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Chapter 13

Guided tours and coffee shops

Haley put on her coat and tried to squeeze herself beside Rachel to take a last look at the vanity mirror, which Rachel had been monopolizing for the last twenty minutes. She sighed in resignation. It was her fault for agreeing to get a double room instead of two singles, and it was even more so her fault because she agreed that Brooke could get ready with them in their room so as not to get lonely. It would make sense except for the fact that Brooke had claimed the bathroom and had locked herself in there for most of the preparation time only getting out to ask her and Rachel, oh who was she kidding to ask Rachel, if she looked hot enough. So Haley had to practically get dressed and ready with the help of her contact mirror. Just great…

Not that it really mattered anyway, Haley reasoned. Tonight was not about getting dressed up, though both Brooke and even Rachel had apparently different opinions. Maybe for Brooke there were actual reasons to get dressed up as she had made clear that she was determined to put her plan into action immediately, as in right at that night. How, with Jake by her side, Haley had no idea. Not that she could imagine how this plan was going to work even without Jake with them. Oh, how she hoped it wouldn't work out. As for Rachel, the promise of a new town she had not yet the opportunity to 'explore its sights', not of the touristic interest obviously, was enough reason to make her want to dress up. It was a very rare occasion when Rachel wouldn't feel the need to dress up, actually.

Haley, on the other hand, couldn't understand how both her friends seemed so calm… so…so fine with what they were planning! To her merely the idea of facing Lucas and pretending that she had never met him before seemed preposterous and she was sure she was going to screw it up somehow. That was the second reason she dreaded this night, the first being of course Brooke's insane plan. Haley could only hope Lucas wouldn't fall for it… though, oh who was she kidding again?! She couldn't help the deep sigh that escaped her at this thought.

Rachel slowly turned to face her raising an eyebrow in question.

"It really sucks to be the only voice of reason in a house full of deaf people," she explained.

Rachel rolled her eyes as she put the cap back on her lipstick and threw it in her bag. She chose to ignore the comment, as it was only repetitive and instead asked, "you ready?"

Haley huffed for the dismissal but nodded her answer, and then tilted her head towards the bathroom door that was still closed with Brooke inside. She was sure Rachel was tired of her nagging. She had been doing it every minute the three girls were alone since Brooke announced her plan. And while at first she was hopeful that for this one time Rachel would actually agree with her and they would both try and put some sense into Brooke, the latter her taken her completely by surprise when not more than five minutes into their conversation after Brooke's announcement she declared her full support. Rachel had later explained her reasons, and though Haley could see her point, she still didn't agree with her.

When Brooke left them for the night, Haley had not wasted a minute before starting to scream at Rachel for supporting Brooke with this plan that would end up hurting so many people, including Brooke herself and Jake, the man she claimed she loved and wanted to marry. Rachel had admitted that most probably this plan was going to cause a lot of pain to a lot of people, but she had this crazy idea that in the end, it would be for the best for all of them. Haley snorted even thinking about it. Rachel had argued that Brooke had never really gotten completely over Lucas, that what had happened between them at least still plagued her and she wouldn't be able to truly move on with her life until she'd first put the past actually behind. Hadn't Haley been screaming this herself since she had learnt about Brooke's express engagement? Hadn't she said time and time again that Brooke rushing into this engagement showed how she desperately wanted to convince herself that she was moving on when actually her past still haunted her? But who ever listened to her! Now, Rachel decided she would agree with her! Now!

Anyway, Rachel then continued her speech saying that breaking off the engagement with Jake and running away from Lucas wouldn't help Brooke to move on. After all, Lucas had been away for almost five years now, and Brooke hadn't been able to get over him. Haley had begrudgingly agreed with that. But what she would never agree with was that Brooke's plan, though it most probably would end up destroying her engagement with Jake and any prospects of a life with him, might be exactly what she needed to deal with the Lucas issue once and for all. Haley couldn't for the life of her understand how Brooke trying to entice Lucas and probably try and act like she wanted him still would help her to actually get over him. Rachel just repeated that what Brooke needed was resolution, closure, and this plan was bound to get her some. So Haley didn't agree, and yet, as countless times before she went along with Brooke and Rachel's crazy schemes. Exactly like she had done when the three girls had first met Lucas, and look where that lead all of them!

