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"Now…" the man with the red mask said moving closer to Sakuno. After a few inspections he took her and covered her mouth with a handkerchief rendering her unconscious. As Ryoma watched this all happen, he growled at the two men and picked up his tennis racquet, but the blue masked man saw this and shot a bullet through the racquet. Ryoma froze then dropped the racquet.

"Don't do anything funny kid" the blue masked man said to him. The red masked man ran together with the blue masked man.

"They're heading for the tennis courts!" Ryoma exclaimed as he ran after the men while picking up Sakuno's raquet and a few tennis balls. 'I'm going to get you back Sakuno'

Ryoma's POV

When the red masked man moved closer to Sakuno I growled in anger, I couldn't do anything. I just stood there with mixed emotions of fear and anger. When the man put her handkerchief over Sakuno's mouth making her unconscious I clenched my fists as hard as I could. When they took her away I wanted to scream 'GIVE HER BACK YOU BASTARD!' but again I couldn't. When they were out of sight I grabbed the tennis racquet nearest to me and some tennis balls thinking of hitting them at full power, I ran to the direction they were going, I was thinking ''I'm going to get you back Sakuno'

Normal POV

Ryoma was running at full speed to the direction the kidnappers went 'Sakuno… I will get you back I promise then I will tell you…' Ryoma thought as he held the racquet tighter he caught up to the kidnappers, Ryoma stopped then went into his serving position then did the twist serve, but to no avail. Ryoma continued to run after the kidnappers. When he reached the tennis courts…



Strips of confetti appeared before him. 'What the?!' Ryoma thought as he noticed a long wooden table with food on top of it, beside the long table was a smaller one with wrapped presents lying on top of it and a banger hanging above saying 'Happy Birthday Ryoma!'

"SURPRISE RYOMA!" (a/n: I can't believe I actually used my own title!) all the regulars, the 3 first years, Tomoka, the 2 kidnappers, and a completely awake and alright Sakuno screamed all at once.

"What's going on here?" Ryoma asked with a hint of annoyance

"Dude…after what we just said and everything around you, you still don't get it?" the blue masked man said

"That's not what I meant! Besides what are you doing here!?" Ryoma growled as he glared at the 2 kidnappers

"Now, now Echizen" Fuji said walking over to him

"Well, you know Fuji did hire us to do this" the red masked man said in a voice higher than it was before during the kidnapping, he took of the mask revealing a girl about the age of Fuji with black haired with brown eyes. The blue masked man also took of his mask revealing a brownish/black haired girl the same age as the other girl.

"I'm Yamada Mika" the girl who was wearing the blue mask said

"I'm Tanaka Reggie" the other girl said (aka red masked man)

"Ii data" Inui said scribbling on his notebook (a/n he even records data on people he just met?!)

"There my classmates" Fuji said

"So you hired them to kidnap Ryuzaki?" Ryoma asked scowling. Fuji chuckled at this.

"Well it did bring you here right?" Momo said in place of Fuji, Ryoma looked at Sakuno who was smiling.

"Did you know about this?"

"A-ah a-at first n-no but Tanaka-senpai t-told me as s-she was k-kidnapping me"


"Now…" the man with the red mask said moving closer to Sakuno. He leaned over making it look like he was inspecting her for any weapons or something like that, but in fact…

"Ok hey don't freak out," the red masked man whispered to her 'the kidnapper's talking to me? And why does he have such a high voice for a man?' Sakuno wondered.

"I need you to fake being unconscious, don't worry this is all part of the surprise party for Echizen" the red masked man said keeping his voice soft.


Ryoma just stared at her after she told her story then said "Hn"

"Well forget about the past and let's enjoy ourselves!" Momo exclaimed

"Oi!" somebody called from behind


"Oh hey guys sorry I'm late I had trouble wrapping Koshimae's present and…" Kintarou was about to continue until he saw Ryoma there looking at him. He then took about 20 sec to process everything.

