Chapter 1 - In which an idea is formed

Set in Transformers: Animated during season 2.
There will probably be slash in later chapters, as a warning.
This is my first full, proper story with chapters and stuff! XD Here goes nothing...

He sat on his throne, deep in thought, submerged in silence except for the creaking of Blitzwing and Lugnut as they snuck around the base trying to make as little noise as possible. Occasionally, he would hear the whirring of Blitzwing's faces as his two more rational personalities tried to restrain their louder, noisy and altogether random little brother. Now and then, the manic face would push through and a stifled giggle would echo around the room before the panicked cold face would spin back around and silence it.

At least they were trying to be quiet, Megatron supposed, but he let out a disgruntled rumble anyway.

His optics were shut as the idea formed slowly in his head; blurry at first, becoming clearer, logical, planned. Standing proud, an indestructible warrior. Beautiful, dead yet alive, capable of flight…a weapon, an advantage, an asset.

Megatron onlined his optics abruptly, causing Lugnut and Blitzwing to flinch. "We need Starscream back," he declared.

Apparantly, this was just too much for Blitzwing, whose random face raced back into focus laughing and cackling as if Megatron had just told the funniest joke in the world. Lugnut stood, flabbergasted, mouth opening and closing trying to choke out a protest through his shock, while Blitzwing began to roll on the floor clutching at his sides, tears rolling down his black face.

"M-my Lord!" Lugnut finally squawked, "Starscream is a traitor! He needs to be destroyed, he cannot be trusted, he will try to -"

"ENOUGH!" boomed Megatron, as Blitzwing's redder face whirred back into view. "It is obvious, is it not, Lugnut? I keep killing him, yet he comes back from the dead every time! Would it not be an advantage to have a soldier in my ranks who cannot be destroyed?"

"My liege," Blitzwing's blue face flipped around, cool and collected, "as it stands, he is a traitor, and a disadvantage. You vould need to regain his loyalty for him to be useful."

"Correct…now, the issue is how to regain that loyalty," Megatron rumbled thoughtfully.

Lugnut growled unhappily, grudgingly trying to think of an idea to help his idol. Blitzwing's red face spun around and suggested that the three of them beat Starscream up until he pledges his allegiance to Megatron again, but his cold face quickly contradicted this by suggesting a gentler approach by offering Starscream an incentive of some kind. In contrast to Blitzwing, who seemed to suddenly be full of ideas, Lugnut gave up trying to be helpful and went and sat in the corner, sulking that he was not more recognized for his absolute devotion and loyalty.

"OO-hoo-hoo, I know! Vhy don't you get married!?" the black face suddenly chuckled.

The green and purple giant gaped in horror. Married? Married? The unsurpassable Megatron, taking that whiny, backstabbing little glitch Starscream as his equal?The very idea! Even more disgusting, certainly, was the thought of Starscream as a bride, since there was no way in the pit that Megatron would stoop to anything lower than the role of the groom. He turned to Megatron, expecting to see the same disgust on his master's face, but instead…Lugnut's jaw dropped even further. Megatron looked pensive. Pensive! He was actually considering the awful idea!

"You know…" Megatron said softly, "that's not a bad idea."

With a loud, heavy thud, Lugnut fainted.