The jingling of the little bell above the café's door signaled the entrance of the new customers, and six teenage girls walked in talking loudly among themselves.

"I swear that bitch has it in for me since last year when I aced those exams, she didn't know what hit her," Brooke, who was one of the last girls that walked in the café, was telling Rachel, who was walking beside her.

Rachel smirked, "It served the cow right. She almost flunked me…"

"And to whom do we owe the fact that we're all in our senior year finally?" Haley who was walking right in front of them asked with smugness.

"Our tutor-girl!" Brooke and Rachel chorused together, with Lindsay who was walking next to Haley, joining them.

All four burst then in laughter.

The two girls preceding them, Angie and Jen, hadn't really been participating in the conversation and had apparently already moved forward and chosen their table and were now gesturing for the other girls to join them. The two of them, anyway, weren't part of the close group the four other girls had formed since starting high-school, though they did hung together frequently as they were all part of the cheerleading squad. However apart from being team mates the other four girls had formed a strong friendship that had lasted throughout all high-school.

Brooke, who was also the captain of their cheerleading squad, had been best friends with Rachel since she could remember. Their parents were family friends, and the two girls had been together since infantry. They were very alike and they liked the same things which had caused a fair number of fights between them when they were younger but as they grew older, only helped for the one to better understand the other. They'd met Haley in primary school and surprisingly Brooke had taken an immediate liking to the shy girl. Rachel initially mocked her, but after Haley found out that Rachel had actually punched another girl that was saying mean things against her, the three became inseparable despite being completely different. Haley completed Brooke and Rachel, she was their opposite and while they usually didn't follow her advice they were always seeking it along with her help. The last addition to the closed group was Lindsay. Lindsay moved at their neighborhood in the middle of their freshman year in high school, and she was having a rough time of it. Brooke felt sorry for the new girl and decided that they needed a pure blonde in their group as she said. Though the girls had many other friends, nobody clicked with them in that way, and the four of them continued as best friends, always hanging out together and always protecting and defending each other.

The four moved to the table and they all started to settle and arrange their schoolbags.

It was the first day of school, the first day of their senior year and the girls had come to their regular coffee shop after the morning at school. They had chosen this café a couple of years ago because of its strategic position. The café was just across the UCLA campus and it attracted many college kids that wanted to relax between classes. Thus, the girls, except Haley that wasn't interested in that sort of things, found it the perfect place to pick up college guys. That day however Brooke didn't really have all that time. Daddy dearest was in town for the day and she needed to see him for increasing her monthly allowance for the new school year. So she didn't really want to come all this way to this café when they could have already been sitting at the one next to their school for some time now. Surprisingly, Angie and Jen had been determined to drag them there, claiming that they had a very good reason: the new guy that had started working at the café a couple of weeks ago.

Angie and Jen were the only ones that had seen him. Since it was summer the girls didn't hang out there that much as no college guys were around either. Now that fall arrived that would change. Anyway, according to Angie and Jen, this new waiter guy was hot. Very hot. They had spent the entire ride to the café telling Brooke and the others about his gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair. Brooke didn't really like blonds, but whatever, she could make an exception if the guy was as hot as they said.

When they walked in she had looked around but she didn't notice anything worthwhile… she was starting to get impatient.

"Okay, you dragged us here, now what?" She asked the two girls without hiding her annoyance as she picked up her school bag and retrieved the latest issue of Vogue from inside.

"Stop acting like a bitch, skank," Rachel teased her.

"You'll see, Brooke! He's so worth it! We knew you so had to meet him!" Jen enthused and Angie rapidly nodded her head in agreement.

"So, where is he?" Brooke insisted again.

"Do you think he might not be working today?" Lindsay suggested scanning the café. She could see Tom, who was the usual guy working behind the bar in the mornings, and a new girl that was serving the tables at the other side of the café. No new hot guy in sight.

"No, he is. He works every…" Angie paused thoughtfully.

