Experiments and Desires

Pairing: Orochimaru x OC, One-sided SasukexOC

Rating: Mature

Warning: Language and Graphic Sexual Scenes

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto! =[

Emiko quietly tip toed out of her sleeping quarters, silently shutting the door behind her. It was three o'clock in the morning and most people in their right mind were asleep by now. But anyone who was in Orochimaru's hideout apparently weren't in their right mind weather they be servant or prisoner. So she had to take extra caution when sneaking out of her room at night. She didn't want to reveal her and her master's secret relationship. At least not yet.

She walked down the corridor passing Kabuto's room with ease. Their was no movement so Emiko assumed he was asleep. 'Well if Kabuto's asleep, then Orochi-Sama must be too.' She thought. When Emiko passed by the Uchiha's room she stopped, feeling someone's presence near her. She looked near the Uchiha's doorway and had no problem spotting the Raven haired boy in the dark. He opened his eyes when he felt her gaze on him. His red swirled eyes meet her red slitted snake like ones.

"What are you doing up so late?" Sasuke inquired. "Though it's not really your concern I just feel like a late night walk, is all. What are you doing awake?" She spat back. "I was just thinking." He said quietly. 'He is so emo.' Emiko thought to herself, walking towards him. "Care to share?" She asked him. "Not really." He said, standing up. Emiko didn't think much about it, until he started moving closer to her. Out of reflex, she took a step back.

Sasuke grabbed her arm tightly and pinned her up against the wall. "But I do know of a way, you can help me ease the tension." Sasuke said, a smirk forming on his face. He slid his hands over Emiko's exposed legs. Emiko was wearing only a green silky nightgown that was very short and a matching robe over it.

He started to slid his hands under Emiko's nightie, but she slapped his hand away. "Get off of me Sasuke." Emiko demanded. Sasuke ignored her and pressed himself against her. "Come on now. You know you want to." Sasuke said. "Yea, I'm sure I want to, but with anyone other than you." Emiko hissed, flicking her snake like tounge out at him in anger. She slapped him across the face and pushed him away. She stormed off, leaving Sasuke angry and shocked. "You'll pay for that." He said. Emiko just scoffed and continued walking through the lair.

She got to Orochimaru's room without any other interruptions. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, she cracked open the door to his room and stepped inside. She walked over to his bed and slid her robe off, climbing into the bed with him. "Orochimaru-Sama." She cooed softly, brushing a strand of hair out of his face. Orochimaru opened his eyes at the touch and smirked at her. "Hello Emi-San." He said, giving her a passionate kiss, which she returned. Emiko snuggled closer to the other ninja and closed her eyes. Seeing that she was comfortable Orochimaru, closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Emiko was sleeping soundly until she felt something smooth slither over her stomach. She opened her eyes with a start and let out a small yelp. She relaxed when she saw a five foot long red Cobra lying on her. It raised it's head and hissed at her. Emiko smiled and gently stroked it's skin. "Hello Akane." Emiko said softly, planting a kiss on the snake's head. "Hello Mistress. Orochimaru-Sama is gone out for a bit." Akane said, hissing.

Emiko looked over at the empty spot in the bed, just now noticing Orochimaru was gone. "Did he say when he would be back?" Emiko asked her pet. "He should be back soon." The serpent said. "Are the other's here?" Emiko questioned. "The Uchiha and his teammates are here, but the four eyed boy is gone with Master." Akane responded.

Emiko flinched when she heard the Uchiha's name. 'That bastard.' She thought, reflecting back to events from earlier that morning. "Alright well keep them out of here. I'm gonna take a shower." Emiko said, getting up and opening the door for Akane. "Just keep watch." "Yes, Mistress." Akane hissed, slithering out of the room.

Emiko closed the door and walked into the bathroom. She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. Stripping herself of her clothes she stepped inside, hissing when the warm water sprayed her body. She grabbed a sponge and lathered it with soap. Emiko began to violently scrub her body clean, feeling dirty and disgusting after her previous encounter with Sasuke. She stuck her head under the pouring water and just let the water run though her hair.

Deaf from the blasting water, Emiko didn't hear the door to the bathroom open, but she did feel a slight breeze. All of a sudden Emiko felt strong arms wrap around her waist. She tensed up and first, but she soon recognized the pair of arms that grabbed her. "Good Morning Emi-San." Orochimaru hissed in her ear. He kissed her neck, then bit down on her tender skin receiving a small gasp from the girl.