"Aw, I missed the surprise?" Kintarou pouted

"Nya! It's ok! There still that party!" Eiji exclaimed

"He's right, well we better get this party going!" Fuji said while smiling his usual smile. He then gave Taka a racquet

"ALRIGHT BURNING!! LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED" Taka said as he swung the racquet up and down. Fuji then took the racquet from him.

"Gish ish Freat Ghsushi Staka-shenpai" (This is great sushi Taka-senpai) Momo said as he gobbled the food together with Eiji.

"Hey guys! Don't finish everything or else there might not be enough for everyone!" Oishi exclaimed.

"Fshhh senpai Inui brought us some karaoke" (a/n I dunno how but he just did…) Kaidoh said

"Hey! Echizen let's do a duet!" Momo exclaimed as he stopped eating and ran grabbing Ryoma and started picking a song.

"GO RYOMA-SAMA" Tomoka exclaimed from behind

"I wonder what song there going to pick" Sakuno said to herself

"let's get closer for a better look" Mika said suddenly appearing beside Sakuno

"Yamada-senpai!" Sakuno said sounding startled

"Call me Mika"

"Hai Mika-senpai"

"Let's go take a better view then" Mika said as she urged Sakuno to take a closer look with her.

"Hai, but where's Tanaka-senpai?" Sakuno asked

"Oh she's over there" Mika pointed over to the table. Sakuno looked and saw Reggie eat most of the desserts. Sakuno and Mika just sweatdropped at the sight.

"Ah! Here's a good song!" Momo exclaimed loudly

"Come on let's watch them" Mika said smiling 'should be fun especially if they sing bad'




Fui ni senaka megakete tobinoreba

Katagoshi ni aozora

Sabita PEDAL wo fumikomu tsumasaki ga

Ikigire shita shunkan

"Darashinai ne"'tte tsubuyaita

Tsuyogatte JOKE tobashita

Tende kamiawanai kaiwa ni

Hana wa sakisou ni nai

Feel'n the sky Tobidasou

Kangaeta'tte Nayanda'tte shou ga nai!

Blowing in the sky Tomaranai

Ashita wo oikoshiteyuke!!

Totsuzen, kaiwa ni warikomu hizashi

Ki ga tsukeba yuugure

FAST FOOD de moriagatteitara

Jikan wo wasureteta

UNBALANCE na oretachi wo

Warau Yuuyake-iro no tsuki

Sokkenaku wakareta senaka ga

Sukoshi monotarinai

Feel'n the sky Kakedasou

Ganbatta'tte muri shita'tte iin'ja nai!

Blowing in the sky Tomaranai

Ashita wo oikoshiteyuke!!

Feel'n the sky Tobidasou

Kangaeta'tte Nayanda'tte shou ga nai!

Blowing in the sky Tomaranai

Ashita wo oikoshiteyuke!!

Feel'n the sky Kakedasou

Ganbatta'tte muri shita'tte iin'ja nai!

Blowing in the sky Tomaranai

Ashita wo oikoshiteyuke!!

"Okay…I take that back" Mika said out loud

"What did you say Mika-senpai?" Sakuno asked

"Oh, nothing" Mika said smiling 'Darn it should have been good for blackmail' (a/n yes another Fuji but there are no OC pairings here)

"WOHOOO! GO-RYOMA-SAMA!" Tomoka shouted

"Nya! Who new Ochibi and Momo can sing?" Eiji exclaimed walking over to them with Tezuka, Oishi, Kaidoh, Inui, Fuji and Taka.

"Fshhhh Momoshiro sang like a dying cat"

"What did you say mamushi?!"

"Stop or 50 laps"


"Hn" was all Ryoma could say while glaring at Kintarou who was now talking to Sakuno.

"Who's next?" Fuji asked grinning

"Nya! What about our 2 new friends!" Eiji exclaimed while calling for Reggie to come and sing.

