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It was sunrise, and Toku gazed out across the island that, he supposed, was theirs now. Saitaku had gone to take her anger and frustration out on some poor villagers, so that left him to decide what to do next. Villages dotted the landscape and, now they were theirs, he could sense the people getting up and going to work. He guessed he should be fulfilling his duties as a good god, but he felt strangely tired and nauseous every time he looked at the scorched patch of ground where Omoi's temple had stood. Pieces of marble masonry lay scattered like unwanted toys around the temple's cliff. He supposed he was lucky they had missed his temple, but he didn't care, really. Another factor in his depression and sadness was the loss of his creature: Vir and Letalis had gone missing and by the hint Nemesis had dropped the previous night, he guessed they had been taken to another land. Without Vir, Toku felt cold and exposed to the Void. He couldn't remember it being like this before he got his creature, but they say you only appreciate something when it's gone. As he sat, considering these theories and sifting through his memories, there was a thud outside.

"Hey…" he sighed, glancing up as Saitaku entered his room, sheathing her bloodstained katana.

"How's your stomach?" she asked

"Healing…" he replied. "Oh and I never got to thank you for that."

"Think nothing of it, Toku"

"…So, what now?" Toku asked.

"I think it's obvious!" Saitaku said, raising an eyebrow. "The vortex is still there: we go after them, get our creatures back and kill Lethys and Nemesis."

"It's obviously a trap…" sighed Toku, head in hands.

"Listen to me" Saitaku suddenly snapped, angrily. "Do you miss your creature?"

"Obviously!" Toku was taken aback at her attitude.

"And aren't you angry that Nemesis killed Omoi?"

"Yes, I am!"

"…and what about the others: Caledra, Khazaar and the rest of the clan?"

"Of course I'm angry, but I'm just a lowly good god. I can't fight Nemesis!" Toku stood as he shouted this: surprising himself with his anger. Saitaku simply smiled; her cherubic mouth twisting into something between an attractive grin and a sneer.

"Well pull yourself together!" She hissed in a low voice, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck. "We fight together. Only together can we avenge the Clan, and Omoi, and recover our creatures."

Toku was about to come back with a sharp retort, when he realised his fear and depression was gone. He smiled and shrugged on his coat.

"We're going to need a lot of supplies if we're going to a new world…"

Saitaku smiled again and, on the spur of the moment, kissed him on the cheek.

"I knew I could persuade you! Let's go kick their asses!" she shrieked happily.


Toku was gathering supplies and scaffolds when he remembered Omoi had dropped his chain before dying, as had Caledra with her sword. He retrieved these weapons from the snow, and arranged them into a shrine, of sorts, on their temple plateau. He stabbed the sword into the ground and hung the chain around the hilt. He then knelt before this memorial and muttered:

"Rest well."

"I will; thank you…" a familiar voice answered him from behind. Toku whirled and saw Omoi standing in his scruffy clothing and long black hair.

"You're alive!?" he gasped. Omoi simply smiled and gazed at the little shrine.

"There was a lot I wanted to do before I died: and killing Nemesis was one of my tasks."

"So you want me to go for you?"

"Look around you and you'll find strength in everything. That should tell you that you are infinitely strong, even when you feel weak." Omoi told his friend. Toku turned to look at the tribute, and said:
"I don't feel strong. Do you really think I can win?"

"Who are you talking to?" Saitaku asked him. Toku turned again, and saw that where Omoi had been standing, Saitaku now stood before him.

"Omoi was…" he muttered.

"There's no-one here, Toku." She said, sadness hinting in her voice.

Toku simply turned and looked back across the island they had fought together on.

"Come on; there's a lot to do if we're going through that vortex." Saitaku said, gently touching his shoulder. He stood and flew away from her, to one of his villages for scaffolds.

Gradually, the twin piles of general village-building 'stuff', and huddles of people grew beside the whirling mass of nothing. Altogether: they readied almost a hundred people, a few-dozen houses, two village totems and storehouses, two workshops and countless amounts of food and wood.

"Ready?" Saitaku asked Toku, an encouraging smile playing across her face.

"Always; let's do this…" he replied. Together, shoving everything in ahead of them, they stepped into the vortex and everything dissolved into a cloud of rainbow colours and impossible shapes, and they were whisked away.

Whatever was waiting for them beyond the portal; they would be ready for it.


Well there's Order and Chaos finished. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I only wish I had more reviews, but thank you to those of you who did review. I'm sorry custom characters weren't featured in this one, but maybe another time, there will be room. The next story will be coming soon and I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am :)