving the dealership to my uncle to run. Peyton is following her new boyfriend around the country…"

Oh, so it was Peyton! She could have sworn it was Patty… ah, whatever! And her boyfriend… c'mon, she didn't even know her name, could you really expect her to remember her boyfriend's name?

"Nathan is trailing around Europe with his dim-witted friends…"

Yes, Nathan! His other brother was named Nathan! Duh! Nathan sounded so much better than Nevan.

"And I don't have a freaking clue where Lucas has disappeared to again!"

Expect from a Lucas to be nothing but trouble. Was it bad that she already hated the guy? True, she was biased, but it was his fault he reminded her of him. Were all the Lucas in this world complete assholes? Probably.

"But I talked to her, and she'll be home tomorrow. I told her I have a surprise for her."

Brooke just caught Jake's last words. She smiled not having heard who he was talking about.

"So I guess we'll tell her first and then the rest of the family. I really wanted to tell them all together, but I'm not sure if Nathan's gonna be back by the end of the week, though he said he would. And as for Lucas…" Jake trailed off shaking his head. "Anyway, I can't really keep it a secret much longer; I'm dying to tell everyone."

So he must have been talking about his sister. She was coming home tomorrow. And they would tell her about their engagement. Brooke granted him a smile. She couldn't say she was dying to tell everyone, but she was looking forward to meeting the people that would become her new family. Well, with the family she had, they would actually become her first real family. She was thrilled with the prospect of belonging to a normal family and forgetting about her own dysfunctional one. The Scotts seemed like a perfect American family, living in the perfect small town. And soon, she was going to become one of them. Jake was a great guy, so his family had to be nice as well, right?

She had to admit she was a bit apprehensive about meeting them. Mostly because she really knew nothing about them and because of the way she had met and got engaged to their eldest son. How would you react if your son came up to you one day and presented you his future wife, one that you had never heard anything about before and that he himself had just met a month ago and got engaged to her only two weeks after and… planned to marry within the next month? Brooke didn't know much about how normal families worked, but she was sure this type of news would not bide well with them. As for her own family… she guessed if she got Jake's financial statement first, her dad was bound to be more understanding, if what she thought about Jake's financial state was true, not that she really cared. Money wasn't at the top of her priority list, but they didn't hurt either. Her mother would be upset, of course, she had always hoped to marry her to Stephen Spanding Jr., Brooke snorted to herself, like she could ever see herself with that wimp. But first thing first, and the Scotts' reaction was much more important to her. After all, she would be practically living with them. She still didn't understand what pushed her to agree to move to Tree Hill with Jake after their wedding, well actually even before that, considering she was already there. After all, her dreams some years ago were so different. Funny how things change. How much she had changed.

"We're here!" Jake exclaimed bringing the car to a stop in front of a large two story white house.

Brooke looked at the house with her mouth open. "Jake…" She whispered in awe. "This is it?" She whispered still finding it hard to believe. It was at least twice as big as the houses next to it. It had many large windows with blue shudders in the front, overlooking a well-trimmed garden, a white-fenced garden, and she could see a huge pool at its side. "Jake…" She repeated overwhelmed.

"You like it?" He asked looking extremely proud of himself.

"It's beautiful," she said again in a quiet voice while she felt moist in her eyes.

"C'mon, don't you want to see the inside?" Jake asked getting out of the car and looking at her with an expectant smile.

Brooke nodded her head fervently as she got out of the car and followed him to the house. He unlocked the door and showed her around the vacant rooms that were currently being renovated. The floors were still being put, and the walls still needed painting, unlike the outside that was already ready. It was everything anyone could ever dream of. Four bedrooms, one with an exceptionally huge closet Brooke guessed it would fit even her clothes, and two bathrooms on the upper floor. Two large rooms in the first floor, one with a fireplace, she guessed they were meant to be the living room and dining room, and two smaller ones, Jake suggested they could turn into their respective offices, offering Brooke to take the one with the porch facing the pool. A spacious kitchen and finally another bathroom. She could really see herself living in there.

"So I was thinking we get the larger bedroom upstairs of course, and turn another one to a guestroom. We can leave the two others empty for the time being," Jake grinned as they made their way outside again.


"Well, I plan to fill them up pretty soon. One for our boys and one for our girls," he smiled timidly.

Brooke swallowed the lump in her throat. "God, Jake this is…" She mumbled at a loss of words turning to look at him adoringly.

"I knew you'd like it," he grinned again happy with himself.

"It's incredible! I can't believe you did this for me!" She finally exclaimed throwing herself at his arms.

"I did it for us, baby. This is going to be our home," he said kissing her softly on her lips.

"Our home…" Brooke mused dreamily.

"So, is it everything you hoped for? Do you want me to close the deal? It's not quite ready yet, they need to paint it, and I told them to hold that off for a bit so you could see if you were okay with the colors or if you'd like to change anything. And there are the floors and of course the plumbing and stuff. But they assured me it will be ready before the wedding. This way you will also have enough time to select the furniture and anything else you need."

"Are you sure you can handle it?" She asked hesitantly biting her lip. She loved the house, but it seemed too much.

"Now, would I bring you here if I thought I couldn't? You just tell me if you like it."

"There's just one thing," Brooke said thoughtfully pulling back to take another look at the house that would soon become her new home.

"What?" Jake asked worriedly turning to look at it as well.

"I want to paint our door red."