"I can't sing" Reggie said with a smile. Then and idea popped into her head "Ah but Mika sings great!" she pointed out grinning

"Ii data"

"No I don't!" Mika said while waving 2 hands in front of her

"Come on just one song" they all said curious to see how their new friend sings.

"Fine," Mika gave in "Just one song" she said

"Hai!" they all replied except for Tezuka and Inui

"So what song" Mika asked herself as she looked over the book that had the list of songs "Ah here we go"

Ryoma walked over to where Sakuno and Kintarou were with a glare which was intended for Kintarou.

"Oi Ryuzaki," Ryoma called

"D-Daijoubu R-Ryoma-kun?" Sakuno asked looking perplexed

"Come with me" Ryoma called as the music of the Karaoke started and the singing begun.

Do you remember? The day we met

If I close my eyes, there you are

Tears flowing, all alone

Hurt and lost

Even if you can't see where you're going

Even if your heart stumbles

I promise you, I'll search for you

Your courage makes me smile

"H-hai" Sakuno replied as she followed Ryoma out of the tennis courts where the party was being held to the garden under a Sakura tree.

Someday we'll fly in the sky

I can fly for you

Kick away cowardice and weakness

The future you dreamed of, the future I dreamed of

You're not alone

Don't give up

I will always

Protect you...

The singing continued as Sakuno and Ryoma sat under the Sakura Tree listening…

The shapeless horizon

The evening sun melts

Even if it seems as if a freezing night has come

Don't be afraid, I'll be by your side

Then Ryoma heard another voice starting to sing but this time it was closer to where he was. He looked to the direction of the music and saw Sakuno singing with the moonlight shining above her.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Ryoma's POV

I was sitting under the Sakura Tree with Sakuno not knowing on what to do next. I just listened to the music hoping for some answers, then, I heard another voice. A beautiful voice I turned to where the voice was coming from and saw her. She looked so beautiful and the moonlight made it even more stunning to look at.

Normal POV

Ryoma was now looking at Sakuno who was singing with her eyes closed. He continued to watch her as she sang the song.

Even if you're far away

And there are times we can't be close together

I'm always, always thinking of you

That's why I can be strong

Someday we'll fly in the sky

Spreading my huge wings

Seeing through the lies and falsehoods

The world you admired

The world I admired

I won't run away

I won't turn my back

I will always

Believe in you...

I can feel the surge of your kindness

When I laugh... See?

Someday we'll fly in the sky

I can fly for you

Kick away cowardice and weakness

The future you dreamed of, the future I dreamed of

You're not alone

Don't give up

I will always

Protect you...

As the song ended Sakuno opened her eyes to see the tennis prince looking at her. She was blushing 10 shades of red.

"Y-you h-heard me?" Sakuno asked whule trying to avoid looking at Ryoma

"Hai" Ryoma said plainly as he tired to regain his composure. "Where's my gift?" Ryoma asked out of the blue.


"I looked at all the presents pilled up there but none of then are from you" Ryoma said as he looked directly into her eyes looking for an answer.

"A-ah w-well y-you see i-it's with m-me" Sakuno said trying not to stutter as much but failed

"Can I have it already?"

"A-ah H-hai" Sakuno replied taking out a handmade bracelet with wooden beads on it. "H-here" Sakuno said while handing it to him, she blushed even harder.

"Arigatou" Ryoma said as he inspected the bracelet 'Why does this look so familiar…Oh! Now I remember'


"A-ah, R-Ryoma-kun" Sakuno said breaking his chain of thoughts "I can w-walk on m-my own s-s-so you can l-let go n-now."

"Hn" Ryoma replied while letting go of her hand feeling a little disappointed. Ryoma looked over to the hand he just held and saw a bracelet that looked hand made and had wooden beads on it, it looked fairly simple 'did Kintarou give that to her?'

"Who gave you that?" Ryoma said with a hint of coldness in it as he faced the bracelet on her wrist.

