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Chapter XXXIX: Ne Cadant in Obscurum

Speed Racer

"Destination reached," the computer chimed as I looked out and saw a massive tower in front of us.

"This place looks familiar," I said as we got out and to the door.

"Thank you for coming so quickly," an old man dressed in a purple robe with an hour glass on it, "my brother had some important business to do to but he should be back soon," he told us as he led us inside.

Upon setting foot in this citadel, my mind raced back to that day I crashed on the Track and awoke in that clock room where my father was kept.

"Where are we," Connor asked confused as the old man smiled at him.

"I cannot divulge that only my brother, come I will show you where you are to go," he said as we followed him to what looked like an infirmary. "My brother will tell you what you need to do when he gets back," he said as left the room leaving us to think about this place.


"Goodbye, Danny," I said smiling at my younger self. Normally, I would go after his family to ensure my future becomes reality but seeing him in his weak state I thought it be best to finish him off.

"You…won't…get…away…," he said as he shoved his knee in my gut forcing me to release him. "I won't let you…," he said as kicked him in the face.

"You're…," I began to say as I heard a beeping noise, "what's that," I said grabbing the boy by the neck.

"Temporal field activated," a voice said as I looked down at where the broken Specter Deflector lay on the ground. It started vibrating and glowing, I had been tricked!

"NO!" I said as a flash went off and I went spiraling in the air only to stop at the peak of my free fall. I looked down on the ground and saw Clockwork appear.

"You didn't actually think, I'd let you run free without some restraint did you?" the ghost smiled as he changed into a child and went over to the Phantoms. "Let's get you two out of here," he said waving his staff causing the children to vanish.

I glared down at Clockwork as he acted that he was going to leave me here, "as much as I would love to put you in a double coffin with Freddy Krueger, you're not condemned here. Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten about you," he said taking the thermos from his belt and sucking me in. The last thing I saw was what I thought was Krueger's hand sticking out of the lava but I wasn't sure.


"Where is Clockwork?" the Observants demanded to know, "he has gone to far this time," they said as I looked around.

"Look I am sure whatever he did he had a good reason for doing so," I told them trying to convince them as they glared at me angrily.

"Is there a problem," an elderly voice asked as I saw an old man who bore a strong resemblance to Clockwork asked. He was dressed almost exactly like Clockwork except his hood hid his face with only his beard and shining green eyes showing.

"You! What are you doing here?" They asked the man as he laughed amused by their anger.

"Still obtuse as ever and here I thought that after all these millennia the cure for your disease would have been found," he said chuckling.

"You are not the master of time anymore and neither is your brother," one of the Observants told him sternly, "he has caused too much trouble and cannot be trusted," he continued as the old man shook his head.

"You should be worrying about that log in your own eyes before you go pointing out splinters in my brother's. If my memory serves me right, who was it that let Nocturne keep the spear" he said sternly. "Now, Clockwork is busy and until he returns I am in charge," he told them laughing.

"But," another Observant tried to intervene.

"Now run along to your little temple and continue pretending you know what's best for the timeline," he said as he removed them from the temple and came back. "Don't let the Observants upset you, they are terminally obtuse, it's a disease for which there is no cure and it's best to humor them," he said as he led back to the infirmary.


Light pierced my eyes forcing them open, "Wh…e…re…," I began to say before I stopped in shocked. I could talk but how that's…..

"Impossible?" I heard Clockwork's voice asked as he appeared in front of me, "Allow me to explain," he said smiling as I listened to him.

According to him, I had a new power called the Ghostly Voice that allows a ghost to talk even if they lack a tongue. "It usually first manifests to oneself in the form of a voice in your head and might be mistaken for a conscience even though it is a separate entity from one's conscience. Only one other ghost has the ability," he tells me as I took in this information

"Who?" ask the ghost of time as he smiles at me and tells me it's Wulf.

"Wulf was born in the middle ages to devout Jewish parents outside the town of Cordoba, Spain, but during that time being a Jew was a dangerous thing," he tells me gravely. "His parents were killed during a persecution of the Jews due to an outbreak of Bubonic Plague," he tells me. Why would people blame other people for disease is beyond me and I shuddered at the notion.

Before the mobs killed them, his parents hid him in a nearby cave where he laid for days without anyone paying attention to him.

"Why wouldn't people help him, he was just a baby," I ask confused.

"Like Job of old, the Angel of Accusation decided to test the young lad. He was born with a condition called Hypertrichosis which caused hair to grow all over his body. The mostly Christian citizens of Cordoba shunned fearing him a demon," Clockwork told me. He said it wasn't until almost 3 days later, that an elderly Rabbi found the child and decided to raise him as a son naming him Zev which is Hebrew for wolf.

The Rabbi made sure Wulf grew up to be a proper Jewish man teaching me the holy books of Judaism. "Zev's love for Torah as so fierce that he became a scholar and even the Rabbi wondered if perhaps there a chance that he was the House of David," Clockwork said continuing the story by telling the child then began to delve into a form of mysticism known as Kabalah.

