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Kataiookami here this is my 1st RyoxSakuxKin fanfic hope you guys enjoy reading it!

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"Nya! Oishi, what date is it today?" Eiji asked while fixing his tennis things so he can go home, after all, practice was already over.

"It's December 21" Oishi replied while wearing his Seigaku jacket so he won't get cold since it is winter.

"Nya! Its almost Christmas!" Eiji exclaimed happily as he was putting his tennis bag behind his back

"And you know who's birthday it is on Christmas Eve right?" Oishi asked already walking away to the path of his house

"Whaaat?! Who is it?! Nya, tell me!!" Eiji screamed while running towards Oishi

"So you mean you really don't know?"

"Not that I could recall…" Eiji said while putting his index finger on his chin "hmmmm…Oh now I remember its Ochibi's birthday on that day right?!"


"Oi! Oishi, Eiji!" someone called from behind them as they were walking down the street

"Hey Fuji!" they both said at the same time while Fuji just smiled at them

"Nya! Fuji did you know that someone in the team has a birthday coming up in 3 days?"

"Uh yah its Echizen right?"

"Nya! Bingo!"

"Hmmm…this should be interesting…" Fuji said grinning

"What do you think he's planning now?" Oishi whispered to Eiji as he just shivered and the idea then there was an awkward silence

"Hey guys" Fuji said breaking the silence "what do you think about throwing Echizen a surprise party at the tennis courts?"

"Nya! That's a great idea" Eiji exclaimed obviously excited with the idea

"But who do we invite?" questioned Oishi

"I'll take care of that" Fuji replied "Well anyways I have to go Ja ne!" Fuji said walking away waving one hand in the air

Kataiookami here!

Well this is my first ever PoT fanfic sorry about it being boring at first and for not making Ryoma appear but don't worry he'll be joining us in the next chapter so make sure to tune in!

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