"O-oh this?" she said as she lifted her wrist showing her bracelet


"This is a-a g-g-good luck charm t-that I m-made."

"Let me guess…for the English test right?"


"Did you ace it?"

"H-Hai! A-and that's why I-I decided t-t-to carry it a-a-round so o-often."

"Hn" Ryoma said while stopping at the gate of Sakuno's house

"For goodluck eh?" Ryoma said as he put the bracelet on his wrist

"H-hai" Sakuno replied

"Hn" Ryoma said. Then an idea popped into his head. "Since you gave me your gift I might as well give you your Christmas gift"

"N-nani?" Sakuno said 'I didn't know he brought gifts for Christmas Eve he usually gives them on Christmas day…"

"Look here" Ryoma commanded. Sakuno did as she was told only to be met by soft lips crushing her own. After 10 sec Ryoma let go. He bent down his head so that his mouth was near her ear.

"Merry Christmas" Ryoma whispered into her hear. Sakuno could feel his breath and blushed at the feeling and what he said.

From a nearby place…


"I knew this camera would make a great one for taking pictures and video's"

"Echizen" a voice called 'Good thing no one noticed that I was missing' Fuji thought

Back to Sakuno and Ryoma

"Echizen!" a voice called

"Looks like they're looking for us" Ryoma said as he leaned his head onto the trunk of the tree then stood up. "Come on" he said to Sakuno

"H-Hai" Sakuno replied 'What just happened back there?' Sakuno thought pinching herself to make sure it wasn't a dream. "ow" Sakuno said to herself 'okay, so it wasn't a dream'

"Ah! There you are!" Kintarou exclaimed as he walked towards Sakuno and Ryoma

"Nya! Ochibi! Time to open the presents we bought for you!" Eiji exclaimed while hugging Ryoma in a playful manner.

"Senpai! Get off" Ryoma exclaimed

"Gomen, gomen" Eiji apologized while letting go of Ryoma

Skipping to the opening of gifts…

"Here!" Momo said as he handed Ryoma a blue paper bag. Ryoma opened the bag and took out a grip tape. "This is your favorite isn't it?"

"Hai, arigatou senpai-Momo"

"Nya! Mine's next!" Eiji said handing Ryoma a bigger paper bag. Ryoma opened it and took out a brown teddy bear. "Nya! For ochibi!"

"Ah, arigatou senpai-Eiji" Ryoma said as he put the grip tape and bear aside

"Here Echizen" Oishi said as he handed Ryoma a wrapped present in a shape of a box. Ryoma tore the wrapper and it revealed a box when he opened the box he received a tennis shirt. "For days when your other tennis shirts are being washed"

"Arigatou senpai-Oishi"

"This is from the both of us" Reggie and Mika said noticing Ryoma glared at them. "I guess we got him good huh?" Reggie said grinning.

"Che, mada mada dane" Ryoma said with a smirk. Reggie just sighed at his reply.

"Anyways…I didn't mean to put a hole in your racquet so we got you exactly the same one" Mika said handing over a red racquet.

"Arigatou….Wait…was that a real gun? How did you know what kind of racquet? And since you got me a new one did you plan to put a hole in the other one?" Ryoma asked all of those in one breath while taking the racquet.

"Okay…well no that wasn't a real gun it's called the bloody rose from the anime Vampire Knight, I bought it from comic alley and covered the sign that says 'bloody rose', we knew what kind of racquet from Inui and no we didn't plan to put a hole it just happened" Reggie said answering all of the questions Ryoma had asked.

"Okay…" Ryoma replied

"Echizen" Inui said handing him a green notebook, "Here's the list of the data I collected on you"

"Arigatou senpai-Inui" Ryoma replied taking the green notebook

"Ah…Echizen" Taka said "For my gift you can have free sushi for the rest of the month"

"Nya! What about us!" Eiji complained

"Eiji" Tezuka warned


"Arigatou senpai-Kawamura" Ryoma replied

"Fshhhhh Echizen here" Kaidoh said handing him a new tennis bag.