"He works every day, at this hour, except in the weekends when he works the morning shifts. He has basketball practice during the week so he can't work in the mornings."

"Well, you sure know a lot about him," Rachel observed.

"We have been coming here for more than one week!" Jen replied.

"Everyday?" Haley asked in shock.

"Well-duh! We had to get to him before some other skank did, it was such luck that we found him first!"

"Then why did you asked us to come?" Lindsay asked perplexed.

"Because we're getting nowhere with him!" Angie whined.

"He doesn't pay any attention to us!" Jen said with a whiny voice herself.

"You obviously have talked," Rachel asked curiously, "he told you about his basketball and stuff…"

"Nope," Jen shook her head, "Tom told us that one time that we asked him," she suppressed a shudder, "I actually had to spent a whole afternoon with him to get the info… but it was worth it."

"So what did the guy tell you? Haven't you talked to him?" Brooke asked intrigued despite herself. Jen and Angie might have not been the brightest, but they were surely considered quite the hotties. She couldn't help wonder what kind of guy would be ignoring them.

"We've tried…" Jen started.

"He's always in a hurry… telling us he is working…"Angie complained.

"And when we asked him one time where he hangs out for fun… "

"He told us that between his work and college, he has no time for fun!"

Rachel laughed. "Right, so he totally blew you off. Nice," she drawled.

The two girls scoffed. "He's weird. Tom says he doesn't seem interested in any of the girls that hang out here," Jen said.

"Not even college girls!" Angie exclaimed incredulously.

"So, what else did Tom say?" Lindsay enquired.

"He's a freshman. He's studying lit or something, and he's here in UCLA with a basketball scholarship. He's from Santa Barbara, his mom has a coffee shop there or something like that."

"His name?" Brooke asked though in her opinion the guy seemed like a stick in the mud, focusing on his studies, not interested in girls… right…

"Lucas," Jen replied with a wide grin.

"Did Tom tell you that as well?" Rachel quipped sarcastically.

Jen scoffed again. "No, he told us himself. He's really helpful and nice when he's serving us, he just doesn't say anything more!"

"I still don't see why you had to drag us here to see him. If the guy is not into girls or such a geek, then why the hell would we want to meet him?" Brooke complained seeming completely bored and she started leafing through her magazine.

"We thought you would like the challenge," Jen shrugged. "A guy that turns all girls down, we thought you and Rachel could give it a go."

Rachel smirked, "Hm… well, if he's as hot as you say… "

Brooke rolled her eyes. Currently she was having a thing with Shawn, the captain of the football team all the girls in school wanted. They weren't exclusive or anything, but he was hard work as he needed to have his ego stroked almost constantly and she wasn't really interested in taking upon another project.

"Afraid, B?" Rachel challenged causing Brooke to roll her eyes once again.

"When have I ever been afraid?" It was not like it was the first time they would be doing something like that, the two usually challenged each other every time they spotted a new guy they both found hot. Beating one other was even more satisfying than actually getting the guy.

"Maybe being with Shawn for so long has mellowed you down…" Rachel continued. So long meaning more than two weeks.

"You wish…" Brooke mumbled and then sighed, "I'm just not really in the mood…" She was about to continue but she noticed that Rachel had stopped paying attention to her and was now looking somewhere behind her at the vicinity of the bar. She immediately noticed the glimmer in Rachel's eyes and the smile that was beginning to form on her lips.

"I think you're going to change your mind…" Rachel finally said turning her eyes to Brooke.

Brooke tired to discreetly look behind her and right as she did she silently cursed Rachel for being right. A new guy was standing behind the bar, a blond guy with spiky hair that looked quite disheveled but still incredible as the rest of him. He was quite tall and Brooke could discern well defined muscles hidden under his white t-shirt. And she could plainly see his toned arms as they were straining under the weight of a full tray. His face was even more attractive, elegant features and masculine lines, accompanied by a pair of icy blue eyes she could see sparkling even from this distance. Brooke turned back after her careful observation of the guy to face Rachel.

"You're on," she said simply with a confident smirk.

In the mean time, Lindsay had also turned back to look at him and immediately elbowed Haley.

