Hiya! This is my first M rated fiction. It may not be as good, but I hope you like it! It's another Gif Fic for- yep, you guessed it- Winterblazewolf! Haha. Have fun reading it to your heart's content girl! Please review, review, review! :D

"Itachi! Itachi! Stop it!" Neji was trying his very best to get out of Itachi's grip on him. He held on so tight you could swear that Neji was going to run out of breath very soon.

"I can't! You're mine!" Itachi screamed into Neji's ear. Neji gasped as Itachi's hand went underneath his clothes and carefully stroked his back. No… no… this has got to stop! Neji thought to himself as he tried, but in vain, to wriggle out of his grasp.

Itachi loved Neji. He has loved him ever since his younger brother, Sasuke, introduced them to each other. Back then, Itachi felt Neji gave him the feeling he never had before- security. With him around, he wasn't afraid. Because he knew his crush would be there to protect him… at least he thought so.

Neji? He was totally clueless about Itachi's undying love for him. He had always treated him with utmost respect because he felt he was a powerful and strong ninja, whose strength could match even Kakashi and Gai combined together. After all, he destroyed the whole of the Uchiha clan, no?

But Neji never ever thought this great ninja would fall in love with him- a small Genin from the hidden leaf village, Hyuuga clan. Truth be told, Neji liked him a lot too… but doing this? It was way too fast for him to handle.

Itachi threw Neji on the bed and he started to plant a kiss on the latter's neck. Neji squirmed and let out an uneasy yell. He lifted his leg to deal Itachi with a full blow on his chest. But… instead, he stopped short in his tracks. He couldn't bear to hurt him. Never.

Itachi, knowing Neji was mesmerized by him, placed his lips on the younger boy's and did it. Hard. He then felt his own hand climbing towards Neji's waist and couldn't resist but pulled the boy's pants down. Surprisingly, he didn't fight back but instead replied, "I don't care how you fuck me. Just do it."

Neji saw the corner of the older guy's mouth go up and his eyes had sort of a playful twinkle in them. Without further ado, Itachi gave it his best shot (A/N Yes, this time you CAN think sick, Winter.) This time, the boy joined in the fun too, grabbing Itachi's top button of his shirt and stripped him down to nothing (yes, I mean nothing.) Itachi grinned. His one true love has finally accepted him.


"Urghhh… Boy, am I tired…" Neji stretched.

"Anything I can do for you, young master?" Itachi beamed at the boy, now wide awake.

"Hee Hee. Nothing much. Oh shit! I am so sorry but I forgot to go home last night! They would suspect…" Neji grabbed his clothes and ran off without saying a word. A few seconds later, he rushed back and gave his new found lover a kiss.

"Wait for me okay? I'll be back! For some more fun…" A wide grin spread across his face as he said it. Itachi smiled and said, "I'll always welcome you with open arms my dear."

Neji hugged him one last time and hurried off. The experienced ninja thought to himself, wow… again… sounds good. And you know what? They did it.