Danny Phantom: Le Chauchemar

By: Hordak's Pupil with help from Smallvillegirl2

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Author's Notes: Welcome to another story, this time I am giving you a dose of terror hope you enjoy it.

Chapter I: Horrors Beyond Imagining


"The Observants were fools," I said laughing as I gazed at my prize before me, it was mine by right, but when I defected from the Ghost Council it should have be taken from me, but the Observants are oblivious to the present.

Soon, my revenge will be complete and those who humiliated me will pay dearly.

"Come my Sleepwalkers, we have one last thing to collect," I told my servants as I left to collect my final piece for my revenge.


"…And have a safe holiday," Headmaster Spritle said as we left outside where our parent's were waiting for us.

"So Danny, what are you doing for the break?" Speed asked as I saw the RV pulled up.

"Relax at home, after that exam Aniskov gave us, I need it," I said as we all laughed and walked up, "why don't you come to Amity Park with us, there's plenty of room," I tell him as he thinks about it for a second.

"You know it might be fun, sure why not, what about it Lucy, Connor?" he asks their friends as they shake their heads.

"We'd love too, but my cousin invited us to her ranch in Texas," Lucy said as they left for her parent's car.

"HEY DANNY!" my dad said from the driver's seat, "Come on, I have something I want you to see," he said as we got in the vehicle.

"Who's your friend Danny?" mom asked me as she saw Speed climb in the car.

"This my friend Speed," I introduced her to Speed, not mentioning his last name lest dad go into Speed Racer mode and ask him a trillion questions.

"Nice to meet you Speed, I'm Mrs. Fenton and this Danny's dad, older sister, and Danielle's boyfriend Miles," she said as Speed waved hello and we took off.


Pain, indescribable pain, that is the only way I can describe it, but it is nothing compared to the hatred that burns inside me. I will escape from this torment and kill those who sent me here and let them feel the pain of being locked in this coffin submerged in burning lava with your eyelids sewn open.

While I was thinking, I began to feel my prison move, "careful, I don't want him, damaged," a cultured voice ordered as I felt the casket being laid on rock and the hooks securing my eyelids loosen until I could blink again.

Suddenly, I became aware of two blazing red eyes staring at me with a mass of stars below it, "What the…," I exclaimed as the eyes laughed at me.

"Fred Charles Krueger," the voice said chuckling as I realized I was now free and stood up.

"Please call me Freddy, all my enemies call me Freddy," I tell him laughing, whoever he is, he's going to wish he was never born.

"Very well, Freddy," the voice said as I smiled and lunged at the eyes but there was no one there, "that is no way to treat your liberator," it said as I landed on the sharp solidified lava that formed what little ground there was in this Hell.

"Who are you?" I asked him as I got up and glared at where the voice came from.

"You may call me Nocturne and I have a proposition for you," it said as I thought for a second, "All right I'll listen," I said as the voice laughed.

"Follow, me Krueger," it said as a portal opened and I followed him, watch out kiddies Freddy's back and sharper than ever!


"How is this my fault?" I asked the Observants indignantly as I turned to face them.

"You should have stopped Nocturne eons ago, like we told you to, instead of letting run free," one of the chided and I sighed in exasperation, no matter what it is it, they always seem to blame me for it.

"It wasn't until recently that he posed a threat to humanity and it was you who allowed Nocturne to still possess the spear," I reminded them as they left and I turned my eyes back to the events at hand.


"So how do you like racing school, Danielle," I asked my girlfriend as we kissed, I had missed her. I hadn't seen her in months since she applied to the racing school, but a note told me that it was vital that she attend.

"It's neat, everyone is really nice, except Annalise and her crew," she said thinking for a minute, "Well X is sort of nice but he still has some rough edges," she said as I looked her and she laughed. "Miles Eusebius Knightly, I love you and always will, I would never dump you," she said as she kissed me and I blushed.

"So Speed, what do you parent's do for a living?" Mrs. Fenton asked him as Danny and Sam looked at him.

"That's a sensitive subject for him," Sam said as the Fentons changed the subject.


"May offer you something to drink," I told Krueger as a Sleepwalker handed me a cup of ecto-tea.

"I'll have a Bloody Mary quadruple the Vodka and with real blood ," he said as I snapped my fingers to get him one, "While I am grateful for the early dismissal, I can't help but wonder why would you bother to set me free?" he said as he took the cocktail and slurped it down with one gulp.

"I want to give you something that you have desired for a long time, a world that never wakes up," I told him sipping my tea, "A world in which you would be free to kill without worrying of being sent back to your fiery punishment," I tell him laughing,

"How do you plan to do this?" Fred asks me with a smile, "It's not like you can hypnotize people into sleeping forever and if even if you could the formula for Hypnocil readily accessible and prevent them from dreaming," he said stabbing the table with his claws in anger.

"Not even Hypnocil can protect them from this…," I said holding up my beloved spear, "a ghost weapon, that will give you sway not only over humans but ghosts as well," I said smiling.

"What do you get out of it?" he asks adjusting his hat causally.

"All I ask is that among your victims are these two upstarts," I tell him handing him a picture of the children, "these two have interfered in my affairs for too long and I want them out of the way," I said as he studied the picture.

"Ah, fresh meat," Krueger said smiling, "You have a deal," he said shaking my hand, at last I will have revenge.