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Chapter 3. The Prince

Yumi's eyes snapped open not because of the groaning of the crowd or at the darkness that enveloped the stage but because she felt something warm and moist touched her lips. She was frozen in her place with utter shock.

'Yuuki! How dare you! You aren't supposed to do that!' Yumi screamed in her mind as she trembled with anger. She couldn't believe Yuuki would actually do this! She opened her mouth to protest, but it was a wrong move because the Prince took advantage of it and delved his tongue inside her mouth.

Yumi gasped, not only because of the act but because of what she felt inside, a warm feeling creeping in her body. She was shocked due to the kiss, and more so of what she felt inside, which she immediately recognized as desire. She couldn't possibly desire her own brother! It was totally absurd! And disgusting! This couldn't be!

She tried to break free from the kiss but the intruding lips chased hers and kissed her deeply. Her attempt to speak, too, was drowned in the other person's mouth, causing him to moan, which to her horror, she answered with a moan of pleasure as her hands reach for his hair. Now she was really panicking. She was about to push him at the thought of herself enjoying her brother's kiss when she realized something.

Since when did her brother's hair smelt so feminine and so fragrant? And she could tell through her fingers on his hair that they were long and soft. Yuuki didn't have long hair, did he? So why did her fingers could feel that his hair was long, making her want to bury her fingers and caress its softness?

And to her utter horror, she kissed the Prince back.

They kissed for some time, with Yumi's mind and desires battling in her. She didn't want kissing him and yet she liked kissing him, the contradiction making her head hurt. Although if she was to be honest with herself, it felt like she was kissing Sachiko right now. That even when the Prince' lips touched hers for the first time seconds earlier, she thought that it was Sachiko, though her rational mind couldn't agree because she knew for a fact that Yuuki was the Prince. There was no way that her Prince would be Sachiko.

And more so, there was no way Sachiko would kiss her let alone think of something like that. She was sure of that. But to like kissing her own brother…

She shivered in disgust to herself and to Yuuki's actions.

When finally the Prince pulled back, light slowly returned to the stage and her dazed eyes met not big brown eyes but rather dazed blue eyes. Her eyes gone impossibly big and she froze in place. Her breathing literally stopped at the sight that greeted her.

'Onee-sama!' Yumi screamed in her mind.


Yumi was still in dazed as the play neared to the end. The words 'Onee-sama kissed me?' kept playing on her mind over and over.

She couldn't believe it! Was everything a dream? Was she in fantasy world, of magic and spells?

She faltered in her steps while dancing with her Prince.

"Sleeping Beauty, please act accordingly," Yumi's Prince whispered for her ears alone.

She almost bristled at the words. How could she act accordingly after what just happened, Yumi wanted to scream. But her Prince, Sachiko, was right. It would be embarrassing if she…


She stopped on her steps. Did the audience saw Sachiko and her kissing? She stared at Sachiko with wide eyes and fear.


The lights were out that time, she answered herself. She stopped worrying when Sachiko cupped her cheek briefly, tenderly, before she led her once more to the dance. Gazing at Sachiko's beautiful blue eyes, she forgot everything and smiled as she danced beautifully and gracefully with her Prince. She would think about the events that transpired later. For now, she would enjoy herself at the arms of her beloved Prince.


Despite the power interruption and all, the play was a success. However, it didn't even register in Yumi's mind. It seemed so trivial, what with the event of Sachiko kissing her. Not even a success in play and a round of applause could top what she felt afterwards. She was so happy she felt like her feet were floating in the air. She felt lightheaded with giddiness, and yet there was still a twinge of worry in her mind. Sure Sachiko kissed her, but did that mean that Sachiko desired her, too? That Sachiko loved her like she did, too?

Confused, Yumi had her things in order fast, wanting to be left alone to think of the things that had happened to her, of her world suddenly seeming to be turned upside down. After a while, she walked away to go home, glad that the rain had already stooped. She wasn't even aware if she had said goodbye or anything to the others. Her mind and insides were in a knot. She could feel worry and desire at the same time. And she could feel her lips still throbbing from the Prince' kiss.

Yumi wasn't out of school grounds yet when she heard soft footsteps behind her.

"Going away without your prince, Sleeping Beauty?"

Yumi whirled around at the sound of that familiar voice just to see Sachiko smiling a bit shakily at her.

"Onee-sama," Yumi whispered. Her heart started drumming so loud again. Not that it didn't so for the last half hour or more.

She stared at her feet, unable to met Sachiko's gaze. She didn't know what to say. Sachiko seemed at a lost for words, too, because she just remained standing there, staring at her.

"Yumi, are you mad at me?" Sachiko asked uncertainly, looking at everything but Yumi.

"Mad? Why would I be?" Yumi asked in surprise, lifting her eyes to glance briefly at Sachiko before turning her gaze away.

"Well, aren't you mad at me for…for taking advantage of you? For k-kissing you?" Sachiko stammered for the first time in her life. This was harder than she had imagined it to be.

Yumi took a deep breath.

"Well, isn't it supposed to be for the Prince to wake Sleeping Beauty with a kiss? You just did what should be done, so why would I be mad?" She said, trying to act nonchalant about the fact that she and Sachiko had just shared a passionate kiss not so long ago and no less in a place where others could see them.

"That's not it," Sachiko whispered.

Yumi could see different emotions crossing in Sachiko's face, but worry and fear were the most visible in there. She didn't want seeing Sachiko like that. With a deep breath, she decided to help Sachiko address the issue at hand.

"M-my prince, would you still k-kiss your princess even if it's not in a play?" Yumi asked softly, shakily, uncertainly, as she felt heat crept on her face. She didn't have the courage to ask Sachiko directly about her feelings so she would use another way.

Sachiko's eyes widened, before they mellowed.

"Certainly, my princess. Would you let me?" Sachiko said in a soft voice.

Yumi closed her eyes and parted her lips in response as she waited for her Prince' kiss. It didn't take long before she felt her Prince' soft lips on hers. She sighed with pleasure as she returned the kiss. In her mind, she could see herself and Sachiko dancing in a ballroom, dressed in fancy dresses, smiling and gazing lovingly at each other as their bodies swayed with the soft music. When the music ended, their lips touched in a soft, gentle kiss. And as her mind drifted back to the present, the reality of Sachiko's arms around her and hers to her, their lips touching in soft caresses, she moaned with pleasure. This was a dream come true, a fantasy turned into reality. For her, this was the perfect ending of her fairy tale. Or probably the beginning for more good things as she felt Sachiko's smile before their kisses became deeper.


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