"So how did Wulf lose his voice?" I asked Clockwork curiously as he sighed.

He told me of how in addition to the Yarmulke Zev also wore a mask and hid his hands when he went out to gather food, but one day he forgot to cover his hands and a woman saw him and reported him to the Spanish Inquisition who delivered to the fanatical madman Tomas de Torquemada.

"Zev saw this as a chance to prove his faith to God and stood brave in the face of torture but soon the angel would again decide to test the loyalty of Zev," he said.

One day a cardinal from Rome visited the Inquisition and Torquemada demanded that all prisoners removing their hats. When the cardinal came to Zev, the young man refused to comply. The cardinal was enraged and ripped the skullcap and mask only to be horrified at the sight before him. The priest 

demanded to know if the man was in league with devil but Zev denied it and every time asked he would answer the same way. Finally the cardinal asked one last time to which Zev swore to God that he was not an agent of evil.

"The Cardinal cursed Zev, saying that if in life he would tell him the 'truth' then in death it would be revealed, and ordered his tongue cut off as punishment for his 'blasphemy'," Clockwork told me as he finished by saying that Zev languished in pain for 20 years before dying in agony alone in his cell. "When he woke up in the Ghost Zone, he found the Cardinal's curse had transformed into a wolf and he could speak again but only in a mixture of Hebrew and Aramaic to prevent anyone from ever accusing him of Blasphemy," Clockwork explained, "The other ghosts shunned him due to the curse and gave him the moniker Wulf only talking to me as I taught him Esperanto in the 1800s that was until Danny befriended him," the time master explained to me.

'That doesn't explain why Walker hates him and wants him captured so badly,' I asked him mentally.

Apparently, Walker is descendant of Torquemada. After the monk's death the family not wanting to be associated with the head of the Spanish Inquisition changed their named to Caminante which is Spanish for 'Walker' and moved to the New World in 1500s with Hernan Cortez. "However a change of name cannot hide the pus that flows in one's veins," Clockwork warned.

The Walker's continued their legacy of brutality hoping to extend the Inquisition's powers to the Americas and even when the dread body was dissolved they spread their hatred to civil law. This continued until 1898, when the last Walker, Alarico, died after a prison riot. Unable to find rest he found himself in the Ghost Zone where he became Warden Walker and after finding out that Wulf was an 'enemy' of his ancestor, vowed to capture him.

"Come Danielle, you must rest," Clockwork said turning me taking me to where I could sleep.


"This is place is amazing," I said looking around this place; I have never seen so many clocks in my life. It was amazing but my excited was eclipsed with worry.

Danny and Danielle were badly hurt and I wondered if they would ever get better and if that wasn't enough Speed was acting weird. He keeps searching around looking for something.

"Why can't you tell what you're searching for?" I asked him as I followed through the many rooms until he came to a locked door.

"Because you wouldn't understand it; now help me open this door," he said pulling at the knob but just as the door gave way, I felt my eyes close and I fell to the ground.


"Absolve, Domine, animas omnium fideliium defunctorum ab omno vinculo delictorum et gratia tua illis succurente mereantur evadere iudicium ultionis, et lucis aeterne beatitudine perfrui," the cardinal clad in black robes chanted as the chorus picked up with the Dies Irae.

Days had passed since the frightful events that nearly cost me my life and it still haunts me. I have to undergo therapy to get strong but Danielle promised to be with the entire time. I know with her and Sam's help I will get better in no time.

Speaking of Sam, we have become closer since this events, I don't know what I would without her as she helps me with things that I can't do for the time being.

"How you feeling" she asks me as she gently takes my right hand and helps my cross myself. She gently strokes my bandaged hand lovingly as I smile at her.

"I've been better," I whisper as I see tear roll down her cheek."Hey, I'll be back to ghost fighting in no time and besides what did Rabbi Moischel tell you?" I ask her referring to the Rabbi is teaching her about kosher foods. She's become more devout in her faith since the events that had passed and is trying to learn about some of the laws of Judaism.

"That God will not abandon us in our hour of need," she said as she kissed my forehead and blushed at the display of affection.

"Sam, not in church," I scold her as she giggles and ruffles my hair.


I smiled at the lovers as I watched them from my lair, all has been restored as it should be, despite what the Observants think.

"I really must thank Dr. Spengler for the additions to the Specter Deflector as you would have killed Danny and Danielle if not for his genius," I told Dan who was locked in his thermos again.

"You know that I will get free again," he snapped as I sighed at his stupidity.

"So will Freddy Krueger but thanks to the time field I placed around Hel Island it won't be for centuries," I told him smiling with a chuckle as I changed the scene to the past.

I watched as the demon dictator spread his lies and hate to the masses. Soon Danny would have to face the greatest challenge ever, if he fails and gives into the temptation, he will have doomed more people than the dictator could ever kill, but for now Danny is at peace and that's all that matters.

The End