"Isn't that Matt's friend?" she asked in shock.

Haley snapped her head back and couldn't hold back the groan that escaped her. "Oh, no!"

"You know him?" all girls except Lindsay jumped in immediately.

Haley nodded her head miserably. "He came at the house a couple of times. He has some classes with Matt…" Haley groaned again, whenever Brooke and Rachel met one of her brother's friends the results were more than messy. Thank God, they looked at her brother as their big brother as well, because Haley couldn't really imagine how ugly that would get.

"Go on!" Brooke encouraged looking nothing like the bored girl she seemed a few minutes ago.

"We didn't really talk… I know what the girls said, and that he's really smart according to Matt. He just came around a couple of times, and Lindsay was there the one time, right?"

Lindsay nodded, "I saw him and Matt leaving his room when I got there to pick up Haley, they were going to the library or something?"

Haley nodded and then send an imploring look towards Brooke and Rachel. "Please, please, since he's Matt's friend maybe we can forget about the bet?"

"What?! No!" Rachel replied sharply.

"Hell no, Tutor-girl!" Brooke agreed with Rachel, "Matt's friends are not off limits, he is. We have already discussed this."

Haley groaned again and had to resist the urge to hit her head against the table.

"So, we're on. Who's going to get him to bed first… gets….?" Rachel asked.

"The other to get her the new Christian Louboutin boots we've checked out yesterday."

Rachel 's eyes glimmered for the second time, "Deal", she grinned.

"Oh," Brooke exclaimed, "and you ladies are welcome to participate…" she said looking around all the other girls expectantly.

Angie and Jen shook their heads no immediately, "we've already tried our luck…" Jen mumbled begrudgingly.

"With you and Rachel in the game, I really can't see how any of us has any chance…" Lindsay said and Rachel could swear that she could hear some bitterness in her voice but her wide grin convinced her that she was wrong.

"Suit yourselves…" Brooke shrugged, and then, paused turning to Haley. "You're only worried about Matt, right? Because if you are interested in him, then…"

"No!" Haley protested. She was sure that if she had said yes both of her friends would have backed off immediately without giving it a second thought. She was certainly not interested in this guy or any other for that matter. Though she was tempted to say she was just to avoid the trouble this bet would cause, she didn't feel right about exploiting Brooke and Rachel's love for her. And also, she was sure that if she'd lied and had said yes…Brooke would only be too eager to help her get this Lucas guy and then what she would have done! "No…but you know I don't like these games… and if Matt finds out," she trailed off miserably.

"Mum's the word, Tutor-girl," Brooke grinned.

And sadly against her better judgment Haley had followed Brooke's suggestion.

"Brooke!" Rachel called impatiently snapping Haley back from her thoughts.

"Coming! Coming!" came Brooke's voice, muffled by the closed door.

A loud crushing sound resounded next, and before a worried Haley could enquire if everything was all right, the bathroom door opened and Brooke appeared limping at the door one of her red stilettos still dangling in her hand.

"We're ready?" she asked slightly breathlessly.

"You tell us," Rachel said with amusement.

Brooke leaned against the door and put her shoe on. Taking a deep breath, she raised herself and looked expectantly at her friends.

"You look utterly fuckable!" Rachel declared with a generous dose of sarcasm, "can we get the hell out of here now? Your fiancé has been waiting for more than an hour at the bar!"

"I do, don't I?" Brooke that had reached the mirror and was twirling in front of it chirped with smugness.

"God help us," Haley murmured.

Brooke grinned at her and put on her coat that she had retrieved from the hanger. "C'mon," she urged, "hurry your fat asses, we don't want to keep our boys waiting!"

Rachel rolled her eyes and followed Brooke that was already opening the door of their room.

Haley almost choked, 'our boys' Brooke had said, shaking her head she made another silent plea to God to help them all…

The girls met Jake at the hotel bar where he had, as Rachel had said, spent at least an hour waiting patiently for them to get ready. Jake didn't even mutter a word of complaint, Rachel observed with amusement when the girls finally made their appearance. That was, in her opinion, entirely due to the fact that he had been rendered completely speechless by the way Brooke looked. She hadn't been exaggerating when she had said that Brooke looked utterly fuckable, Jake was practically drooling when he first saw her.