The snake kunoichi lifted her head up to allow Orochimaru more access to her neck. Orochimaru bit down hard on the other side of her neck. It was hard enough to leave a small bruise, but not hard enough to draw blood. Emiko turned around in his arms so that she was now facing her lover. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down into a kiss. Orochimaru slipped his tounge in her mouth and they tangled their tounges together. Emiko moaned into the kiss, opening her mouth slightly.

The older ninja withdrew his tounge and bit Emiko's lower lip. A small trail of blood trickled down her lips, but was quickly licked away by the Sannin. Orochimaru then trailed his lips down the side of her neck and to her collar bone also nipping at it.

The younger ninja pulled Orochimaru closer to her pressing their most private parts together. Emiko shivered from the quick build up of heat between them. "Not now." Orochimaru whispered into Emiko's ear, earning a whine from her. "But Orochi-" Emiko was cut off by a passionate kiss from her aggressive lover. "Be patient my Emiko-San. Your patience will be rewarded later." He breathed. Emiko continued to whine as she pressed even more against Orochimaru. "Stop it." Orochimaru hissed. Emiko sighed and pulled away. "Fine then." She said pouting.

Orochimaru sighed seeing that look. He knew she was just doing it to get at him, but he couldn't help but go a bit soft. (A/N: Emotionally soft, for all you pervs out there. lol.) Orochimaru trailed a finger down her cheek, to her breasts, her stomach, and then her private area. The snake Sannin gently slid a finger into Emiko's burning core. He tortured Emiko by sliding his finger at a very slow pace. Emiko was tempted to buck her hips forward, until Orochimaru added a second finger, quickly thrusting them into her.

Each time he trusted his fingers he brought them nearly all the way out of her and then thrust them deep into her core. Emiko let out a loud moan as Orochimaru hit her spot. Smirking to himself, Orochimaru kept on ravaging Emiko with his long slender fingers. Orochimaru felt Emiko's walls began to tighten around his fingers, so he thought he'd speed up the process and thrust his fingers at an even faster pace.

The violet haired girl soon came all over the Sannin's fingers. Orochimaru withdrew his fingers and stared at them, with a smirk. He licked them clean with his long tongue. "Satisfied now?" Orochimaru asked Emiko, watching her slump against the wall in exhaustion. "Only a little. I can't wait until later though." Emiko said, a devious smirk forming on her face. Orochimaru returned the smirk. "Good. Now hurry up and finish here and meet me in the parlor room. I have to discuss something with everyone." He said, giving her a kiss. "Alright." Emiko nodded. The snake Sannin gave her another smirk before exiting the shower and then the bathroom.

Emiko cleaned herself up a bit before getting out of the shower and dressing. Emiko wore a yellow thigh length kimono with black spandex pants underneath and black ninja sandals. She decided to leave her wavy hair down, letting it frame her pale face. Glancing in the mirror, Emiko left and made her way to the parlor room. Akane slithered, up her leg as she entered the Parlor room and walked over to Orochimaru. Kabuto, Suigetsu, Sasuke, Jugo, and Karin all surrounded him.

"So what is this about Orochimaru-Sama?" Karin asked. "Has someone found our hideout?" Jugo asked curiously. "Do you have a mission for Team Snake?" Suigetsu asked, adjusting the sword on his back. "If you all would shut up then I would tell you." Orochimaru hissed. Everyone fell silent and gave their superior their utmost attention. Seeing that they finally decided to be quiet Orochimaru spoke. "It's about Emiko-san." He started. A few people glanced over at Emiko. "There are ninja who are trying to find our location so they can take Emiko-san back to her village."

"I can't believe they're finally sending someone after all this time." Emiko said to herself. "So what do you want us to do? Kill 'em?" Jugo said, smirking. "Yes. If you run into them." Orochimaru said. "But in the meantime just be careful and if Emiko needs to leave the hideout then someone must accompany her." "That won't be a problem Lord Orochimaru." Kabuto said. "That is all." Orochimaru hissed. Everyone but Sasuke gave a bow, then scattered throughout the parlor room.

"Lord Orochimaru, the last known spotting of the enemy was about ten miles away." Kabuto said, kneeling down to his lord. "I see. They're getting closer. Well, just keep an eye on Emiko-San. I won't be very happy if something were to happen to her." Orochimaru hissed. "Understood." Kabuto said, adjusting his glasses. With another bow Kabuto disappeared in a poof of smoke.