"I wish we could have had more time together" said Prince Caspian as he looked over Susan's head, and into the dark eyes of Edmund. Edmund gently pushed his way through his siblings, a calm smile on his lips. He came to a stop in front of the Telmarine, silently peering into Caspian's dark eyes. Eyes that appeared calm and poised to his people, but to Edmund, these eyes said a thousand words.

He enveloped Caspian into a hug, and when the Prince's arms went around his waist, he softly said, "I'll come back when you call me. No need to say goodbye".

He starred into Edmund's eyes, and just as the young boy began to turn away from him, he swiftly turned back into Caspian's arms as their lips found each other. The crowd in front of them gasped, but those sounds fell upon deaf years as the two boys continued their chaste kiss. Peter and Susan's mouths were drawn into small, easy going smiles as they glanced at each other. Lucy, however, had a smile so big that it would surely hurt later.

The boys ended their kiss, and Edmund laid his head upon Caspian's shoulder. "I'll come back when you call me. No need to say goodbye" Edmund whispered these words as he parted from Caspian's embrace. Caspian's eyes, which before had expressed a sad 'what could have been', now shined with a hopeful 'what will be'. Caspian watched as Edmund joined his siblings, and as they exchanged goodbyes with Aslan and Dear Little Friend. Peter walked through the parted tree, Susan shortly after. Before he crossed through, Edmund turned his head and gave Caspian a wink, to which Caspian replied with a wink of his own.

All four siblings once again stood in the bustling train station, looking behind them. The whistle blew, bringing them back to reality as they quickly grabbed their luggage.

"Coming Phyllis?" asked the strange boy in glasses, and the Pevensies quickly boarded the train as the doors shut behind them. Each of them stood, alone in their thoughts of Narnia. Peter thought of all the lessons he had learned. Susan thought of all the memories she had made. Lucy thought of all the friends she had found. Edmund thought of a love that grew quickly inside of him, a love that will continue to grow, no matter what. Closing his eyes, he thought fondly of Aslan's words, spoken to him just moments before Caspian was crowned king.

"You'll come back, when they call you. No need to say goodbye".