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"All right, then. Martha, Jack, show them the way to the bathrooms and kitchen, okay? And by the way, anyone seen Rose?"

"Jackie called," Jack, who was following Martha and the rest down the hall, turned around and answered, "Said it was too loud in here and went to her room."

"I see," The Doctor muttered, frowning a bit at the mention of Rose's mom. He devoted his attention to the TARDIS controls as the room became truly vacated, excepting him, of course. The TARDIS gave a groan of effort as he pulled a lever to get them in the vortex and out of sight. "Getting old," The Time Lord murmured affectionately, stroking the column. She gave a shudder of indignation. He chuckled, "Don't worry, so am I."

As the TARDIS calmed down and the lights dimmed for the night, the Doctor decided it was time for tea. Even though he didn't sleep ¾ of the time, he would never go a night without tea with Rose. It had started back to when he had taken her to see the end of Earth; she was having troubles sleeping with all the unfamiliarity, so he had brought her something she knew to help her sleep: tea. The next night she had made it, and then he, and then she until it wasn't something they thought about anymore. It was up there with brushing teeth and taking showers; they couldn't just not do it. And tonight was his night.

Briefly, he considered the notion that she was still on the phone when the tea was all made and he was standing outside her door, but he couldn't hear any voices, so he opened it without hesitation.

"Rose?" The Doctor asked quietly, just in case. There was no answer. He peered around the room carefully until he noticed a lump shaking underneath the pink duvet. "Rose?" He asked again, walking over softly.

A moment passed, and the lump shifted so Rose faced him, all smiles. "Hi, Doctor." Her voice was wispy and her make-up a little smudged in an obvious effort to hide the fact it had been running. She had been crying.

"Rose?" It wasn't asking for her presence anymore, it was asking why. Why was she upset, and what could he do so she wasn't? He set the cups down on her nightstand and sat down next to her, placing a hand on the shoulder.


"Are you alright?" What a stupid thing to ask, the Doctor scolded himself mentally. If she had been okay, she wouldn't have been crying. But it had been said and couldn't be unsaid (never trying that again), so all he could do was wait for a response.

"Yeah, I'm fine, why?" Rose responded, sitting up now and wrapping her arms around her knees.

"You were crying."

"No I wasn't." The smile was gone.

"You're a terrible liar."

"No I'm not." And just like that it was back, curving the edges of her lips upwards and letting her tongue peek out. He smiled too, but pulled the cup of tea back when she tried to reach for it.

"Come on, give it here."

"Not until you tell me why you were crying."

Rose eyed him and the cup for a moment, weighing her options carefully. If she didn't tell him, she would be free to mourn by herself in peace and possibly keep some dignity, but if she told him, she would have comfort and possibly some understanding. And there was that fantastic tea…

"Alright," She sighed, looking down, "Mum's getting married."

The Doctor blinked in surprise, "Really? To whom?"

"Oh, well you don't mind him." He said in confusion, trying to figure out the puzzle that is female emotions.

"I don't mind him dating her."

The last puzzle fell in to piece. Oh. Oh, Rose. The Doctor wrapped his arms around her in comfort, unsure of what to say next.

"It's stupid," Rose murmured into his shoulder, "Everything you've been through… you handle everything so well, and here I am, crying about my mum getting married. Stupid."

"It is not stupid," He assured her, still a bit dubious that she would compare his actions to her mum's. "Rose, you've every right to be upset. I've known enough people by now to know that a parent re-marrying is never anything easy, for anyone."

"But the way you--"

"Don't you dare compare this situation to me. I've never had to go throw anything even remotely like this, and I never, ever will. How do you know I wouldn't react the same?"

"Because you're the Doctor."


"God, you scared me!"

"Sorry. Mind if I join you?"

"Yeah, sure." Donna silently cursed herself for sounding too eager, but Jack didn't seem to mind as he sat down in front of her. In fact, he seemed a little flattered, if anything.

"Aren't you supposed to be in bed with the rest? And I don't mean it that way." He flashed her a dazzling grin. She chuckled and stirred her coffee some more, trying not to look up at him in case she started to stare.

"Nah. It was morning when the Doctor landed. And you? Shouldn't you be… asleep?"

Jack grinned, noticing her avoidance of the word 'bed'. "I don't sleep much anymore."

She raised an eyebrow, "Anymore?"

"It's complicated."

"We've got all the time in the world. Literally."

"You've been dying to say that, haven't you?"

"Oh, you've no idea. And I only just thought of it the day after the TARDIS left!" Donna smiled and looked up at him, immediately regretting it as a blush crept up and settled in her cheeks. It wasn't her fault; that man's smile is simply too pretty.

"After the TARDIS left?" Jack's intrigued. Donna sees a chance.

"I'll tell you my story if you tell me yours."

"Fair game, Miss Noble."

And so they do. While everyone else on the TARDIS (well, almost everyone else) is asleep, Jack and Donna talk late into the faux night, lasting only on stories and coffee and joy.

Hours passed, and Donna's eyelids began to droop. Silence settled in after they both recovered from a fit of giggles about something even they don't know. Something pulsed in the background. Donna frowned, recognizing the sound.

"Is that… S Club 7?"

Jack pursed his lips and listened intently for a moment, "I… think it is. 'Don't Stop Movin'."

They exchanged odd looks for a moment before getting up and following where the music came from. It led to Rose's door. Jack took no hesitation in opening it and stepping in, Donna following a little more cautiously.

The Doctor and Rose sat on her bed, giggling and eating ice cream (weird, Donna never saw them come in the kitchen) just as the song switched to 'S Club Party'.

"Hi," Rose beamed up at them, the Doctor mirroring her.

"What're you two doing up? Got a busy day tomorrow."

"Of getting the security called on us?" Jack scoffed and sat down on the bed next to them, taking the Doctor's ice cream.

"Well, can't do that if you're sleeping. Donna!" The Doctor patted the spot next to him. Donna grinned and took the spot.

"You broke in in the morning," Donna answered his previous question, "I'm not exactly tired, am I?"

"I didn't break in," The Doctor protested resentfully, "The TARDIS landed there herself!"

"But I'm not gonna yell at the TARDIS now, am I?"

"Sometimes she deserves it."
The lights and music flickered along to the TARDIS' rumbles.

"Oi!" The Doctor called to the ceiling, "No need to ruin a good song!"

"Yeah," Jack turned to Rose, "I was going to ask about the music. S Club 7?"

"Don't look at me," said Rose, "S'not my CD."

Donna gaped at the Doctor, "I knew you were a 90's fan!"

He shrugged, "Great for cheering people up. Speaking of which…" In one swift movement the ice cream was out of Jack's hand and in his own.


"Get your own." The Doctor smirked at him. Jack gave him a mock-dirty look.

"Alright, it's late. Everyone off to bed, even you Jack, and don't please, don't twist that."

Yay! S Club 7! It was orginally going to be Spice Girls, but a conversation at Warrior's Wish [if you've ever read Warriors by Erin Hunter: warriorswish . net / forum2 [epic site :D]] made me all nostelgic. They used to be one od my favorite bands xD