This is my first story ever, since English is not my native tongue please forgive me for my mistakes. Like Ziva I can manage English quit well but like her I do get confused with the idioms/proverbs sometimes, words spoken are totally different from the way you write them, so sometimes you've just got to litererly speak instead of reading my words. Since I also am not aware of the regulations, laws and other legal stuff in the USA, mistakes will be made but bare with me. I am from Europe, Netherlands to be exact. I have not seen the season 5 finale yet, but read a small synopsis and that got me thinking. So here it is, my very first story, and I am scared as hell.

All the characters don't belong to me and I never had or will have the illusion of owning them. I like criticism, but only those who I can use, so telling me my story sucks, doesn't really help. Language improvements are always welcome. (big grin)

"Nice and Slow"

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Ziva opened her front door to find Tony standing there. "hey" he said. "hey" she said, while turning around leaving Tony at the front door .

As he walked in, he closed the door and started to look around, "you don't waste time, were is all you stuff"

"They already picked it up, about an hour ago, my plane leaves at 09.30 tomorrow morning, ..besides I didn't take all my stuff with me from Tel Aviv anyway, I rented the place with everything in it"

Tony sighed…"you already got your marching orders"

Yess, I did….first home then a view medical and physical tests and then ……Ziva stopped midsentence...then who knows".

"well who knows what" Tony asked.

Ziva looked at him "Tony…...don't ask, that way I don't have to lie to you" She looked at him with eyes that he just couldn´t resist any longer.

He wanted her, all this time she was off limits to him, simply because they were partners, not just because Gibbs would have him keelhauled if he ever were to sleep with his partner, it was one of his own rules as well, it was just too complicated, but now she was no longer his partner, hell… she was going back to Israel to do God knows what, and there was the other important factor, he loved her.

Tony stood up walked over to Ziva, took her face in his hands and gave her a long, slow and very passionate kiss. She responded by leaning into him and returning his kiss with an a hunger he didn´t expect.

Slowly she was taking of his shirt, gently pushing it over his bare shoulders, her hands guiding it all the way down, hesitating at his jeans, but that´s where he took over, he lifted her arms so her shirt would come off much more easily.

Then he proceeded to guide her to her own bedroom, were he lifted her onto the bed.

"are you sure" he whispered, "as sure as you are" came her husky whispered replay.

The night that followed was filled with passion, love and knowing that they each had found their soulmates.

Tony woke up, realizing something, or better yet someone was lying on top of him. Ziva had managed to somehow sleep right on top of him the entire night. Well, he mused she hadn't been lying when she had said she liked being on top during their undercover mission.

"Ziva, ziva wake up" He softly rubbed her back, trying to wake her up gently. He could feel her body slowly starting to wake up. "what …." he heard her mumble, a voice filled with sleep.

"promise me one thing, Ziva, don't get yourself killed, I couldn't bear losing you, not after it took this long for me to find you"

Ziva lifted up her head, looking him straight in the eyes "you know I cannot make that promise, Tony…. but I can promise you this, I´ll be more careful with everything I do"

Tony sighed, he knew he had to be content with what he could get, like him she wasn't the type to open up no matter what the occasion would be. He would crack a joke or quote a move , Ziva would just go into silent mode, like she was doing right now. She moved away from him, got out of bed, he could feel it straight away, she was already creating a distance between them in order to protect herself from him, like she was starting to feel guilty for letting somebody see the real woman behind the mask.

They all had gathered at the airport to see her off, even Abby had left her sanctuary in order to see her friend off. She and Ziva had become real friends, in spite of the fact that Abby was still afraid of showing any affection towards Ziva because she was afraid of losing another close friend to her. Kate had been a good friend and Abby just couldn't take another loss like that again, so she wouldn't let Ziva get real close but everyone knew Ziva had grown on Abby.

After what Abby always lovingly referred to as a grouphug had taken place, Ziva faced Gibbs. She gave him a small smile, not really knowing what to do or say, she shook his hand. Gibbs just pulled her into his arms and gave her a hug. "I'll get you back, one way or another, I'll get you back" He whispered in her ear.

Ziva turned around and proceeded to walk to the cargo plane that was going to take her back to Israel, she had already said her goodbyes to Ducky, Palmer and MacGee, but mostly to Tony, she just couldn't face him anymore, she didn't want him (or the others) to see her close to tears. It was the longest walk of her life.

Tony just stood there, letting her take his heart and soul with her. Gibbs could see how Tony just simply broke to pieces inside, he knew then and there, Tony had lost his heart to the female Mossad agent who entered their lives more then 2 years ago.

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