As soon as Jake was over his first shock, the four of them hurried to his car since it wasn't just Jake they had stood up for more than an hour.

That morning as agreed from the previous day, Jake came to the hotel as soon as Brooke had called him and had taken the girls out to show them around his home town. They had started with breakfast at a local café in the town center and then Jake took them to the house he was buying for Brooke. Even Haley had to relent and admit that the house was more than gorgeous. Rachel was very pleased to see how Jake seemed to be taking care of Brooke. After that, they went for a car ride through town where Jake showed them around different spots of interest including his dad's dealership and his family's house, though they didn't stop at either of them as Brooke wanted the girls to see the ocean and have lunch at the docks. All and all, Tree Hill, Rachel was proud to have finally learnt the name, wasn't all that bad… she would say rather indifferent. While she couldn't see herself actually staying here for life, she thought that it actually fitted Brooke in some way. Too bad she wasn't actually going to live here either.

Rachel was not delusional, not like Brooke was or at least pretended to be. Though she wasn't also screaming her head off like Haley, she knew that Brooke and Jake were doomed. But if Brooke didn't get her closure with Lucas, any relationship she may have had in the future would also be doomed. Did she feel bad for Jake that had been caught in the crossfire? Of course, she did! She wasn't as heartless as people liked to believe. She also liked Jake, he was a decent guy, and hot to boot. It was such a pity… but that's life.

Anyway, after their lunch at a quaint little restaurant at the docks, Brooke had asked Jake to take them to the hotel to rest, and make arrangements for the night. They had seen most of Tree Hill in the day, and now was the time to enjoy it by night. Jake suggested Tric then, the hottest, as he claimed club in town. Brooke was thrilled at the prospect, as she had been missing her partying since she had arrived at Tree Hill. But she seemed way too thrilled, and both Rachel and Haley soon realized why.

"So, I'll be at the dealership until closing time, since I left Keith handle things all by himself both yesterday morning and today," Jake explained. "So, maybe you can have dinner at the hotel and then I will come and pick you up directly for Tric?" he suggested.

"Won't you eat, baby?" Brooke asked with concern.

"I'll grab something from the take-out next to the dealership, don't worry," Jake reassured with a smile.

"Hm… won't Peyton have anything ready at your house?" Brooke questioned.

Jake laughed, "yeah, right! Chances are she will get me to cook something for her as well if I ask!"

Brooke scoffed.

"Cooking isn't one of her talents, Brooke! Why do you think she ordered Chinese when you came home?" he insisted chuckling.

"Sure, Peyton is mostly skilled in interrogations," Brooke mumbled.

"Brooke!" Haley scolded while Rachel just laughed.

"No, no she's right, Haley," Jake agreed. "My sister was horrible to Brooke when she came for diner," he added remorsefully.

"Yeah, Brooke did mention something…" Rachel paused for a second, "about the KGB and CIA united?"

Jake laughed hard, "I think that's a fair assessment."

Haley looked at him puzzled, she was expecting him to defend his sister, especially since Brooke had told them that he hadn't been of real help during that dinner. To be honest, that had bothered Haley a lot and in addition to him rushing Brooke to this wedding and making her move so far away from Haley and their home, she could say she had disliked him even before meeting him. But since yesterday, when she actually met him, she was starting to change her mind. Jake was extremely kind and friendly to them. He was way too indulging with Brooke and always with a smile on his face. The house he was buying for her, the way he took care of her, Haley could see how much he actually cared for her. And looking at Brooke, she could see her look really peaceful, serene, and she doubted it was just an act. Jake was good for Brooke, and he also seemed like a good guy, which made what Brooke was planning to do all that worse.

"Hm… I'm really looking forward to meeting your sister," Rachel said with a smirk. "And unlike Brookie that had to play nice…"

Brooke turned abruptly back in her car seat to face Rachel, "I did not!" she huffed.

Jake laughed even harder, "Oh, God, it's gonna be very interesting to say the least. But seriously," he continued seriously, "I'm really glad that you're here now, both of you. I know my family was hard to Brooke and I'm grateful she now has her friends with her and she can rely on them."

