Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Liu assumed she'd fallen asleep at some point, after crying herself out. She opened her eyes to see if the boy had returned.

He had. In fact, he was lying on the floor beside her right now. He didn't have a shirt on, and he didn't have a blanket either. Liu felt a blanket over her own body, though. It hadn't been there when she remembered falling asleep. This boy must have covered her.

Gently, she reached down and nudged the boy. "Wake up," she whispered.

His eyelids fluttered, then she saw his golden eyes. He sat up, rubbing his head. "What? You can't let me sleep?"

His voice was beautiful when he wasn't shouting. "I… who are you?"

"My name is Prince Zuko. I am Fire Lord Ozai's son, but as of two years ago I have been—" He clapped twice. "Banished."

"Why have you taken me from the Water Tribe, Prince Zuko?"

"Simple." He stood up and stretched. "I needed a captive for the attack to be a complete success."

"Well, release me at once!"

"How about no? The Avatar cannot resist helping a person in peril. When he does, there will be a trap waiting for him! I'll finally catch him and go home!"

"I'll say it nicely one more time." She stood up. "LET ME GO OR YOUR FIRE IS GOING TO BE ICED!"

"You sound like my sister. Always with the threats." He pushed her back on the bed. "You are staying right here."

"And by the way, Prince Zuko—how exactly do you plan to put me in peril?"

"You're on my ship, aren't you?"

That pretty much made sense, so Liu shut up.

"I didn't get your name," Zuko said after a moment.

"Liu Cheng."

"Liu. What a beautiful name. And does Miss Cheng have a middle name?"


"Liu Xela Cheng. And how old are you?"


"That's how old I am."

"So if I must stay here, when does the ship at least stop?"

"We're making a brief stop to get more fuel on Kyoshi Island."

"Can I look around in the shops for a few things?"

"Like what?"

"Well, I need some pens and paper for writing, Prince Zuko. I'm a poet."

"I will get them for you. As for you, Liu, you shall remain on the ship with my uncle."

"Fine." She crossed her arms. "What am I supposed to do till then?"

"I have no idea. Just do whatever."

"Fine. Aren't you going to leave so I can do 'whatever'?"

"Um, no. My room, my ship, my rules."

"Your room?"


"I slept in your room?"

"That's a yes, Miss Cheng."

Miss Cheng. All her life she craved that honorary title. But now this arrogant teenager was calling her that name, she no longer yearned for it. "My name is Liu," she told him.


"So, wait… was that you who put that blanket on me?"

"I didn't put anything on you. That was probably my uncle. He checks all the rooms. You must have looked cold to him."

"Oh." She looked at the floor.

Clearly the prince had no idea of what to say, either. "Uh… uh…"

"But," Liu said, "you did sleep on the floor without a blanket for me. You could have woken me up and kicked me on the floor, but you didn't!"
"Well, I'm not all bad. What did you expect? You were asleep, and your face was wet. I figured you'd been crying, so I left you alone."

Liu nodded. "Thank you."

"Don't mention it." He folded his arms over his chest, which was still bare. "Why were you crying, anyway, Li-Li?"

So he was calling her Li-Li now? Where did that come from? "My name is Liu."

"Fine. Why were you crying, Liu?"

"You took me from my home and you burnt down the library! All of my poems were in that library, Prince Zuko!"

"I'm truly sorry about that, Liu."

"Right. Whatever. I don't even remember half the poems I wrote and now I'll never remember them!"

"Calm down." Zuko put a hand on her arm. "Now, you need to just stay calm."

"Stay calm? You want me to stay calm?! I'm on a Fire Nation ship, being held captive by someone who could turn me into a fried sweet-and-sour shish kebab! And you expect me to stay calm?!"

"Yes, that's what I expect you to do, Liu. Relax. Yes, I'm holding you captive. But I will only hurt you if it is absolutely necessary." He took his hand off. "I don't start attacking someone because I feel like it. I'm better than that."

"Fine." She closed her eyes. She seriously couldn't trust her eyes. They kept wandering to look at Zuko's chest.

"Liu? Why did you close your eyes?" she heard him ask her.

"Please put a shirt on," she requested.

"Oh. Well, if that was what was bothering you…"

She heard rustling. "Okay, it's on," he told her.

She opened her eyes. He'd put a red shirt on, along with his black pants. "Thank you."

"Um, no problem. Listen—I'm going out for a few minutes, Liu. I need some air. I'll be back, but just… yeah, do whatever."

Zuko left, and Liu looked around her. All this Fire Nation stuff on the walls drained her; she felt as if she couldn't waterbend or heal anyone even if she was given the whole ocean to use.

Hopelessness had descended upon her, feeling like a blanket of despair, so thick that soon she would drown in it.

OK. What do y'all think? I changed Christina's name to Liu. It means "flowing" in Chinese, which I guess seems more appropriate for a waterbender.

Be brutal! Zuko?

Zuko: I'm not doing it.

Me: Fine. I'll get Aang to.

Zuko: I'll do it. A'isha doesn't own Avatar or me, but she does own Liu. Bye.

Me: Bye, Zuko! See you later for inspiration!

Zuko: Like the underworld you will… ;

Well, he certainly has a bad attitude. Alright, bye-bye everyone, hope you like!