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Notes: This is pre-series NCIS, focused primarily on Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo working as a Baltimore Police Detective in Homicide. Gibbs and NCIS will make appearances, but, unlike the JAG-NCIS episodes, I most likely won't include Miss Vivian Blackadder.

Notes: This story has been edited ince it was last updated and has two endings (one happy the other not so happy). Please keep that in mind Chapters Ten and Eleven.



Baltimore Police Department, 2001


A large, well-built man with cropped grey hair is standing amidst some unoccupied desks, a number of heads raise at loud yelling before returning back to work.


"Cap'n?" A younger man is seen leaning one-armed out of a doorway, eyebrows raised and mouth upturned at the summons.

"We've got another one, move it!"

Ducking back inside the room, 'DiNozzo' grabs a dark tan leather blazer, his gun and badge. Walking out, he clips his gun onto his belt and slips his badge on.

"On it"


Crime Scene, downtown Baltimore, public park.

DiNozzo and Elks walk up to attending uniform, each flash badges and ID as DiNozzo introduces them. " Detectives Elks and DiNozzo. Whadda we got?"

"Early morning jogger found the victim just off the pathway, says he thought he saw something going past, turned around to check. Saw the victim, upchucked in the bushes over there before calling the PD. Took the call on duty, I was the closest at the time. Sealed off the scene at a 100 meter perimeter, called it in."

"M.E been called in yet?"

"Yes sir, but she's been delayed. Won't be here for another 45 minutes or so yet."

DiNozzo and Elks nod at the uni, who returns to watch the jogger and keep the scene clear. Walking up to the body, the pair begin to talk.

"You wanna sketch kid? Crime scene guys will be here in two to tag'n'bag"

"Sure" DiNozzo walks over to corpse, kneels down to take a closer look. "Dan?"

Preoccupied, Dan keeps snapping photos, answering distractedly. "Yeah kid?"

"Think we got a problem" DiNozzo calls, lifting his hand to wave his partner over.

"What's up?" Elks asks and takes one last snap before looping the camera strap back over his head, letting it hang and walking over to DiNozzo.

"Dog tags" DiNozzo states without preamble. "Looks like we've got ourselves a Marine Dan."

"So?" Elks shrugs, "It's our juri."

"Not really, technically it's NCIS' jurisdiction" DiNozzo states, pulling out his cell. "You wanna call the Lieutenant, I'll call NCIS?"

Elks pulls out his phone, dialling as he speaks, "Who?"

"NCIS. Naval Criminal Investigative Service" DiNozzo says, using his hand to cover the mouthpiece whilst he spoke to his partner.

"How the hell do you even know that?" Elks asked brusquely as he too walked a little way away for a better signal and some quiet.

The younger man shrugged as he punched in some numbers, "Read it somewhere."

Somewhere not too far away, an office phone started to ring.


"Boss?" Dan speaks on the phone while DiNozzo attends to his own phone call to NCIS or whatever. Sometimes he wondered how that kid knew so much. It always just looked like he was mucking about. Then again, that's exactly why Danny liked him. Shrugging as he hung up from his own call, he called out to his partner, "Lieutenant says we should try for shared jurisdiction."

DiNozzo nods in recognition, finishing up his call and hangs up too after a moment grinning, "He actually say that?"

"Not quite, I censored it for your young, sensitive ears" Dan says, grinning back.

"Pissed at losing the case?" DiNozzo wagered, rolling his eyes at his partner's statement.

"You got it. Practically foamed at the mouth, said the feds were like vultures, always circling, trying to claim the fame. 'Course he used more... forceful speech" Elks said, spitting onto the ground casually at the end of his statement.

"You don't sound too pissed about having to at least share, if not give up jurisdiction, Dan" DiNozzo stated.

"I'm not, kid. I'm three months away from retiring, what do I care about one more pissing contest we're in with the feds? Soon enough, it won't be my problem. And really, they can have this guy, especially if it's connected to that last case" Elks said, looking carefully at DiNozzo.

DiNozzo grimaced at the thought of the case then laughed, "Well, the NCIS gang should be here in 45 to an hour. Meanwhile, we have the fun duty of keeping the crime scene clear and any journo's away."

"Great" The older man drawled out sarcastically, "You ever notice how we always catch the lunchtime cases?" he asked.

The younger man laughed, "That or the 2 AM call-ins. You gotta love that about homicide, they have excellent sense of timing"

"If by excellent you mean pain in my Irish arse then, yeah, kid, it's a bundle o' laughs" the police detective said with a wry grin.


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