"Arigatou senpai- Kaidoh"

"Koshimae! Here!" Kintarou said handing him a wrapped box. Ryoma opened it and received a new pair of tennis shoes. "I noticed yours was worn out so I decided to give you new ones"

"Arigatou" Ryoma said plainly

"Echizen" Fuji said as he handed him several photos. Ryoma looked at them and he went wide eyed as he saw what was on them. There was Ryoma and Sakuno and the whole incident with him and Sakuno under the Sakura Tree.

"What's picture is it?" Momo asked curiously as he moved behind Ryoma but Ryoma quickly hid the pictures. "Come on Echizen!" Momo complained trying to pry the pictures off of his hands.

"Momo-senpai!" Ryoma exclaimed

"Momoshiro!" Tezuka warned

"Gomen buchou"

"Echizen" Tezuka said as he caught Ryoma's attention. Tezuka handed Ryoma a set of new sweat bands (a/n I know it's weird but I have no idea of what Tezuka could give). "Don't let your guard down"

"Hai and arigatou-buchou"

"Nya! Since ochibi has all of his gifts! Lets's eat the cake!" Eiji exclaimed

"I agree!" Momo said

"Fshh pig"

"Shut up"

"What did you say!?"

"Now, now you two" Oishi said

Ryoma and the others sweatdropped at the sight and headed for the cake.

After all the cake eating…mainly time to go home…

Everyone went home and the only ones left were Ryoma, Sakuno and Kintarou.

"Well, would you like for me to take you home Sakuno-chan?" Kintarou offered

"No she doesn't" Ryoma answered in a cold tone and a glare.

"Fine" Kintarou said as he returned the glare "Ja then, see you around!"

"Ja Kintarou-kun!" Sakuno replied as she watched Kintarou walk till he was our of sight

"I'll take you home" Ryoma said

"H-hai" Sakuno replied with a smile and a blush

Sakuno and Ryoma walked home in silence until they reached her house.

"Well j-ja R-Ryoma-kun" Sakuno said. Ryoma smirked and grabbed Sakuno's wrist making her head fall on his chest. Ryoma embraced Sakuno then whispered to her ear "Ja, I'll see you tomorrow on the roof at lunch" then let go of Sakuno and pecked her on the cheek. Sakuno could not respond and watched Ryoma as he walked away disappearing from sight.

"I love you Ryoma-kun" Sakuno mumbled to herself as she entered her house.

In front of Ryoma's house…

Ryoma arrived at his front door. He looked up to the sky and said "I love you Sakuno"


"Here's your pay, good job Reggie and Mika" a man with brown hair and blue eyes said handing over money to two girls.

"Thanks Fuji" Mika said taking her share

"Yah, at least we get paid, I mean when he almost hit those tennis balls at us, I freaked! Did you see how much power it had?" Reggie said

"Yah I know" Mika replied while nodding

"Good thing I have good reflexes" Reggie said as she sighed. Fuji and Mika just laughed.

"Oi! What about me? My pay?" a boy said while walking over to them

"Ah, Kintarou, it's here don't worry" Fuji said as he wore his usual smile and handed him some money.

"He's part of this too?" Mika asked. Fuji nodded anfd said "well I had to make Ryoma jealous some how"

"Couldn't you do that yourself?" Reggie asked

"I wouldn't be able to take the pictures then"

"So those you gave Ryoma…" Reggie said sounding a little shocked

"Were only copies" Fuji said grinning

"But how I mean you didn't have time"

"I have my ways" Fuji said as he grinned some more and opened his eyes. "Well Ja! It's getting late"

"Ja" all three of them said as they watched Fuji run to the direction of his house and disappear from sight.

"Remind me to never mess with him" Kintarou asked as he looked at the 2 girls who just nodded.


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