Chapter 4

Ziva was going nuts, Tony had been the perfect gentleman the last view weeks, he would come over, make diner, take her out to fancy restaurants, watch movies with her but never made one move towards her. It was driving her insane.

Even at work he would leave her alone, no jokes were made on her account, poor MacGee was the one that got it all, but on her side it was downright boring, she began to long for the day that doctor Moshe Cohen would give her the all clear.

That night she lay besides Tony, who once again didn´t do anything not even the tiniest move, not even when she started to make the first moves, she was getting pissed about it, she just wanted him, hmmmm she thought, is this how men feel when a woman plays hard to get.

Later that week doctor Cohen gave Ziva the all clear, on one condition, she was going to have to take it nice and slow. He made sure Gibbs was aware of that fact before he signed the release form. The following day, Ziva and Tony had to pick up a witness who needed to be brought in for a line up.

They knocked on his door. "Mr. Rivers, Tony DiNozzo, NCIS we talked on the phone yesterday, we would like it if you would come with us to identify a suspect"

Tony and Ziva looked at each other when they heard noices coming from the back.

Tony sighed "why do they always run, he's just a witness for crying out loud"

When they rounded the corner, they saw the man disappear into the sewer.

Tony didn't think much of it when he lowerd himself into the sewer as well, he looked up and saw Ziva staring down at him and slowly she made her way down aswel.

Tony started to go after the man they were chasing, after a view hundred meters almost crawling on his hands and knees through the sewer, he realized Ziva wasn't with him.

Tony went back to find Ziva only a view meters away from the entrance, she was squatting and slowly rocking back and forth and mumbling something in Hebrew.

Tony sat down with her, knowing something was terribly wrong. "what's wrong, why …."He was cut off in the middle of his sentence, when Ziva yelled at him. "I can't do it, it's too dark, it's just too dark" She more or less crawled back to the ladder and got out.

"what the hell" Tony went after her. "what the hell are you yelling at me for, it's not my fault you are afraid off the dark, did your daddy tell you to much ghost stories when you were little"

Ziva turned around and slapped him in the face and was literally screaming at him "you don't know, you don't understand, you wouldn't understand"

"then tell me, so I can try to understand" Tony was getting made, ever since she got back she looked like she carried the world on her shoulders, but she never opened up to him. He had given her space, time or whatever else she needed, he had done exactly what Gibbs told him, but he had enough already, he needed to know what was eating her up inside, it was driving him insane not to hold her, to touch her, to make love to her, to feel every part of her body.

When they got back at NCIS Gibbs looked surprised "didn't I make myself clear, I send you two to go and get me my witness "

"he got away" Tony looked at Ziva "he was just too fast for us to catch up" Gibbs looked at the two of them and decided to let it be, evidently something had happened between these two.

Ziva went home early, what had she done, she slapped Tony in the face, he hadn't deserved that, when she was lying in bed she couldn't help but feel guilty.

Tony couldn't sleep either, what was wrong with her. He flipped through the TV channels but never really looked, not even at a old episode of Magnum P.I could peek his interest. When his doorbell rang, he opened up to see Ziva standing there.

"hi"she said and small smile appeared on her face. "can I come in"

"Yes, sure" Tony backed off and Ziva walked in, when Tony closed his door, he was about to tell Ziva how sorry he was for his outburst from this afternoon, when she put a finger on his mouth, "shhhhh, I do the talking yes" Tony nodded, grabbing her hand as reassurance. Somehow he knew she would need it. Ziva took a deep breath closed her eyes and started to talk. She told him everything, about being blown up in the tunnel, about being buried alive, her wounds, the three months in hospital, her nightmares, but most of all her current fear of the darkness, which was the cause of their fight from this afternoon.

When she was done, Tony was near tears. "Why didn't you tell me, I could have been there for you"

She was moved by him, he cried for her. God, how she loved him, he truly was her soulmate. She slowly started to move towards him "You of all people have been there for me Tony, be there for me now, I need to feel you Tony, I need to feel you touch me, love me, make me yours again. Please don't turn me away"

"God, Ziva you don't know how much I have wanted you for the last view weeks, but Gibbs told us you needed time and space, and I agreed, so that is what I gave you"

"well, I am telling you now, I am done with time, and I am certainly done with the fact, you giving me space" Ziva started to remove his shirt, but was stopped by Tony "no, it's my turn now"

He removed her coat, then started with her shirt, but in turn was stopped by Ziva. "I ……scars…"

"shhhh,be silent my little ninja woman and let me look for myself" Tony proceeded with the removal of her shirt and when he saw the scars on her left arm and shoulder, he held his breath, all the time they were together she made sure he never really got to see them, he knew she got wounded, but she never really allowed him to see the full extent of her injuries. Tony moved to Ziva's back, and when he started to kiss each and every one of the scars he felt Ziva shivering with anticipation.He slowly moved down, first he removed her bra and then got rid of her trousers, and before Ziva could even respond to any of this he covered her mouth with his. Ziva let go of what little control she had left and made sure Tony was getting rid of his clothes just as fast as she was getting rid of hers.

When Tony carried her into his bedroom, he asked her. "Can we do this, did your doctor gave the all clear" Ziva nodded "Yes, he just had one condition, just take it nice and slow, and I fully agree with him, we have to take it nice and slow" The time of healing had begun.

The End

Author's Note

This was my very first story, but more are to follow. Thank you very much for all your input. I was scared at first, but all of you made me feel very welcome.