JKR tells us nothing about Minervas thoughts and emotions at the end of HBP – I try to fill in a bit. Many thanks to MMADfan for her help with the translation of my Drabble from german into english.


The End of an Era

The fight was over.

Death Eaters in Hogwarts!

How could that have happened?

Now they were gone,

one lay dead in the hallway.

Miraculously, no one on their side had been killed.

Bill, however, had been badly wounded.

Albus, it appeared, had suspected something,

but, accompanied by Harry, he had left.

Harry – didn't he just now storm through the corridor

pursuing the attackers?

Yes, he is standing out there with Hagrid.

Why are they turning towards the Astronomy Tower?


That couldn't possibly be …


She closed her eyes and focussed on what strength remained left

somewhere within her.