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Zatch Bell The Tsunoka Series and it's characters are.

Nothing was different or extraordinary about Ellie Henderson. She was a normal, healthy high school girl. She was 5'2'' and weighted about 106 lbs. She had long blonde hair and light blue eyes. But she was smart for her age. She was in high school and she was only 13. She even excelled in high school. Because of this reason most of the kids would get angry would her and insult her. At school she was a nervous wreak. But outside of school she seamed like a normal 13 year old girl. And she was until she met a little girl with a special book.

Ellie was sitting in school with her head on her desk. She knew 'it' was about to happen.

"Hey Ellie," one of the girls in the class said. "Did you do your homework?"

"Y…yes" Ellie responded.

"Good, then hand it over," the girl answered back.

Ellie looked up to see Erika Simmons. She had long tan hair and dark brown eyes. She stood about 5'5" and weighed about 109 lbs. Out of all the kids who picked on Ellie, Erika seemed to enjoy it the most.

"Did you not hear me hand over your homework," Erika said extending her hand.

Ellie looked down, "but it's my homework and-"

"Shut up!" Erika stated. She knelt down so she and Ellie were making eye contact. "We don't want an incident to happen at school right?"

"I…I…I…" Ellie stammered shifting her eyes. She sighed, reached into her bag and pulled out a piece of paper. "Here," she said handing it over.

"That's a good girl," Erika said smiling. She extended her hand.

Ellie put the paper in Erika's hand and Erika snatched it away.

"Good girl," Erika said patting Ellie on the head, then walked away.

Ellie felt tears well up in her eyes. She put her head on her desk, covered her face with her arms, and cried.

After school ended Ellie walked home. She was so depressed about the day at school.

- Flash Back to P. E.-

"Okay Ellie climb the rope," her teacher instructed.

"Mr. Zanders I don't think I can," Ellie said looking the rope up and down.

"Just do it," He said.

Ellie grabbed the rope and pulled of the ground. However no sooner had she left the ground she fell back on it.

"Come on Ellie you didn't even climb," Mr. Zanders said.

Every student laughed.

"Wow Ellie," one student said. "You have no athletic skill what so ever."

Ellie looked at the ground with tears in her eyes.

- End Flash Back-

'Maybe I shouldn't even go to school,' Ellie thought.

"Excuse me!" some one said.

Ellie looked up and saw a girl in the middle of a large crowd of people. She was holding a red-orange book.

"Could someone please read my book?" she asked.

The girl was short, probably around 6 years old. She had long reddish orange hair and orange eyes. She was wearing a yellow shirt with a red ribbon tied in a bow held by an orange crystal. Her shirt left her arms completely uncovered. She was wearing a long yellow skirt that ended at her knees. Her shoes were bright red with an orange back. She was very dirty looking, but why?

"Will you read my book mister?" she asked.

And why was she trying to get people to read her book?

The crowd got worse as Ellie watched this girl.

"Excuse me can you ah-," the girl said as she was knocked down.

Ellie didn't know why but she ran over to the girl, "Are you alright?"

"Yes, but…," the girl said standing up. "Can you read my book?" she asked extending the book to Ellie.

"Um…okay," Ellie said taking the book.

She opened it.

'What,' Ellie thought as she turned the pages. 'I can't read any of this.'

She came upon 2 red-orange colored lines.

'Wait,' Ellie thought. "I can read these 2 lines," Ellie said.

"Really?" the girl asked excitedly.

"Yeah," Ellie said.

"Can…I go home with you?" the girl asked.

"Uh…sure," Ellie said.

Ellie opened the door.

"Your just lucky my mom's not…," Ellie said as she looked at the book.

She opened it to the red-orange lines. Then Ellie read them out loud, "Ka…riker."

No sooner as she said it the little girl's eyes rolled into the back of her head. She jumped backwards, and her mouth shot open. Fire erupted out of her mouth.

Ellie watched as her couch was turned into a torch.

The little girl landed, "What happened?" She looked at the couch, "Did I do that?"

Ellie didn't say anything but slowly nodded.

"So it's true. You really are my partner," the girl said.

"What do you mean by partner?" Ellie asked.

"I'll tell you," the girl said. Then her stomach growled, "After I eat."

After exterminating the fire Ellie watched in amazement as this little girl shoved a fish down her throat.

"So uh…what's your name?" Ellie asked.

The girl shoved the tail in her mouth and swallowed, "Tsunoka Amanta, what's yours?"

"Ellie Henderson," Ellie said.

"Well Ellie I'll tell you anything you want to know," Tsunoka said.

"First off how did you-," Ellie started.

"Eat the fish like that," Tsunoka said.

"No, spit fire from you mouth, Ellie said.

"Oh, well, I'm a Mamodo," Tsunoka said with an adorable closed eyed smile.

"A…what?" Ellie asked.

"A Mamodo," Tsunoka said. "Mamodos are-"

"Nanoker!" someone shouted.

The wall of the kitchen that led out side was knocked in.

Tsunoka ran in front of Ellie, "stay behind me."

"Well Daymian it looks like we finally found one," a deep voice said.

"Yes it dose Rodan," a man's voice said.

When the smoke cleared Ellie and Tsunoka saw who it was.

The man who they guessed was Daymian was tall. He was in a black business suit. He had black pants and Black Shoes. His buttons and cufflinks were gold colored. His face was covered by a black hat.

Rodan however was a kid not much older than Tsunoka. He had short black hair and brown eyes. He had a black shirt and black pants. His shoes however were blue.

"Let's finish this quick Rodan," Daymian said opening a dark brown book.

"Sure thing, do it when ever your ready," Rodan said.

"Nanoker!" Daymian shouted.

Rodan's right arm started to extend but sections were disconnected. First his fist to his arm. Then his arm split into 5 pieces all connected by a cord that led to his shoulder. He balled up his fist and it doubled in size.

'I…I can't move. M…My body I…can't move it,' Ellie thought.

"Ellie look out." Tsunoka said jumping between Ellie and the fist.

"Out of the way!" Rodan shouted knocking Tsunoka into another wall.

"Tsu..Tsunoka," Ellie said.

"One more time Daymian," Rodan said.

"Nanoker!" Daymian Shouted.

Rodan's hand grew and headed for Ellie.

'No…I…I'm gonna…die,' Ellie thought with tears in her eyes.