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This might seems really strange, but I have decided to sort out this fic (My first ever fic) properly. Of course, changing all the wrong spelling mistakes (names, mostly.) also adding bits and pieces to it-----
This will take a few days--- (make that weeks) but I hope you guys will like it! =^0^=
hopefully, my English has improve a bit since I wrote this fic (sometime 2 years ago----lllb)


Chapter 1

"Coming! "
Answered Shinichi impatiently. Opening his front door, "I can hear you ten miles away, it is too hard for you to keep your voice down?"
Ran`s face turned red with anger with in seconds "What? I pressed the bell about 10 million times, and you never answer!" She grabbed Kudou`s shirt and to make him walks forward.

"I just got up! Anyway, I bet you were worried about me! " Shinichi had a huge grin on his face. He wore a black jean and a light blue shirt, a backpack on his back.

Ran stuck her tongue out, pulling a face and answered "Yeah right, at least I don't go disappear for months and suddenly come back with wounds and bullets in my body!" she wore a light blue top too, and a white short skirts which her mum will definitely think its too short. A white back pack on her back.

"Yeah-well--- you know----- I was involved in a serious case----"
Ran looked away and sighed "what ever, and you never told me what happened."
Ran gave Shinichi a heart warming look "Well, at least you are OK, back in one piece!"
Shinichi face turned red and he did not really know the reason for it.

Both of them walked towards the train Station. Bought the tickets and hopped onto the train.
It was a nice weather, in the middle on their summer holiday, and the sun was giving out its warmth very generously.

Ran looked at Shinichi and asked "How many times have you meet Heiji before?"
Shsnichi looked up at her, almost chock with food in his mouth. "Well, I have met him twice, once in our school play--- and eh---- well--"
Ran smiled " I think you will really like him when you get to know him! He is really nice. OH, and he got a girlfriend too, her name is Kazaha, you better be nice to her!"
Shnichi give Ran a "hard" smile, thinking " I know them really well, you don't have to tell me Kazaha is Heiji wife!"

The train arrived at . And it wasn't difficult to find Heiji and Kazaha. As soon as Shnichi and Ran came down from the train, they could hear---
"What time did you tell them to get here?"
" I told them we will be here at half 11! Stop screaming into my ear!"
"Well, it is half 12 now idiot!, and ----"

"HI~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!" Koudo! Over here!" Heiji shouted happily when he saw Shinichi and Ran walking towards them. Also to stop Kazaha giving him a hard time.
Kazaha turned around and saw Shinichi.
She grabbed Ran by her arm, a big smile on her face :"WOW, your husband is so handsome! Remember to invite me to your wedding!"
Ran face turn red and said "Yeah, and when it happens, you and Heiji will be our maid of honor and best man!"
This time Kazaha`s face turned red and she tried to change the topic "Where is that kid, Conan? He was always with you."
"I don`t really know. I think he is back with his parents in America. He was gone last week, and then Shnichi came back two days after----" Ran looked at Shinichi with a thoughtful face.

Heiji looked at Shnichi "Isn't this great? I don't have to look at you with my head down, and I can call you by your real name!"
Shinichi looked at Heiji with `half moon` eyes "Yeah, Ok, just make sure you don't call me Conan!"
"That could be a bit hard---I am so used to calling you Conan----" grinned Heiji.

"What about Conan?" asked Ran, walking towards the boys.
"Er----nothing-I mean---I was telling Heiji that---C-Conan wont be with us this time." Explained
"You got a stammer or something?" grinned Heijii.
Shinichi resisted the urge to strangle Heiji.

Kazaha turned to Heiji and said " What a shame! Conan is not with us! You get along really well with him. Don`t you?"
Heiji looked at Shinichi with a puzzled face , like saying "You still haven't tell her????"
He replied " Yeah, I do miss that annoying, nosy, talk to much kid. But never mind, we got Kudou this time, and he -----"

Shinichi have to cut Heiji off " Shut up and let`s get onto the train!" then he push Heiji really hard to make sure he WILL shut up.
Kazaha looked confused , she said to Ran "Heiji seems to get along really well with anyone, but not me!"
"Now that is so not true!" laughed Ran.
Four of them jumped to the next train.

What they didn't know was that two people were watching them , two people with black coats and black hat, stood there with guns in their pockets--------- they are here to kill two people. Two handsome, clever young detectives.

To be Continue----------