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Bella's POV

"Where is she?" the lady asked. She looked nice enough. She looked like a mother should look, soft and kind. But I wouldn't allow myself to like her.

"She is over there in that chair," Mrs. Maybury replied in her high pitched voice. She then lowered her voice to continue so I wouldn't hear, but I could hear her every word. "She went through a very terrible ordeal. I don't know any of the details; no one does. All we know is that she witnessed something awful."

"She doesn't talk to anyone. We have put her through therapy, and it isn't working. We can't get anything out of her."

"Oh dear," the lady said.

"I'm terribly sorry that she is the only one we could give you. I knew you wanted to adopt as soon as possible, and she is the only one for now."

"Don't even worry about it. My whole family is very excited to have her. We will love her no matter what."

I looked up at this lady, this strange lady, with an overwhelming sense of confusion. How could she love me when I was broken? How could she love me when she didn't even know me?

Mrs. Maybury walked over to me, the lady trailing closely behind. "Isabella, this is Esme Cullen." So that was her name. "She is the one who is going to adopt you."

"Hello Isabella," Esme said in a very sweet voice. "It is so nice to meet you." She extended her hand out to me, but I wouldn't take it. I couldn't take it.

"I forgot to tell you," Mrs. Maybury whispered. "She doesn't like anyone touching her. No one knows why."

"Oh." Esme pulled her hand away and smiled down at me. "Well, there are so many excited people waiting at your new home. They would love to meet you, Isabella."

I frowned. Why did everyone call me Isabella? I hated that name. That was the name he used. I curled further into my seat.

Esme frowned. "They aren't going to hurt you," she said thinking that I was scared. I was scared, but not of her and her family.

Mrs. Maybury sighed and held out a piece of paper to Esme. "We need you to sign this. Your husband really needs to sign it as well. Just have him come down when he is free."

Esme smiled as she signed the paper. Did she always smile?

"I'll tell him," she replied before handing the paper back. "Now let's get going Isabella. Everyone is so excited to meet you!"

I frowned. Call me Bella! I thought. But I couldn't speak. Even if I wanted to, that day had changed me forever. My mind wouldn't allow me to speak. Not after the threat he had made. Not after what I had seen.

Esme continued to smile softly at me. She extended her hand to me, but I think she knew I wouldn't take it. She only wanted to be nice.

Slowly, I uncurled my self from the chair and stood up. I started to pick up my suitcase, but Esme took it quickly. "You don't worry about a thing," she said. "I'll carry that for you."

I wrapped my arms around myself and followed her, my body shaking. I always shook when I was out in the open. I hated feeling exposed. I always felt exposed.

"Goodbye, Isabella!" Mrs. Maybury called after me. She was a nice lady. She took care of me as long as she could. I found that I would actually kind of miss her.

I turned and gave her a tiny wave. She smiled at me and waved back for the last time.

I turned back towards Esme and followed her to a silver car. Inside the car sat a boy who looked to be about my age. He immediately got out of the car and took my things from Esme.

"This is Edward, one of my sons. I adopted him a few years ago," Esme said.

"It's nice to meet you," Edward said smiling. He held out his hand, but Esme shook her head.

"She doesn't like to be touched. No one knows why. And she doesn't talk."

Edward withdrew his hand and frowned slightly, cocking his head to one side. He looked at me curiously. "Why not?"

"Apparently, she witnessed something terrible," Esme explained. "Mrs. Maybury, the adoption director, said they had her in therapy, but it wasn't working."

I looked down, keeping my arms wrapped around myself. I didn't like them talking about me as if I wasn't here.

"She's shaking," Edward commented. "And I don't think she likes us talking about her like she isn't here."

I looked up at him wide eyed. How did he know?

"Why do you think that?" Esme asked.

He frowned. "I don't know. It's just a feeling I am getting."


"What's her name?" Edward asked. He still looked at me curiously.


I frowned.

"Bella…" he breathed. I looked at him again, shocked.

"No, Isabella," Esme corrected.

I frowned again. Why couldn't they understand that I didn't want to be called that?

"See how she frowns?" Edward asked. "She doesn't like being called Isabella."

Esme looked at me and then at Edward. "And you know this how?" she asked.

"I don't know." He looked away from me and shook his head. "Anyway, everyone will be anxious to meet Bella." I smiled slightly. I liked that name. "We should get going."

"Oh, yes!" Esme opened the back door of the car for me and watched me get in slowly. I buckled my seatbelt and curled up. Now I didn't feel so exposed.

"I think you are going to like everyone," Edward said as he started driving away.

No one ever really talked to me. They only talked about me. I really liked how Edward included me. And he seemed to know what I liked and didn't like.

"Emmett is a little obnoxious," he said chuckling. "And Alice is a little…hyper to say the least. But I'm positive you will love them just the same."

I nodded once very quickly to show him I had heard him. He saw through the mirror and smiled.

After a while, we pulled onto a dirt path. It seemed to go on forever, but we finally reached the end of it. Outside, I could see a huge house, many people standing in the front of it.

Edward got out and opened my door for me. I unbuckled myself with shaking hands and got out, wrapping my arms around myself again.

Edward put his hand on my shoulder to lead me to the porch. I jumped away from him, and he immediately withdrew his hand.

"Sorry," he said softly. He put his hands in his pockets and smiled at me. "Shall we?" he asked.

I nodded once quickly.

"Welcome home," he said before leading me to the front porch.

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