"Didn't she have you already to rely on?" Haley blurted out unable to help herself.

Brooke now looked at her in mild shock, but Rachel just grinned.

Jake nodded again remorse on his face. "I tried not to aggravate my family further, and I'm afraid I let them get too far. Both Peyton and Lucas, my brother."

Rachel and Haley exchanged a look at that. So Jake wasn't that oblivious to Lucas' animosity towards Brooke.

"I told you Jake, it was fine!" Brooke protested, "I can handle your sister and …your brother. And I had you and Nathan on my side! But now that I also have Rachel and Haley it's even better!" She smiled widely.

"Good," Jake agreed as they reached the hotel and he stopped the car near the entrance. "So, are we set for tonight?"

"Uh-huh, you will pick us up at around ten or something and we'll head to Tric." Brooke affirmed and paused seeming in mid-thought making Jake wait to hear what was on her mind. "You know, it won't be that nice if we're just the four of us," she said thoughtfully.

"What do you mean?" Jake asked curiously, while Haley looked at Rachel worriedly.

"Well, the girls will be feeling like third wheels…Don't you have any friends we could meet there for the girls?"

"You're so no setting us up, Tigger!" Haley objected.

"Oh, please do!" Rachel immediately went along with Brooke. "Don't you have any hot friends Jake? I had enough with watching the two of you slobbering all over each other in Cancun, I don't need a repeat," she exaggerated. In all honesty, Jake was quite reserved in his displays of public affections. As he had said when Brooke nagged at him one of the few times she had gotten drunk enough to get 'frisky', they were way too old for PDA, they were way too old to be even using the term!

Jake scratched his head in thought. "We will surely see friends in Tric, Tree Hill is not that big. But most of my friends are involved and I don't think their girlfriends would appreciate them hanging out with two ladies as gorgeous as you."

"Hey! I'm gorgeous too!" Brooke said with a pout.

"No, you're stunning, but you're also with me," he grinned at her.

Brooke smiled satisfied and continued, "Don't you know any single guys?"

"Well, I could always ask Nathan or Lucas to call some of their friends…" Jake stopped. "Shit, I'm stupid. Lucas and Nathan, of course!"

"Of course!" Brooke also agreed with the wider smile yet.

Haley was hardly able to contain the curse that escaped her lips.

"Both your brothers are single?" Rachel questioned and Brooke silently thanked her. She hadn't gotten around to asking Jake about Lucas yet, though her impression was that he was single. Still, she found herself holding her breath waiting for his answer.

"Yeah, they're not really the dating type…I guess they consider themselves too young still. At least Nathan does, Lucas… Lucas is erm… a little weird in that respect I guess. He's more interested in his work now," Jake said with a little shrug.

"Great then!" Brooke smiled stifling the sigh of relief that threatened to burst through her. Not for any other reason, but because the existence of a girlfriend would complicate her plan. Right, that was it, definitely. "Do you think they'll come?"

"Nathan will jump at the chance, and I don't think Lucas would be that hard to convince, he owns me after that dinner. Don't worry," Jake assured. "And if he's being an ass, I'll tell Nathan to ask one of his friends."

Brooke frowned momentarily but shrugged it of. "Just make sure he's hot. I want the best for my girls."

"Am I to assume that you consider my brothers hot?" Jake chuckled.

Haley looked worried but Brooke didn't even miss a beat. "It's the genes…I'm telling you," she turned to the girls behind, "a miracle in genetics this family! I can't wait to meet your dad!"

Jake laughed again and then the girls said goodbye and hurriedly left the car after renewing their plans for that night.

So now, Jake had informed them that Nathan had as expected readily agreed. What surprised them was that Jake told them that Lucas also agreed without any protests. In addition, Peyton and Chris decided to come as well to meet Brooke's best friends and now the four of them would be waiting for them already at Tric as they were obviously late. Rachel was still laughing to herself, her or Haley, to the latter's utter horror, were supposed to be Lucas' 'date' for the night. It was surely going to be one interesting night.